Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • vinzak
    01-07 12:10 PM
    waitingwaiting, may you could change the subject of this thread to something like "Bill to move DV numbers to EB!!!". It'll probably get more attention.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    12-10 04:03 PM
    Please share the information on various Master degrees that you have done/doing/planning to do along with the University/school name and website information...

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  • snathan
    04-13 09:29 AM
    Gurus, your inputs please: Can I take up a position in India with an American Firm while on H1B?

    You can take any position anywhere with anyone...H1B is only if you want to work in the US

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  • inskrish
    08-31 01:39 AM
    So.. if anyone has the info on how to register a new country, I'd like to know.

    Registering a new country? I hope you are not kidding, needhelp!:)



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  • scorpion00
    10-06 02:43 PM
    Hi Manish,
    I hope everything goes well with you.
    Did the officials call you or come to see you in person?

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  • gapala
    02-24 12:24 PM
    its depends ...

    1) my and wife air ticket to india for visa stamping.
    2) All visa fees
    3) all hotel exp.
    4) All attorney and USCIS fees .
    but check with your CPA .

    Jeezz.. travel to India? Is this personal or business travel? If business didn't you get paid for international travel?
    I guess everything related to conducting your business can be itemized as tax deductable.


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  • ksrk
    09-16 05:52 PM
    Managed to call 10 on the list (including all representating state of residence). Will call more as soon as the next meeting gets over at work.

    General response has been non-committal. Most aides/members of Congressperson's office couldn't/wouldn't share Congressperson's position on the bill. Sounds like a touchy issue for them.
    Well, we'll keep calling till they recognize we mean business.

    Go IV!!!

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  • praveenuppaluri
    04-08 05:17 PM
    In sramanic thought, Nirvana (Sanskrit: निर्वाण, Nirvāṇa; Pali: निब्बान, Nibbāna; Prakrit: णिव्वाण) is the state of being free from both suffering and the cycle of rebirth. :D
    that was just for fun...

    now, I am sure you know you can get the FULL list of members from "members list" tab. and once you get there, you can sort out who are active (by posts) etc..

    you asking question once a day doesn't mean this is HIGH PRIORITY for the ADMINS.. they are not paid for this.. unless I personally know you, I am not sharing any important connections (contacts) with you, why do you think IV should spill everything out because you requested it.... if you want them for a good cause.. state that cause and request for IVs media contacts..

    Trying to reach you guys for a while now.

    1. How many active users are there as of today.
    2. What are the media we have connection with.



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  • vbkris77
    04-22 11:20 PM
    First of all, this is a wrong forum to went our your points about illegals.. We in IV encourage a legal immigration. But the moment we start excluding people, the list can go on and on.. You start with so called illegasl today (with due sympathy for using that word..), but this exclusion will go on to legals, new doctors, engineers willing to come, settle and work in USA. Remember this is a land of immigrants. If you have any doubt, just look at the new bills introduced by senators to effectively kill H1B program the only legal option for most educated to come to US.

    Lets for instance say we want everyone to go back to their own countries.. Where do you want to draw that line to go back, 1980?, 1900? how about 1600??

    Grow up and learn to innovate new ways to get employed and live a happy life. Don't try to ruin the very foundation on which this country is built. Trust me there are more patriots in this forum than you could imagine..

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  • nixstor
    12-01 05:19 PM
    I dont think you can amend the labor petition's job description. You may have to file new labor again for new description.

    If I may ask, why are you so worried about job desc of labor and your everyday duties. Really, if they have changed a little bit, its not a big deal.

    There is a lot of overlap between what programmers do, what programmers/analysts do and what Business analysts do. I know a lot of business analysts who at times write their own code and a lot of programmers who document stuff - kind of documentation that BAs do.

    People who adjudicate cases at USCIS are not really IT guys who can differentiate between fine nuances like BA, programmers etc.

    Then again, we dont know much about your case, better talk to a lawyer if you are still not comfortable with your situation. Forums are not an alternate to professional legal advice. Be careful before you act on advice from forums. No one here is lawyer and no one here knows the full case. Spending 200 dollars to get the right legal advice when making important decisions is worth every penny.

    You can also submit your question for the free legal advice program we have (see the homepage) and your question would be taken up.

    My job duties haven't changed a lot. I hear what you are saying. I sent an email to the lawyer asking what kind of issue I might have if any. She is out of town for a week unfortunately. I just wanted to get some input mean while.


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  • gauravster
    01-20 11:27 AM
    As far as my understanding goes, EB1/2/3 is fairly recent, 15-20 year pehnomemon. As such getting examples of people who have been extremely successful post getting the visa is going to be difficult. Even for Harvard reunions, usually it is only at the 25th reunion (among a few thousand people) that you have some very successful people, in a 10-15 year span, getting extremely successful(to have your name in newspapers every other day) is like a 1 in 100,000 chance. Even with EB1s.

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  • Quest99
    09-14 03:30 PM
    Here is my story:

    I work for Company A. Got an offer from Company B who is a consulting company. Got placed in a project which is like 1.5 hrs away from my home (I accepted this opportunity for my GC and everything was fine). Company B filed for my LCA for the H1-B transfer. They accepted to pay all the H1-B transfer fees.

    Here is my problem:

    1 week after my LCA was filed, I came to know that my wife was pregnant. As per the doctor she needs some close attention and care because of her health condition(atleast for 2 months). Also, I have to take her for tests minimum once per week at a hospital which is quite opposite in direction where company B placed me (2hrs ride).

    I came to a conclusion not to take this opportunity because of my wife's health and also keeping in mind how the new job will treat me (in terms of flexibility. leaving early, WFH etc - for my wife's treatment). I felt this was a genuine reason from my side.

    I informed Company B about this change of plan because I cannot commute such a long distance having these constraints in mind (not good for me as well as not good for the new project).

    Company B is asking me pay $3000 for some damages and they say that it is as per the contract.

    To my true knowledge I did not sign any kind of contract with them neither the recruiter told me anything. Now Company B is saying that minimum 3 months is required or I have to pay for H1-B transfer and all other fees.

    The offer letter that I signed clearly stated that the employment is "At Will" in nature which when asked now, Company B is saying that is for GC and Citizens (which is not mentioned anywhere in the offer letter).

    The thing is that they are threatening me and they were so rough and hard when I finally spoke to them. They said that they will be sending the vouchers for me to pay them back.

    I thank God for not joining this company as I came to know about their true colors now, they are so money minded and the words they spoke were so harmful. I am pretty sure they would have created more problems for some other reasons if I had joined them.

    Even though I did not sign any bond, I am really scared by the way they spoke to me. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  • go_gc_way
    06-01 03:55 PM
    We have discussed this issue earlier on this forum.

    IV really wishes that this is possible but the truth is that when CIR has already been passed in the Senate, there is no way that Frist (or any other senator for that matter) will allow for the introduction of another immigration bill now.

    So if we need to proceed with a legal immigrant's only bill, we will atleast have to wait till CIR dies. So don't get your hopes high now.

    Question for Foks asking for a separate bill : I understand from Admins answer above , this may not be possible now.

    My question is , separting this from CIR will QUICKEN the proceedings with respect to our issues?

    Question for Admin : Was this poll started by IV?

    BTW I have voted in favor of a separate bill assuming it will quicken things. Thanks.

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  • nousername
    04-07 01:12 PM
    What the hell.. Can someone please explain this in plain English?

    AAO Decision on Substituted Labor Certifications (


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  • intheyan
    08-20 02:34 PM
    The same here. The primary got approved and the dependent is still pending.

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  • hopefulgc
    09-02 11:57 AM
    If this is not like a "third world" goverrnment/municipality office, then what is?

    I think we all might just have to form groups of 10 people each and file group WOMs replete with reimbursement of attorney expenses.

    Edit. Latest ..on my case.(with a little history) and this is hilarious.

    8/21/2008 : Talk with the California Service Center (hopefully)
    Me: My case has been transferred all of a sudden to California with the PD became current (on july 21, 2008), why ?
    Answer: Your case has been sent back to TSC on Aug. 15th. We do not have the case any more. You can call TSC to confirm.

    8/22/2008: Talk with Customer Service
    Customer Service: Your case is still in California.

    9/2/2008 : Info pass appointment. Talk with IO
    IO: Your case is still in TSC but will be transferred to CSC soon.

    I cannot believe such an organization exists in the world.
    ************************************************** *********************************


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  • mrajatish
    01-24 12:21 PM
    As part of the Washington State Chapter, I want to arrange a conference call for all Washington, Oregon and Idaho state members. I will send out details soon on the conf call.

    The main agenda will be
    1. How to increase awareness about IV and increase its member base/funding?
    2. How to target the big employers in this region (e.g., Intel, Microsoft)?
    3. How to meet all Congressmen and their Immigration staff?


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  • mchundi
    02-23 06:01 PM
    Here is my honest opinion.... you guys need to highlight the fact that IV is equlally concerned about PBEC issue. This is what i have heard and read from a lot of folks... Just to let u guys know that even my app is stuck with PBEC..
    Sorry that u r stuck at PBEC. It is more than 4 months since i tuned into labor forums. Is there any progress at PBEC? Has the RIR Q moved to mid 2002 consistantly? Earlier Non RIR Q was ahead. Is this still the case?
    I can understand those without labor not coming fully forward.
    U must understand that it will be 4-6 months atleast by the time we see the fruits of any new law, but if we miss this chance, the options are very bleak. Here is why.
    If u dont get any relief now, there will be none for may be another couple of years.
    There are enough aspirants that can consume this years and next years quota whose PD is in 2002 for some countries like INDIA (even for Eb2). Dont be fooled by the forward movement of PD now.
    The way the USCIS works and the way priority date moves, u will see some forward movement till sep' 06 and again they will move back a couple of years. For those who come out of labor process from PBEC the situation is no different than it is today, if u cant file I-485 and get portability. U will be even more dissapointed.

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  • Berkeleybee
    05-17 01:35 PM
    I listened to President's speech last Monday on immigration.But,he did not mention anything about legal immigration issues. I think ,we should send a memorandum or mass letter from each members of IV to the President.

    We should communicate our problems. If everybody sends letter to the IV Team and they can submit all the letters to the President's Office. What do you think ? Any comments ? Is there any better way of communicating to the President ?


    The president's speech was focusing on undocumented worker and border security issues because those are the issues that might bring this current version of CIR down.

    Our issues are relatively non-controversial. We also know that the White House is absolutely aware of our issues and fully supportive.


    04-21 12:46 PM
    I will be relocating to Houston soon. I am new to the area. I would really appreciate if you can give your inputs on good neighborhoods, cost of living, etc.


    PM me.

    09-04 11:16 AM
    You can work on h1b - you will get H1b based on existing approved 140 and pending 485.

    If 140 is revoked by employer you may get a RFE or NOID or in rare cases erroneous denial but you can continue on h1b while you respond to RFE or NOID oor through MTR to erroneous denial.

    Sending AC21 docs does not necessarily mean you may not get NOID - AC21 docs seldom go into your file.

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