Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • brick2006
    04-21 11:44 AM
    I am currently on my 9th year 140 is approved..and i am not a june 2007 filer..H1 valid till may 2010

    My spouse is on H1..can i switch over H4..

    > My company had not "officially" laid me off.. i am on an extended LOP.. and since there is no time limit of LOP on H1.. i am sure i cannot be on LOP for ever..;-)..its been 2 weeks..and i dont want to become illegal now..

    so here is my dilemma::confused:

    a.) If i switch to H4 and after few months i get a project..can i go back to H1..->

    b.) Can i file for H4 on my it complicated?

    c.) if i change to H4..and my PD becomes current (PD Dec 2005)
    .) Can i file for my 140 is approved..
    .) Suppose i go back to desh ..can i file for consular processing..if my PD become current

    thank you!

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-22 05:40 PM

    hi guys,

    i bet this question must have been asked before but i couldn't find the relevant thread so i'm asking again. Apologies if its a repeat.

    I am maintaining my h1-b while my aos is pending. Last year my wife went to india while she had valid h4 (not stamped in passport) and ap documents. She did not get her visa stamped and reentered the country using the ap with no issues. He i-94 said parolled till some date, march 2009. I totally forgot about it and never renewed her ap or mine. Does it pose any kind of threat to her legal status in the us and aos?

    I am still working on h1 and she is a parolee.

    Thanks in advance fopr the responses.

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-08 05:11 PM
    Thanks for starting this. I am in same boat, i called TSC and the IO told me my case was approved on 9/4/09 and i have an LUD on 9/4/09 however online status says case pending. I asked that to the IO and she says she does not know about the online status but in there system it is approved. I did that after i received a call from an IO from local field office ( i went for Infopass last week at local office) informing that my and my wife's cases were approved on 9/4/09.
    I am hoping to get the cards as have to travel to India next week. The IO in Texas advised me to get the Passport stamped.

    I am in India already, both my H1B and AP expires in few weeks. Waiting for the God damn mail to reach home so my buddy can fedex to india.

    How many have got the physical mails already?

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-08 12:06 AM
    But the letter doesn't seem to address the direct behaviour of the companies in question. Seems like a bunch of broader level issues were tackled - while true, it doesn't address H1B abuse in any way. Wasn't that the point?

    no. The point was that neither of these companies do H1B abuse (small bodyshoppers in the US do), and trying to mix up immigration related rhetoric with international business is not a good idea.

    If the senators had an issue, there are standard channels with which these can be taken up (both at ministries as well as trade-group levels). Public letters from these senators to the CEOs of our companies were essentially a publicity stunt to win votes and not a constructive way to find out if there is a problem and how it can be fixed. So in the same vein the NASSCOM reply is a broad response with good subtle hints that mixing immigration with India's business interests is not a good idea.


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  • smartboy75
    09-26 07:32 PM
    Hi All

    Please read the below article...finally someone is talking about law abiding immigrants hardships...

    Hope the CNN's, the Lou Dobb's read this and present the truth to the american people...

    Encourage everyone to read it...

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  • eager_immi
    07-18 11:01 AM
    Common guys!!!


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  • vishwak
    02-01 01:40 PM

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  • anilsal
    08-06 12:45 AM
    First they need to cope with the scores of petetions, USCIS and FBI.
    For how long will they work overtime to resolve this mess? such bouts as the one we saw in the last two weeks of june are short and few. If they are smart they will flush out the approvable cases early without going thru the EAD cycles year after year.
    This is exactly opposite to what they have been doing. If there were 60k approvable cases, i wonder what they were doing all this time. Approving those cases earlier wud have allowed others to get in the system earlier.
    Additional VISA numbers may not help anybody, if they don't use them properly
    Hopefully things will get better from now onwards?? ;) Maybe the july VB being current was a sign that things in the future will be bright. We can just hope, be positive and support IV in its efforts. :)

    Now that IV is 22K members strong. Just imagine how much of a difference we all can make. :) Great journey within 2 years.


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  • psaxena
    06-10 05:37 PM
    people say I support it as if they are in the congress committee and the moment they say "I support it", the idea become a bill and gets passed.

    I support it.

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  • gconmymind
    06-02 01:09 PM
    If you use your EAD, your wife will need to maintain her own status like L1, H1, F1, etc. There is no dependent status on EAD (like H4 for H1).


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  • harishgowda
    05-19 08:08 AM

    My H -1B visa is been approved from August 2008 to September 2011 which equals to 3 year.
    I have worked in US from October 2008 to January 2009.

    Later i got layoff and my Agent\Consultant said that my Visa was cancelled according to U.S. Immigration regulations and termination of employment procedures.

    Thereafter i came to India and started work job here. My company had applied for Business Visa but Today my Business Visa got rejected and they gave me the reason that you dont justify that you will come back. What if you stay back there.?

    I am thinking to reapply again in next 2 day.

    Can anyone help me what should i do in this case?

    Harish Gowda

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  • Edison99
    02-11 11:54 AM
    Pappu, could you share IVs recommendations in this thread too�
    Looks like the news is out on this in media.
    Immigration Voice has been aware of this and actively working on it for last 3 weeks. This had been also posted on the donor forums. Core members and several key IV volunteers/ donors already have been working on it and analyzing it. We also had been asked for our recommendations and had send our recommendations. We should see this bill introduced soon in a few days.


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  • pbojja
    03-18 04:59 PM
    Sorry but little confused .

    Did you apply the GC with the company you are working for now? If so why do you want to change Employer before I140 is approved .

    If you change the company and if there is a query on your 140 you are back to square1 .

    I would recommend you work on I140 approval , as amit suggested contact your senator

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  • nmdial
    04-08 04:54 PM
    Not sure...since we are all talking about 12K and only 2 months movement. Are they cautious or we are all missing something?

    Personally, I think they (USCIS) have no clue therefore DOS has been extremely cautious.


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  • pappu
    11-19 11:11 AM
    They posted it sometime back: But this does not talk about applications like II40 that were filed last year and still pending for some people in NSC. I140 for EB2 NIW is as late as August 01, 2006. D

    Advisory on Processing Times

    In the past few months, USCIS has received a significant increase in the number of applications filed. As a result, processing times will likely become longer for applications filed after June 1, 2007.

    USCIS is working hard to address the increased volume and will continue to provide additional information on application processing times as it becomes available. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions on receipt delays.

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  • cox
    November 24th, 2005, 08:46 PM
    I took two very similar shots of the same flower. This is an Alyssum. The whole cluster is about the size of my index finger! Which treatment do you prefer, the light or dark version?

    Light (1DsII, ISO 400, 25mm extension tube, EF 100 Macro, f/9.0, 1/13s)

    Dark (1DsII, ISO 100, 25mm extension tube, EF 100 Macro, f/2.8, 1/160s)

    Any comments are appreciated :)


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  • piyu7444
    05-08 07:16 PM
    thanks piyu7444 ... dont we all love green (like green card, green car, green back ...)

    Yeah man atleast I do love all the greeeeeeeeensssssssss from dot to

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  • dealsnet
    11-08 02:06 PM
    Family based, majority (90%) is done by consular processing. AOS mostly for EB based. Petition for relatives is from the mother country, who is not present in USA for AOS. Yes - I agree with andy garcia

    I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
    I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

    Both require a I-485 to adjust status

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-06 09:32 AM
    This is a good effort towards solving the retrogression issue. Like many silent readers, I do have concern about contributing to a new organization.

    Is there a way to know more details about this effort? Please send me a personal email so I can understand more and contribute with confidence.

    Pls check your private message

    06-17 05:27 PM
    There are some people who would be Happy , worry free even if their Dates are not current. Even they are patiently waiting for their turn since 2003.
    And then I see this kind of questions. Makes me just frustrated. :mad:

    08-08 08:51 AM
    if therez anything anyone else can add pls do so ..

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