Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • raysaikat
    04-22 01:20 PM
    thank you so much
    I was thinking the same.
    so do you think should i transfer to H1B and how does it happen.
    thanks for sharing your opinions on my query.

    Your employer applies for H1-B, not you. Find an employer who is willing to offer you a job and willing to petition H1-B on your behalf. As long as the H1-B quota is not exhausted and the petition was correctly filed, etc., you will get H1-B.

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  • naresh515
    09-24 01:22 PM
    Hi All,

    Is there anyone planning to get H1-B/any visa stamping in Matamoras, Mexico in the next couple months? (I'm from dallas)

    Is there anyone who already went for stamping in matamoras recently....

    Please share your thoughts...

    I'm planning to get my H1-B renewal stamping next month...

    Thanks for all your replies in advance!!!


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  • boldm28
    06-17 08:27 AM
    Years and years of waiting? no kidding. Look at my priority date. And there are people waiting before me. You used a pre-approved labor and have been waiting in the GC queue from what 2006? Dude, in today's world, a reasonable wait for eb3-is anywhere between 10-15 years and eb2 is atleast 5-6 years. I am not mad that you used a pre-approved labor, though in my personal opinion, its a taboo. I am just saying you are lucky enough that you may get your green card much quickly than people like us who have been waiting atleast 8-10 years and trust me, people like your case, usually should be happy.

    you got that rite buddy

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  • arihant
    05-23 06:54 AM
    As many of you have been following, there are some provisions that benefit folks with advanced degree in STEM from US universities by exempting them from the Visa quota. I think CIR in its current form has a provision and the Cornyn (4005) and the Brownback (4058) ammendments that are yet to be introduced also have some such provisions.

    My question is, will people who qualify under this category still have to clear labor? If so, then those of us who are stuck in BEC can only wait and watch while those who have cleared using PERM will go ahead. We could transfer from BEC to PERM but this is not as easy as it sounds. We could also apply fresh in PERM (as retrogression will not apply, hence PD will not matter) but this is also not as easy as it sounds for folks who are in 7th year or greater in H1B.

    Any thoughts or comments?


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  • dehradoon
    06-14 07:15 PM
    My 8th year H1 extension is pending with CIS, and my current H1 expires on June 26, 07. Can I file my 485 when my H1 status is pending from CIS?

    Please advise.:confused:

    Yes, you can file for 485 when extension is pending, I did that last year.

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  • Vet04
    12-08 11:53 AM
    I have been in USA Since 2003.
    I started the GC process in 2004, started the process again, recaptured old PD. Was hoping to get GC this year when my PD was current for 2 months. Hope will get it this year.

    After moving I saw lots of engineer,mostly software, seemed happy with jobs. Started doing some search and found that this is one of the least stressful jobs in US with great salary and growth potential. Thanks for the views guys, would like to know if can do MS with a bachelors in non engineering field.


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  • reddymjm
    02-22 10:24 PM
    in this dream land my friend.

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  • jonty_11
    07-14 02:01 PM
    Hopefully so..Thanks
    no...They make mistakes..I received an already expired EAD Please call and you do have to reapply.....byt within 120 days of te new EAD you got....right in BOLD about the error so they dont repeat it.


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  • aquarianf
    07-19 08:45 AM
    my attorney did not ask for w2 or tax return, my company uses berry, appleman and leiden,

    wonder why different attorneys have different requirements

    Even my attorney didn't include any paystub,w2s or tax returns. According to them employment letter is enough.

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  • humdesi
    02-17 02:13 AM
    There's nothing new in that website. EB-2 India for entire FY is GONE.. FINIS.. KHATAM... KHALLAS.

    Theoretically there might be some spillover if EB-3 RoW doesn't get used. But with namecheck requirements lifted and EB-3 RoW advanced so early, I doubt there's going to be any spillover.

    Bottomline - wait till Oct for EB-2 India. Big question is at what date will it open and how fast will it move. Well, we saw how EB-2 became unavailable even after retrogressing to Jan 2000. So not much hope of going beyond 2001, even after Oct....


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  • edaltsis
    11-12 10:26 AM
    One of my friends got his H1 Transferred w/o pay stub. It depends on the lawyer, some can manage to get this done and it also depends on USCIS officer who deals your case. Try to hire a good lawyer and they should be able to help you out.

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  • styrum
    03-02 08:03 PM
    I live in Seattle area now and would like to participate in any joint effort. Please let me know when any such activitity is planned.


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  • mbartosik
    03-24 01:52 PM
    audio streaming archives are available 1 to 2 hours after the show. Check here

    Our segment was about 40 minutes in. My web streamer won't allow fast forward, don't know if limitation is the client or the server. Robert and Ron go through the standard Pro / Anti H1B arguments for the first 40 minutes. I didn't want to be part of that.

    I hate listening to my own voice, thanks for the complements, it will make listening to my own voice less cringing.

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  • paskal
    08-27 01:50 PM
    Please be good enough to join your state chapter
    We need all members' help if we are to succeeed.
    I hope to see you in DC, but there is much to do even before!


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  • maddipati1
    12-03 03:24 PM
    there are lot of threads abt this topic. search it.

    read form I-131 instructions, where it clearly says, AP appl. is considered abandoned if you leave US before its approval. this is for sure.

    My wife is not H4, she is working on EAD and we applied her I-485 last July. She has to travel to India for an emegency. We applied for AP last month, have the receipt but it is not approved. Is it okay if she travels to India without AP approval? I will be here and I can take her approved AP when I go there after two months.

    I heard that if she travels without AP, her I-485 is considered abonded. Is this true? Can we apply for her H4 (as I am still on H1). Any advice on how to get her back?


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  • DesiGuy
    08-18 08:11 AM
    in general, i agree with what akkarkarla says.

    my personal view, i have NOT seen any type of discrimination. not saying it does not exist but just saying that i have not experienced it firsthand or seen anyone else being discriminated against.

    also, london itself is lot more cosmopolitan than any other city i have seen (and i have see quite a few).

    again, anyone thinking of moving should go to the site i mentioned and read throught he topics; there's one on life after HSMP.

    Many of the guys who come the guys who come from less (or under) developed countries find it difficult to find a good job, but ppl with US experience who are exposed to the Western way of work (& life) should have an advantage and should not have much problems.


    One thing that stands out from US vs Europe(UK included) is that it is very difficult to blend into the main stream. Especially in UK where it is divided into Zones. These zones say that you belong to that community and that race.

    Secondly, the number of IT jobs are comparatively less in UK and Europe and some places you need to know the language ex. Working with SAP AG or in SAP AG you need to know Deutsche otherwise you feel you are lost.

    Thirdly, there is difference in the way the Operations are done, Process and procedures followed.

    As the proverb goes The other side of the wall is always green. We cannot say UK is good or Germany is good unless we experienced. And also just one person becomes successful everyone cannot. One thing I can say for sure If anyone has MBA from top notch schools they can go to the top of the ladder easily in London Financial Industries.

    Einen sch�nen Tag noch!


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  • 123456mg
    07-20 02:59 AM
    Immigration attorneys normally send more than required documents to avoid getting RFEs later on. In this case, the reason people send W-2s (though it is not mandated) is to show that you were working and were making approximately equal amount that was mentioned on you H-1B LCA.

    There are various factors to consider here:

    1. If you know that your H-1B LCA had substantially higher amount and you did not make that much (cause you were on bench or any other reason), it would be far better not to send it. By sending your W-2 in such case, you are actually weakening your case and the AOS officer is going to find it out and will have RFE for it and later you will have a lot of explaining to do.

    2. If you know that you made almost similar amount as mentioned on your H-1B LCA, then you will have to send all W-2 from the time when you were last inspected or paroled by the US immigration officer. Do not give anymore than what is really required of you. By giving unnecessorily more information, you may cause additional issues later on.

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    11-06 12:31 PM
    Totally agree with you. However, I have been complaining abt a similar company to my local INS office for over one year now (sending letters every other month) , but to no avail. Where do we complain?

    It is more a matter related to Department of Labor than USCIS.

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  • senthil1
    09-17 01:47 AM
    If CNN drops Lou that will not pass CIR or recapture. There are so much Lou Dobbs are there in USA. It is a waste of time.

    Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

    I believe in freedom of speech but Dobbs is using the CNN platform to spew hate. A legitimate debate is fine but hate speech is not ok.

    I used to believe that ignore him was the best way to deal with him but after seeing some of the so called Tax parties, I am starting to think that ignoring him does not work.

    Please also post this to other web forums, facebook, twitter and send emails to your friends and colleagues asking them to sign the petition.

    - JK

    07-18 12:06 PM
    There's no need for you to be negative.

    Obviously you have benefitted already from what's happened. Think about people who are stuck (just as you were up until recently) and want to 'try' to make things work for them too....

    wish people were more understanding of others also. Why is it people forget what it was like for them when they were in same boat?

    05-30 05:12 PM

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