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  • saileshdude
    06-25 12:55 PM

    As per this memo -

    While I-485 can be approved when PD is current, however, it can be denied anytime (does not matter if PD is current or not). The conditions for job offer must be maintained at all times while I-485 is pending.

    With this, I am not sure, the defense of PD is not current is going to work.

    Here are the questions that I have:

    1) As per recent news, a lot of applications are PRE-ADJUDICATED. Now does this mean that those applications will be adjudicated when their PD becomes current , meaning to be approved based on a current PD , does the application has to go through the process of adjudication. Or does it mean adjudication is defined as "processing complete but is independent of PD being current or not" . What does the adjudication means in the above particular context.

    2) IN this particular question, the answer does not specifically mean PD being current or not. It only mentions that "need to have job offer when AOS is being adjudicated". If you interpret it this way , then yes PD being current or not does not matter. And you will need to show u have job offer. BUT if definition of adjudication also involves approving the I-485 then one can argue that yes unless ur PD is current u cannot be approved and hence u do not need to have job offer if your PD is current.

    I would like to know what various attorneys think about this

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  • vvicky72
    09-10 02:14 PM

    I did create such a platform. Launched it two weeks back.

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  • ganguteli
    06-12 06:40 PM
    Hi, Now what are my options going forward and how does this affect my chances of a successful SPERM filing ??

    Stop drinking too much beer and lazing around. Go and upgrade your skills and sperm count. Only then you can do a a successful SPERM filing :D

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  • b2visahelp
    07-09 03:34 PM
    My parents went to request for visitor visa for a second time. They got rejected again. This time only my parents applied, without my brothers. They showed the VO a letter stating reasons why they won't immigrate to the US (have 3 sons in Indonesia, taking care of elderly parent and have business & properties in Indonesia). The letter also stated that parents only want a short duration visa just to attend my wedding. All questions VO asked was about me, that I got asylum and didn't come back. Now I really don't know what to do. Should I include a notarized letter from me stating that I will make sure my parents go back to Indonesia within the allowed time? My parents don't have the intention to immigrate but I don't know how they can convince the VO.

    I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much!


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  • gcwanter
    07-09 01:35 PM
    I submitted for PP on June 19th, status never got updated ; lawyer received approval copy on july 5th

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  • sledge_hammer
    05-14 09:29 PM


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  • qualified_trash
    12-01 05:47 PM
    You cannot apply the extension for 3yrs with new employer as your labor and i140 are tied to old employer.

    this info is incorrect. from a murthy chat transcript...... available at :

    Chat User : I have used 6 years of my H1B and have got extension for 3 more years. Can I change employers based on a 7th-year approval? Is it legal to do so? Thank you very much for advice.

    Attorney Murthy : After one has an I-140 petition approved in her/his name, s/he is allowed to file for a new 3-year H1B extension with a new or different employer based on the I-140 petition approval with another employer. Then, during the 3-year H1B timeframe, the person could potentially start a new PERM/LC process with the new employer and, thereafter, rely on the new filing for future H1B extensions, in case the earlier employer cancels or revokes the earlier LC or I-140 petition.

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  • bluez25
    07-15 01:32 PM


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  • lkapildev
    11-13 04:21 PM
    You may be lucky You can have a GC without I-140 approval. True. Your GC status is subject to I-140 Approval

    You may be unlucky, USCIS might have returned your application or there is some RFE etc.

    Just prey

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  • mbartosik
    05-30 01:25 PM
    I don't know if you can upgrade to premium processing, and I don't know if you are allowed to pay for premium rather than employer. But in your position I would try to do I140 premium processing.


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  • black_logs
    04-12 04:44 PM
    It's like a scam. I wonder how could labor substitution live for so long. My labor was filed in sep'2003 and I'm still waiting. My next door was planning to go back to his country and had never applied for Green card, but 6 months ago, when he had 2-3 months left for his 6th year, he got a labor and he filed I-140 & I-485 together. Now he and his wife works on EAD & I'm still waiting for my labor. What kind of @#@$@# is this ? And who know before my attorney receives my labor cert. it'll allready be 45 days and I will have to pack my bags. that'll be @#$@#$!!!!

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  • nozerd
    01-15 01:35 PM
    1) General test.

    2) Best thing is not to ask them to send results. Just get an extra copy for yourself and mail it to Buffalo. No specific officer just write on the address

    File # B4567890
    Immigration section
    Consulate General of Canada

    Best of luck


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  • yabadaba
    06-22 09:38 AM
    is a TB skin test neccessary even if you tell the doc you've had a history of positive TB tests? do i have to prove i've had a history of postive TB test for the doctor to remark that on i-693..or can he just remark that without evidence and go on my word

    u need evidence. in writing.

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  • basav
    08-04 06:39 PM

    Thanks , for point 3 , I can apply for premium COS with future date as effective(say 6 weeks from now) , I will know on approval within 2 weeks since its a premium n then before H1 date starts i can get my family here on there L2 since I know for sure L1-H1 is approved , this will avoid family either going to stamping at chennai or every one (all of us) leaving back to india due to non approval of COS. But now Major question is , if I apply for premium COS will it be possible to include dependents COS as well in the same request , with dependents currently being in India ? or if i were to apply COS for them after they are here , will it be same cost n procedure as mine (COS that was successfully processed just for myself)?


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  • mnkaushik
    06-04 10:02 AM
    I got an account verification letter from HSBC Online Savings Bank. Just go to the Bank Mail section and ask for an AV letter. They will charge you $20 or $25 for it. I got it done last month.

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  • perm2gc
    11-06 10:33 AM
    Dont Think only big companies will enforce NCA's have become a source of revenue of consulting companies.If you are going to loose the case ,you will only pay their legal expenses.. Two of my friends are have done that and it took them 2 yrs of time and cool $30,000 dollars(from their own pockets) to settle at the end...

    So Dont be over confident.Pay few hundred dollars to good attorny and get his legal opinion.


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  • ashkam
    03-19 02:05 PM
    low hanging fruit (

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  • intheyan
    03-31 11:27 PM
    yes u can

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  • sertasheep
    06-17 10:32 AM

    Needless to say, one can register and post their comments there. Feel free to share your stories related to the above article.

    12-04 06:12 PM
    1> just carried the usual documents required, job letter, tax returns, I-129, LCA, Paystubs etc. I also carried whatever documentation I could find for my previous employers like experience letter, last few paystubs etc. Also original of degrees/transcripts.

    2> I stayed at Hotel Real Del Rio which is less than a minute walk from the consulate. It's right behind the consulate infact. Very nice hotel; courteous staff. Recommended you do booking through expedia ($70), although expedia will not charge your credit card but you can carry the printout which will get you that rate. If you book directly with the hotel, the rate's much higher (close to $100)

    3> YEs, I got the tourist visa for mexico. Although nobody checked it anywhere, but I believe entering any country without valid visa/paperwork is illegal. Getting a mexican visa was very easy. You just go to the consulate/embassy, tell them you want to go to the US consulate in Tijuana for H-1b stamping. They issue you within the hour stamped. Cost about $36. Just get your H-1b petition with you for proof, and the appointment confirmation.

    4> The validity of H-1b depends on the validity of the petition I-797. Whatever period you have that for, will be stamped.

    5> He just asked me for job letter, asked me if I've applied for GC (I have), asked me that don't I have to work with them for a certain time (to which I replied I did and after I was eligible I changed employers using AC-21). He just read the job duties in my H-1B petition (most likely to check for any TAL related stuff). He remarked that inspite of my experience, my close-to-six-figure salary is a bit above slavery (to which I replied that I do get other benefits such as 401k, paid time-off, health/medical insurance etc.). He just asked some other questions such as what was my major in masters, how long I've been in US, had I worked in India, if so how long. I replied all of them. It appears he put that in the comments screen on his PC. And then he said he's approving it.

    It was basically a bar-like casual conversation I had with him. Within a few seconds of my start of the interview with IO, I knew he'll approve my visa. so it was pretty cool all along the way.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I will get back to you if I will have any further questions.

    11-16 06:44 PM
    I sent in my I-140,I-485,EAD & AP applications to Nebraska Service Center which was the nodal agency to receive all I-140 applications during July -August 2007. They then would transfer some of the cases to TSC for processing. Due the visa bulletin fiasco, my applications were transferred to VSC for data entry and all my receipts have an EAC number. I received my EAD & AP and also a transfer notice informing that my I-485 was transferred to TSC as my job is in a state that comes under TSC's jurisdiction. But I did not hear anything about my I-140 being transferred to TSC. So we called up USCIS to check on it. We were informed that VSC would process my I-140 application and it was not necessary for it to be transferred to TSC unlike I-485.
    My concern is VSC is taking for ever to process I-140's and currently are processing Apr 06 applications. I believe the dates have remained like that for a while now. Atleast TSC says clearly that they will process I-140 in 6 months, but VSC has no such processing times mentioned. Due to no fault of mine, my application ended up in VSC and is stuck there until some kind folks pick them for reviewing..which may take more than a year going by the current processing times. Is there anything I could do to have it transferred to TSC? Are there other members in the same situation? There is no likelihood of PPS starting anytime soon....what are my options to fix this problem? I thought under the new bi-specialization procedures only NSC & TSC processed I-140 applications...

    How did you know your I-140 went to VSC?
    I am curious because a lot of I-140's from my office (all filed in March 2007) are still pending approval with TSC. When we called USCIS for the status they asked us to call back after a couple of weeks (they need 30 days past the 6 months processing timeline). I am curious if these apps in fact got re-routed to some other service center. I hope they would send out a notification if they decided to do that!

    BTW, to answer your question, I think there is no way out, except to wait for VSC processing timelines to show up! (I assume you are saying they are not showing a processing timeline for I-140's at VSC.)

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