Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • shirish
    02-23 02:32 PM
    who really cares what they put up on those stupdi dates,

    they can make up anything and call the that as a law, no body to question them, not checks and balances
    Thats true, When my I-140 was approved, as per the site my date was atleast 2 months away, but i received the approval notice. :)

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  • willigetgc?
    01-21 12:08 PM
    Has it anything to do with immigration??

    It will only start a fight between members on parenting style.. and a bitter fight at that.

    If u like the article you are free to raise your children like that.

    Read this to know what your children will think of you when they grow up ...

    'Tiger Mothers' leave lifelong scars - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/01/20/lac.su.tiger.mother.scars/index.html?iref=allsearch)

    1. It has nothing to do with immigration (unless you factor that "chinese mother" is an immigrant), which is why this thread is on interesting topics.

    2 and 3. I had not even heard of the article until today and told the same to my doc. She brought up the topic because I am Indian.

    4. Personally, after having read it, there are a few things I agree with the author and there are many I don't.

    BTW, I had not read the CNN story either. Many of the things that I did not like in Amy's article are addressed in the CNN story!

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  • mhathi
    04-15 04:35 PM
    Heartiest Congratulations!

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  • lazycis
    09-27 02:26 PM
    Title 8 C.F.R. � 205.1(a) states, in pertinent part, that:

    The approval of a petition or self-petition made under section 204 of the Act and in accordance with part 204 of this chapter is revoked as of the date of approval:

    (3) If any of the following circumstances occur before the beneficiary’s or self-petitioner’s journey to the United States commences … (A) Upon written notice of withdrawal filed by the petitioner or self-petitioner with any officer of the Service who is authorized to grant or deny petitions.

    You cannot port revoked petition, because it does not exist anymore.


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  • belmontboy
    11-09 05:16 PM
    Maybe some of us might be aware on the importance of umbilical chord and cord blood. They are life savers as they contain stem cells which can be used to treat hematopoietic and genetic disorders.

    Let me tie this to an important activity that happens in southern part of india (maybe its prevalent too in entire india - not sure though).

    Whenever a baby is born, the umbilical chord is cut and a clip is put up in the baby's navel end with the umbilical chord part extending out. In a matter of few days the external portion will heal and fall off.

    This is then taken to a goldsmith who in turn stuffs this into a small golden (or silver depending upon one's capacity) and seals them air tight (mind this air tight) using fire. this is then tied along with a thread and is generally worn around the hips of babies.

    Maybe our ancestors knew that this part of tissue might help in healing some disorders for the babies. Who knows better than them. Many of us indians would have worn this without much aware of its importance.

    Hope that I have submitted a informative post here.

    hmm.. are you saying that ancient indians specialized in stem cell research? :p

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  • jkays94
    05-04 02:17 PM
    COOPER: Along the gulf coast today, First Lady Laura Bush was a very big hit. The one-time librarian zeroed in on an enormous need. Katrina destroyed library collections throughout the region. Mrs. Bush came with a gift of half a million dollars from her foundation's gulf coast library recovery initiative. CNN's John King caught up with her. They talked polls, anthems and immigration.


    KING: One of the debates in the country right now is about immigration reform, illegal immigration. And one of the controversies is this new Spanish language version of the national anthem. Your husband the president said he thinks it should only be in English. But if you go to the State Department website, you can find it in I think four languages. Secretary Rice said she's heard a rap version of the national anthem.

    LAURA BUSH, FIRST LADY: We've all heard a lot of different versions like at the Super Bowl every year. I don't think there's anything wrong with singing it in Spanish. The point is it's the United States' national anthem. And what people want is it to be sung in a way that respects the United States and our culture.

    KING: Is that an issue on which you disagree with your husband, he says it should be sung in English?

    BUSH: Well I think it should be sung in English, of course.

    KING: But you also said it -- BUSH: But you know it's like reading hymns in the hymnal. I love it when I look at the bottom of "Amazing Grace" and there are the words in the Methodist hymnal in Swahili. I think that's great.

    KING: Another by product of these demonstrations has been crowds of tens of thousands, many of them holding the Mexican flag. Even supporters of their cause say they find that offensive. That it's the United States of America, if you want rights, if you want status in the United States of America, don't be waving a Mexican or an El Salvadorian, some other country's flag in our face. Do you agree with that?

    BUSH: I think this is a very, very sensitive issue that immigration is. A lot of people have stood in line for a long time and done everything they can do to be accepted as legal citizens of the United States. And it's unfair to think that other people will have the chance to get in front of them when they've abided by the rules.

    KING: As you know, voter anger, the country's anger at what they perceive to be a slow federal response is one of the reasons your husband's poll ratings have slumped considerably. He's now in the mid-30s in most poll ratings. They're using the term in Washington, many are, "lame duck." He can't like that.

    BUSH: No I'm sure he doesn't like. I don't like that either, obviously. When you're elected for a second term, and there are term limits, then of course you start off in some ways as the lame duck. I still know that my husband's going to be very effective and has been very effective and that his agenda that he ran on in the last election in 2004, he will be able to get through. We have a lot of problems. We have -- there are a lot of challenges facing our country. Besides, obviously, this major challenge of the devastated gulf coast.


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  • seeking_GC
    07-11 10:56 PM
    This is beginning to look more and more like a organized and deliberate attempt to block people from filing for AOS.If the mysterious "knowledgeable official" quoted on the website can be summoned in court- that would be game over for the USCIS right there......


    Copying the contents of the website below :

    Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
    We have confirmed with a knowledgeable official in the Department of State Visa Office that USCIS was requesting visa numbers on Sunday July 1st, and Monday morning July 2nd - and that visa numbers were still being issued as late as the morning of July 2nd!

    In fact, close to 30,000 visa numbers were requested and issued in July - through the morning of July 2nd. And we believe that many - if not most - of the requests made in the first two days of July were for applicants whose priority dates were not current in June!

    So how can USCIS refuse to accept I-485 filings received BEFORE the State Department issued its notice that all visa numbers had been used???? We have not yet confirmed the return of any I-485s filed in July. But we do know that applications were reaching the USCIS before the State Department announcement - and while the USCIS was frantically working to use up the entire year's allocation.

    USCIS did not use all visa numbers before July 2nd.

    Did USCIS actually use the visa numbers it requested????
    Historically, the USCIS doesn't request a visa number from the Department of State until it is ready to grant the adjustment of status application. US Consuls overseas request visa numbers the month before they intend to issue the immigrant visa. This is the reason why consuls return about ten percent of the visa numbers requested - and why USCIS does not generally return any numbers.

    In fact, in making allocations of visa numbers, the Department of State factors in an expected return rate for consuls - but not for the USCIS. And the USCIS - before this June - used about 85% of the total immigrant visa numbers available.

    However, already this month, the USCIS has been returning visa numbers. This confirms our earlier suspicion that the only way the USCIS could request 68,000 visa numbers in a matter of weeks was to request them in advance of adjudicating cases.

    We believe USCIS exhausted the visa numbers by simply requesting them - not by using them. If so, and for reasons we will post shortly, we believe that over 30,000 visa numbers requested by USCIS will go unused - and will be wasted this year!

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  • Prashant
    05-28 06:26 PM
    I have recently taken an appoinment at chennai consulate for nov.. I had been looking into these dates for some time .. The website was showing october dates 2 weeks ago and once in a whle sept dates .. but recently they moved on to nov dates .. I guess oct dates might be full .. but could open up now and then as people withdraw and reschedule appoinments .. as of now i guess nov dates are available for appoinment


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  • Maverick5
    08-26 03:57 PM
    I am also in the same boat. I have my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I had filed for H1B with companies A & B as Mechanical Engineer and have worked with them for 1.5 years each.

    Recently I had switched to desi company (C) and had to file my H1B as Software Engineer. I got my H1B without issues. I am crossing my fingers and planning to apply for Labor Certification as Software Engineer in EB2. (MS -Mech Engg + 1 year experience).

    Other members pls share your experience if your case is simillar. I know lot of people who did their masters in other fields and changed to Software when they were in OPT. But do not know some one who has worked in H1b as Mechanical engineer and then got another H1 as software engineer. Has anyone with my simillar background, gone past the I140 stage?

    nfs undercover wallpaper. need for speed undercover wallpaper. Need for Speed: Undercover; Need for Speed: Undercover. Broc27. Feb 18, 09:03 AM. Hello there, thanks for the answer!
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  • Friend
    02-15 10:51 AM
    Best thing is call the customer service and explain step by step.
    also take an infopass appointment and explain.

    What it means Inforpass? Can you explain in detail. Sorry I don't have any Idea on Infopass.


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  • claudia255
    03-24 05:47 PM
    Thank you Mark!
    You did an excellent job. Your explanations were very clear and probably made sense for someone who is not familiar with EB immigration issues.

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-20 12:07 PM
    This is just believe and what I think is something will be good for EB community. Specially those who has MS or Higer degree from USA. It can be tough for employee of small consulting companies. But that is Reform.

    Ultimately they will hike H1b quota with some tight regulations so who ever is genuine can use it.

    I know some people are saying that CIS wont be able to process all app and we have to suffer from Illegal people's filling. but if they add , recapture some visa for us in their CIR bill then dates will be current for us for some 1-2 years for sure and we can go to CP route and get green card thing done. I am 100 % sure that illegal people will not go to CP route. and CP route is very quick when dates are current.

    only one thing I see if CIR passes.. Lawers.. they will be busy with illegal people and will not look at us because I am sure their fees will be higher than our straight cases and they want it desparetly than us. so lawer may not give attention to your case..


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  • nb_des
    04-14 11:51 AM
    My LC is still in process after auditing (EB2). My employer wants to 'drastically' cut back my salary due the national depression, which is particularly affecting the field my company is operating in (sub-primes). If he does that, and I accept it, is LC in jeopardy? We filed back in September 2007 with a certain salary and now it will be lower. Do we have to communicate the change to the DOL? And if yes, what will happen? Do we have to re-file? Thank you to everybody for all the info you can give me! Really!:(

    I think GC and your LC is for future job and as long as employer has ability to pay based on their financials it should be fine. But again I am no expert check with your immigration lawyer.

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  • kirupa
    03-05 11:10 PM
    No problem Ames. I have split your entry into its own thread.



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  • wandmaker
    04-04 01:34 PM
    I work as a software engineer in India and the US branch of my company has filed a L1-B petition by September 2008. The petition got denied by Nov 18, 2008 stating that I don't possess "specialized knowledge". Knowing that I am the only person who possesses knowledge of one of the company's product, we filed an appeal to re-consider by Dec 18, 2008.

    The USCIS moved the case to AAO by Feb 9, 2009. After which there is no status change. The status of the case as reported by the USCIS web site is:


    Current Status: Appeal/Motion/Certification sent to Administrative Appeals Office for review.

    Two months have passed by and I don't know how much more time it is going to take. Can someone please tell me how long this process is going to take?

    Should we just withdraw this appeal and re-file again? In the meantime can I opt a B1 and work there a few months until the L1-B is approved?

    If your resume portraits a product customization or support then in the USCIS eyes, you do not posses specialized skills.... Additionally, The initial evidence (including resume) that your company has submitted is not sufficient enough to prove that you posses that specialized skills. Your company also has a base in the US so the availability of US worker in the same skill is very much possible with in the company - Hence, USCIS denied your L1. IMHO, your appeal may not be fruitful....

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  • ash27
    04-02 09:55 PM
    Thanks Ams. Do you see any issues using AC21 to move to companies like TekSystems? Also, do you have any information on some of the new provisions in the pipeline.


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  • gc28262
    07-11 02:53 PM
    My last EAD renewal was processed very fast from TSC

    Applied: 10/22
    Card Production Ordered: 11/12

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  • hebron
    01-20 02:42 PM
    can name few who became "big" literally (--fat)

    LOL...Good one!

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  • sagittariusarm
    08-27 12:28 PM
    I am sorry for posting in here, but I was wondering if someone actually went in person to the Houston Consulate to get their passport renewed. Also, do we need to have any reason to attend in person at the Consulate such as emergency, etc.

    I am from India and my passport is expiring on Aug 17. I read before in the forum that it is better to go in person to renew the passport. Any experiences please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch

    Go in person that would be best. Houston will not respond to mail or phone calls, Their whole switch board is messed up. I had tough time when I sent it to Houston.

    07-14 05:11 PM
    Talked to both L1 & L2 officers in uscis. They have no idea whether this is an error or not. All they can tell is that it is the adjudicating officers who decide on the extension period. They advised me to send back the original cards with a new application to fix the error. I talked to my attorney and we are not going to do that. We will send an application to extend this EAD card before it expires.

    02-17 01:30 AM
    they have a quarterly limit too which ensures they have Gc numbers in the last quarter. so how did they exhaust the whole year's quota by feb? or was it just quarterly allocation?

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