Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • snhn
    12-04 10:02 AM
    with this type of money and job, you should have filed for EB2.. why EB3

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  • vikki76
    07-05 03:05 PM
    I-140 can not be ported. You need to start all over again at your new company with new PERM labor and new I-140.
    However, if you have a copy of old approved I-140, you can use that to port older priority date at the time of 485 filing.Companies usually don't give copies of I-140.

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  • immi_2006
    08-07 10:54 AM
    Though its not mentioned it is good file I-134. You are not eligible for I-864.

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  • kaisersose
    05-22 12:01 PM
    I think it would be best if they allow us to apply for 485 regardless of priority date once 140 is approved .

    I think the chances of that happening are very slim.

    The general opinion is, EAD + AP is really not very different from the green card, especially after the introduction of AC21. This is why there is a "qualifying factor" for 485 applications - the PD should be current to just get into the queue.

    Allowing 485 applications when PDs are not current is dangerously close in effect to removing the GC Quota and for this reason, it is unlikely to happen.


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  • admin
    06-01 03:27 PM
    We have discussed this issue earlier on this forum.

    IV really wishes that this is possible but the truth is that when CIR has already been passed in the Senate, there is no way that Frist (or any other senator for that matter) will allow for the introduction of another immigration bill now.

    So if we need to proceed with a legal immigrant's only bill, we will atleast have to wait till CIR dies. So don't get your hopes high now.

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  • GCwaitforever
    08-15 10:58 AM
    I am from India having masters in engineering and i have 9 years IT experience. Ofcourse my Lawyer filed in EB3 (in 2003) thinking that PD will be current in future. Now i140 cleared in EB3 . What next? Since i am in consulting company i don't have any problem sticking to company. Only problem is maintaining status. As long as i am in job no problem. Who knows market will be like this. I am just re thinking to go for EB2 filing. But not sure how many were able to clear Eb2 in PERM.How much salary required ? (My company located in Detroit).

    See this and if it helps you courtesy (

    Second I-140 Allowed without Revocation of Earlier I-140 Petition

    The TSC confirmed that, in some cases it is possible for the employer to file two or more I-140 petitions for the same beneficiary, based on a single labor certification, in multiple EB categories. If the job requirements are proper for EB2, the case could be filed in either category. Thus, multiple I-140s could be filed in some cases. If the first was filed in EB3, there would be no need to withdraw it in order to file in EB2. The TSC recommended submitting copies of the approved I-140 with the later-filed I-140 petition.

    This could be quite helpful in situations where the I-140 petition is incorrectly filed in the wrong, lower category. We do hear about such instances from time to time. It seems that if the I-140 was filed in EB3, but the case would meet EB2, the TSC would permit the re-filing of the I-140 petition without revocation of the earlier EB3 filing.


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  • Green.Tech
    08-06 09:50 AM
    Any other thoughts?

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  • immi2006
    11-06 10:03 AM
    What is new in your post ? It was like that for a few weekes now.
    I see that for EB2 the PD is 01 APR 2004 now. I want to know if I-485 approvals is linked to this PD date or they will work independent to these days.


    PD : Feb'07
    I-140 - Pending
    I-131 - Approved
    I-485 - Pending

    Recieved EAD Card and FP done.


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  • coopheal
    12-04 05:15 PM
    I cannot make it to the rally but will contribute 100$ towards the efforts.


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  • mugwump
    12-07 02:57 PM
    I think you can take classes (online or even regular in-class) as long as you maintian your primary H1B status - i.e. continue to work with the employer on the specified job/number of hours etc.

    (note: I am not a lawyer)

    If you are taking online classes, why would your status matter?? i understand you need to have legal status to take regular (in-class) courses, but dont really feel an online university would really care. when you can pretty much log in from any where in the world, why would they worry about you being here illegally?

    just my opinion.


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  • pappu
    05-13 01:42 PM
    Does anyone have access to this article :
    It looks like favoring us ....

    this news site was members only to read the new article. could you copy and paste this article in the forums so that we all can read?

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  • reddog
    03-11 11:07 AM
    This is illegal. Your not working at all for the employer who filed your Green Card is completely the wrong way to go.


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  • anurakt
    01-21 06:03 PM
    This has become a trend now. Desi consultants prey on these fresh grads.

    Not trying to slam anybody , but let's be focused to the thread topic i.e Orkut community joining.

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  • thepaew
    02-07 12:22 PM
    It is approximately 20 Lakh to 35 Lakh p.a. for top talent. Again, my information is anecdotal - your mileage may vary.

    I hear that the recession has hit hiring and wages in India as well. I am taking a 4-week vacation/business trip to Asia in March and can post some data when I am back.

    Any guess!!!


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  • snathan
    03-31 04:24 PM
    Client lawyers have advised against it. So vendor can't do anything. I'm still trying to see if they can fax it directly to the consulate or send it in seal envelope to them

    Everyone from HR Head to Technology Heads are involved and are doing the best to help me. And then I'm just a contractor whom they can always kick to the curbside.

    So the final option if everything else is not working...join your client and get the H1 transfer. So you dont need to lose your job and can come back soon

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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 04:46 PM
    Ok, i appreciate all the answers/recommendations. Now since You guys are the IV, can i get answer to my original questions



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  • JDM
    08-27 12:18 AM

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  • gvenkat
    02-26 01:07 PM
    - My 485 is filed more than 6 months ago
    - My is 140 not approved yet
    - I get laid off
    - My employer doesn't revoke my 140
    - I'm already in the 8th year of my H

    So, I can go find another employer since I have my EAD and my 485 is filed for more than 180 days. Now, if my 140 is approved, no problem. If, however, my 140 gets an RFE or if my 140 is not too strong, I can find out alternatives including (but not limited to :-)) finding a decent job in my home country while I still have a job here in the US.

    Is it logical or should I go take a nap? :p


    please go take a nap.. 140 approval is key when u have long waits... :eek:

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  • simple1
    05-18 05:00 AM
    this guy is a fake. busted.

    Thanks for responding to my question.Many thanks
    Here is the Sequence of events :
    Joined company 1
    <>Labor filed in Nov 2005 under EB2 and approved
    <>-I-140 Approved somewhere Aug 06
    <> I then left Company 1 and joined a multi national IT Giant in India - Infosy. Joined Info - Jan 07 in India . BUT I was in good terms with Company 1
    <>Came back to USA , as Infosys Employee around Sep 07 on B1 visa from India for 3 months . Went back to India.
    <>Rejoined Company 1 ( my Original Company ) in Jan 08 ( Petition approved) . Got visa stamp around June 08 and entered US. Got Project Aug 08 and since then on project till date.
    <> While on project Aug 08 I apply for I485 as my category EB2 became current. Got my FP done.
    Then Around Nov 08 I got EAD and AP papers. So I have an EAD and AP

    My Q's are
    <> I heard that EB2 is retrogressing to 2000 for India . Now does not apply to folks whose LC and I140 Is approved or only for those who are stuck up at I140 Stage.
    Please clarify on this. If I am in a stage where I am expecting my GC and already for EAD does it apply to me
    <> What is a VISA Number. There is an A# Number on MY EAD and that same number shows up on AP Document ( I512-L Authorization for parole ) . Is this the same as an Immigrant Visa # or that is something that issues when I am granted my GC.
    <> 6 months have passed since I got my EAD. If I join a new Employer and start using this EAD , can I renew it infinitely, till I get GC . What if My Visa is Not valid and I travel out of US to India solely on EAD? What happens then ? is there a chance that at port of entry my entry is denied based on my immigrant future intentions? I know on paper EAD gives you right to travel BUT is this a genuine risk of not being allowed at PO Entry
    <> On the other hand - lets say I KEEP my EAD and not use it at all till my H1 expires . Then ,CAN I STILL BY ON H1 AND KEEP RENEWING MY EAD OR SINCE I NEVER USED IT IN PAST , IT IS MIGHT REJECT FOR RENEWAL.

    I just dont know know with all this EB2 retrogression what is the best plan of action.
    MANY Thanks Again

    08-10 02:18 PM
    Good Morning,

    I went to the uscis local office. The officer told my case SRC-****7236 (765) Renewal was denied on 06/25/2010. He didn’t have the denial details. He told he will send an email to Texas USCIS asking the details. He also told my 485 motion approved and my recent travel document approved but strange that they denied EAD.

    Unfortunately we (Myself & Lawyer) never received a denial notice.

    My EAD is expiring sep 3rd. I know mostly they denied by without seeing my 485 motion approval.I am requesting denial notice by opening SR

    Help me and suggest to overcome this SITUATION (Another wrong denial by USCIS.)


    Background OF Myself
    1)Worked for Company A from 2003 to 2008.
    2)Company A applied I-140 and approved April 2006. AOS 485 filed on July 2007. Got EAD but never used it
    3)September 2008 I have Joined employer “B” by transferring H1B (Valid until Aug 2010).
    4)Employer A revoked 140 which triggered 485 denials in October 2008.
    5)Applied MTR and it was approved in NOVEMBER 2008 and 485 reopened.
    I understand its painful , but unless you can get hold of Denial letter there is nothing much, anything else is pure speculation. Ask to send the Denial letter soon/again. If you can reach out to level 2 officer he/she MIGHT be able to see the cause of denial. what does online status say ?

    08-13 05:28 PM
    Texas service center
    nsc - nebraska service center

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