Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • mrajatish
    05-14 06:43 PM
    Same here - keep the good job going

    ricky martin gay. Ricky Martin
  • Ricky Martin

  • aa_ke_phas_gaya
    06-24 06:02 PM
    Remember you are bonded labor if you are on H1B or Work Permit. They will use you & your illegal brothers every election year and this is one of those years ..... everything is chatter until something heppens.

    Don't get your hopes high.... just get your head down and work for them.

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  • MunnaBhai
    11-26 06:56 PM
    I will contribute $200.00 towards rally.

    Thanks - amits, iamgsprabhu, kartikiran, MunnaBhai, Rajeev, srinivas_o, SubaM99 - for your pledge of support. I also request you guys to post the contribution you plan to make ( except amits who has pleadge a contribution of $100 through PM to me).

    Others, please come forward to pledge your support. Please post the amount of monetary contribution you intend to make for the rally, and then vote 'Yes' on the poll.

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  • boreal
    02-25 08:02 PM
    I would like to ask the same question but a bit more specific.

    For someone who is an MBA (Finance) with 7-8 yrs of Financial and HR benefits experience who wants to move to IT or IT related field what would you advice would be the best field to move to or best certification to take ?


    Field to move to would probably be SAP/Oracle Financials/PeopleSoft ..


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  • Ricky Martin quot; A Proud Gay Man

  • pitha
    08-04 05:07 PM
    I too dont have an A# on my my I-140 approval. Does the I140 receipt notice have an A# on it. I dont have the receipt for the i140.

    I have the notice of action for my I-140 approval. It doesn't mention an A# anywhere. Are you sure about this?

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  • onemorecame
    06-25 02:51 PM
    send new again. anyways first one is going to come back.

    Why he sent before date?

    Guru's Is it right that after filling 485, USCIS will process application according to PD(2003,2004,2005 like that) ?
    or USCIS will process application with the date 485 application received?
    or i am missing something over here.



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  • Ricky Martin and his twin sons

  • logiclife
    09-28 05:38 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I need to find someone that can help me to file the Mandamus my name is been stuck over 2 years now and the USCIS still telling me it's PENDING....Please help me if anyone know a good lawyer that can file Mandamus.....


    Please keep in mind that your dates must be current when you file the writ of mandamus and your namecheck should be stuck at FBI atleast for 1 year during which your date is current. If your date is not current now, or it has been current for amount of time less than a year, WoM might not work.

    Just google the writ of mandamus and there are lawyers who even specialize in such litigation against Government.

    There are two threads on this "FBI namecheck delays signup here" thread and "FBI namecheck for dummies" thread on this forum where you will find plenty of information about lawyers. Last year I remember doing a conf call from lawyer for IV members who had FAQ on writ of Mandamus. It should be on the "FBI namecheck delays signup here" thread.

    Another thing, if you have a prior misdemeanor conviction like DUI or DWI or something that is on your record, then dont file WoM as it might be counter productive (in the sense that namecheck not being cleared or 485 denial).

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  • sr123
    02-15 11:27 AM
    I agree with you. It is indeed very difficult to make people pull out a card and pay. As you said it will indeed increase the irrelevant post which will require increased monitoring.


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  • paskal
    12-19 04:55 PM
    midwest folks- where are you
    please post your availability
    the more the merrier....

    ricky martin gay. -That#39;s Ricky Martin, still
  • -That#39;s Ricky Martin, still

  • immig4me
    04-22 01:44 PM
    try it and let us know how that works out for you :D:DSo basically you are saying you cannot sue the people responsible for greencard problem.

    I think the only option left is to either sue God or sue yourself for your bad luck.


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  • dollar500
    04-09 08:50 PM
    Thanks all.

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  • krishmunn
    03-27 10:04 AM
    I seriously doubt the genuinity of this poster. No authority will hold a valid passport of a foreign country, no country will allow to let one in with a copy of passport heck the airline will not even allow to board without a passport.
    This guy may be here just to play some scare tactics.


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  • Ricky Martin Comes Out!

  • rajesh1972
    02-18 02:31 PM
    I have a Green card and also my wife has GC .My wife is expected to deliver a baby.Shw wants the delivery to be in India and then come that case what VISA will the new baby have to apply US when my wife returns back to US.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.

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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-29 03:35 PM
    If that's the way u think...This is how it will work

    Yeah right....come to US on tourist Visa when ur wife is pregnant.....let your child be born during that trip...and get a green card..

    Hi there,

    IV seems to be a terrific service to the immigration community. Kudos to the people who work hard to make it work.

    Has anyone heard of cases where immigration lawyers have successfully petitioned on behalf of parents of a US baby (way before the age of 18) to become GC holders or citizens?


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  • Ricky Martin, #39;30 Rock#39; bag

    02-03 09:13 AM
    I have a question.

    I am EB3 with priority date Oct. 2006. My qualification from India is 3 years (B.Com) plus 1 year of (I didn't complete the 2nd year) plus Intermediate ICWA and Chartered Accountancy. I got here in the USA in December 1999 on H1B and always maintained the status. I completed CPA in 2002 in the USA.

    I did some research to port to EB2 (based on Bachelors degree plus 5 years experience) but it seems that USCIS wants 4 years continuous degree to be considered for EB2.

    Is that true? Is there anyone in my situation who has done this porting successfully?

    Any help will be greatly appreciate.

    Thank you,

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  • 485Mbe4001
    01-25 04:27 PM
    :D he also wants his approval rating to cross 50%, bring world peace... State of the Union is something you should watch with a bag of popcorn or chips.
    TOI has a history of copy and paste jobs, they will make it sound like Bush is sending his own plane to get educated desis to US s/articleshow/1461553.cms

    This is very promising and can help our IV team to press on for relief provisions for Skilled workers already here.

    Good luck to us all.


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  • Ricky Martin Confirms He Is

  • axp817
    02-03 01:49 PM
    Documentation informing the USCIS of your having utilized AC21 benefits isn't necessary, but is a proactive measure usually taken to have a clean slate on the applicant's part.

    It is true that in a majority of the cases the AC21 documentation might never reach the applican't 485 file, but in an unforeseen circumstance such as the denial of one's 485 based on 140 revocation (which, as we know isn't very uncommon) and matters reaching an immigration court, proof that one had taken proactive steps and gone out of one's way to inform the USCIS might make one's case stronger and thus make it easier to have the case reopened.

    I was fortunate enough to not have to make that decision -whether to send AC21 documentation or not, the attorneys (Fragomen) representing the new employer recommended sending it making it easy for me.

    Just my 2 cents,

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  • Ricky Martin Gay

  • jackisback
    02-14 02:07 PM
    I would have loved to attend, but since this a long weekend I am going out on Friday and will not be back until Monday.

    Just FYI.. I did send the letters last week.


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  • India76
    07-17 06:25 PM

    U have till Aug 17th to file AOS. U can go to india and come back before AUG 17 to file

    is it official that we can file till August 17th? i didn't see that in august bulletin. please let me know as you know how important is that..... Well its timing...

    05-04 02:05 PM

    1) For 7 th yr extension your LC and I 140 have to be approved if your LC
    is less than 365 days old at the end of 6 th year.
    2) If your LC is more than 365 days at the end of 6 yrs it does not matter if it is approved or not you are still eligible for 7 th year extension.


    01-23 03:50 PM
    Can someone tell me how the dates get opened by embassy..
    like they open slots for a month ...Like for the month of march do they open dates in Feb last week and we can make apts only for March something like that.

    Thanks in advance.

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