Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • jackisback
    06-07 01:03 AM
    I would (and did) send to the address on the confirmation page. If you search for other forums on EAD filing recently, that is what is also recommended there

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  • Rune
    August 27th, 2004, 01:12 AM
    Here in Europe the biggest problem is ATMs that has been modified. The most simple modification is a simple loop inserted into the slot that tries to fool its victims into believing the machine ate their card. In addition a helpful person will appear and tell the victim that there's a secret code to be keyed in (999 + personal pin code) to make the machine spit out the card again...

    Then they upped the stakes a bit. Today's con-person installs a small card reader at the ATM's slot. In addition there's a small camera (here's the relevant bit) that take pictures as people enter their code. This has been used and such equipment has even been recovered in atleast one case.

    As for someone looking over your shoulder in the store, and perhaps even snapping a picture of it... Well, lets just say you don't want to leave your card out of sight. Don't assume your card is worthless plastic in someone else's hands.

    We card users are basically using yesterday's (actually: last decade's/century's) technology to access our money while the countless villains out there are armed with today's technology. We're sitting ducks.

    The card companies are reluctant to tell us this, but eventually as they roll out new technology (smart cards with bio-signatures) it will become blatantly apparent to everyone. Here in Norway they're scheduled to do this over the next year I think.

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  • natrajs
    04-21 02:39 PM
    I got the Card Production Ordered e-mail today. No LUD even last night at 1 Am. Only one LUD today. My case is processed at Texas service center. And my receipt date is not with in their processing times.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Congrats and Best Wishes

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  • quizzer
    11-04 01:11 PM
    My I140 is approved on October 24 2007 and original document has got my lawyer and employer, but I have not received any original document. My question is: Does I can get original document or I have to ask to my lawyer or employer?

    EB2 or EB3?
    NSC or TSC?

    when was it filed?


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  • onthelines
    03-24 01:02 PM
    I listened to it at the end. Great job Mark...

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  • Dakota Newfie
    03-27 09:18 AM
    My immigration attorney said it was OK for my wife to "volunteer" as long as the work was "volunteer", i.e. something a US citizen could "volunteer" to do.
    She volunteered to work at a local library and it was a good diversion until they set a schedule for her and removed a job posting in the same library - then it became both a question of her being exploited and taking a job away from a US citizen, so she had to give it up. So, the lessen is, if it is truly volunteer work, then your spouse should be able to set his/her own schedule; if the schedule is set for him/her, then it becomes a problem.


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  • lvinaykumar
    05-14 01:04 PM
    i dont see change in any of the dates...... :D

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  • hopefulgc
    08-13 01:09 PM
    after rolling out the sept visa ... rao saab aaram kar rahe hain...
    kindly not "DISTUB"


    (translation : __mr rao is resting__)

    Yea...expect to have Vldrao back after the visa bulletin is out.

    Where is mr. rao?


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  • frostrated
    08-05 04:01 PM
    I think this is like saying.....My friends drove on I-101 at 80 MPH and they never get Ticket. Ahhha....Immigration is like game and we never know when you get trapped.
    Take advise of your Attorney, still you need to work on your own to get exact information....and correct way of doing.
    I think person shouldn't leave country after applying AP and come back with AP which got approved while abroad.
    Yes they can if they have VALID H1/H4 Visa stamping.

    Thanks.....No offense guys.

    I had to leave the country on work and was outside for close to 4 months. When I left, I had an approved AP1 in hand, and had applied for AP2. AP2 was approved while I was outside the country. I returned on AP2 with no problems.

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  • scho69
    01-02 11:45 AM
    Is it BA with Mathematics (honors) or BSC. in Mathematics (honors). or does it say General?


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  • reddymjm
    05-01 09:47 AM
    Cool down and complete your story. Hopefully You did not file ur case like this. Just kidding.

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  • jessie1981
    07-13 04:40 PM
    how many ppl are gonna be there? It must be very hot wearing a suit.


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  • arundhati_datta
    07-08 06:14 AM
    Hello ASh027,

    I do have same query since I got a offer from teksystem and not sure if i join them would i be in the same trouble during AC21. Can i even do AC21, what should i do.

    Anyone please advice, what happens if i join this contract position, leaving my perm job since they are not able to give me projects and not paying either. So later on once this contract is over and if I join a perm job, will there be any questions if I do not do AC21 now.

    Please help. Is there any chance of getting my I-1485 rejected. I-140 approved 3 years back and Got EAD 2 years back too.

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  • baburob2
    02-16 01:17 PM
    Hi Logiclife
    The 2004-2005 more usuage of EB visas for Indians is done because those were approved through AC21's unused visas i believe between 1999-2000 which are quota independent and not just from the annual quota of 140K. Hence in 2004-2005 there were more usuage. Starting from 2006 only thing left is the annual quota of 140K with per country quota of 7% at the max which has to be split among several EB categories in some proportions (roughly 1/3 among EB1, EB2, Eb3).The spillovers within 7% alone can be redistributed within a country's EB quota in the final quarter of the year. Hence the max India can get is 7% no matter how much gets spilled over from the rest of the world. THe only way to get the spillover back into the picture is another law enactment everytime it happens to get it back which is slow and painful process. Hence in nutshell to remove retrogression the easiest way is to remove country cap is or increase it . Else it is always going to stay even if annual quota is increased or through anyother measures. Hence I would recommend positively IV to focus on doing it and not mere increasing the quota.


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  • iman.karta
    11-07 11:30 AM

    Thanks! Good luck with yours too.
    No, my application is not filed by Fragoman.

    Apparently, there are some fellow in my law firms, who got audited before September 2007 (mine is November 2007), and they havent been approved. So apparently, it is more random than FIFO.

    It really sucks.

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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-29 03:35 PM
    If that's the way u think...This is how it will work

    Yeah right....come to US on tourist Visa when ur wife is pregnant.....let your child be born during that trip...and get a green card..

    Hi there,

    IV seems to be a terrific service to the immigration community. Kudos to the people who work hard to make it work.

    Has anyone heard of cases where immigration lawyers have successfully petitioned on behalf of parents of a US baby (way before the age of 18) to become GC holders or citizens?


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  • H1B-GC
    07-15 02:14 PM

    Chennai Consulate has released the August appointment schedule on their site.

    I got an appointment too.. yahoooooooooo...

    Congrats Bud! Can you Tell us when did you apply for the consular Process and ur I-485 date ???

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  • bobbydalal
    09-10 03:33 PM
    Guys im an Eb3 applicant and my pd is 2007. I got a transfer notice of my I485 being transferred to USCIS-NBC lees summit ,mo . wHAT DOES THIS MEAN. i HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH THE SAME COMPANY FOR LAST 9 YEARS and had submitted all the tax returns at the time of I140 approval. Is there something i should worry about. pLEASE ADVISE.

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  • thescadaman
    03-24 12:53 PM
    Nice interview. Thanks Mark! I enjoyed your responses. You were well prepared with facts to support your points.

    Desi Unlucky
    07-27 08:51 PM
    I 140 and 485 filed concurrently.
    Let's say I 140 is approved after 200 (greater than 180) days, If employer revokes I 140 after 230 days (let's say he is pissed off that i left the company using Ac 21 portability)

    will it create any issue for my GC ?

    08-03 12:32 PM
    There is no box for A#. The fields are - Receipt #, Case Type (I-140), Receipt Date, Priority Date, Petitioner, Notice Date, Page (1 of 1), Beneficiary, Law firm's name and address, Notice Type (Approval, Preference category).

    This was around April 2006. Maybe they changed the format?

    There should be a box for A number, is it blank?

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