Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • WaitingYaar
    10-01 12:32 PM
    My PD is current, and also my processing date is outside the processing times currenlty published by NSC and I140 is approved. Not sure why AOS is still pending. Any thoughts? What I should do to expedite this. Thanks.

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  • pappu
    08-10 04:09 PM
    My GC is approved but still I want to continue my contribution (in steps of $20) for this good cause....However, I dont see any $20 contributions for last couple of weeks..Is it possible to start contribution of $20 for guy like me who have GC & wants to help for this cause?

    Congrats on your GC and thanks for your support.

    We took out the $20 per month option. We had that option for $20 per month for 6 months and only 200+ people signed up out of several thousand members who visit the site everyday. This happened when we announced that we may have to close this site and our work for lack of funds. After seeing lack of appreciation from members, running an organization and putting effort then seems useless to us in the core team. Why should we spend so much time and energy on something that only few people appreciate out of thousands in this community? Why should we run an organization where only a handful want to help out and everyone else is only interested in asking questions, complaining , picking up fights with others, criticizing IV?

    Many people wrote to us saying $20 is too high and it should be reduced to $10 or even $1 per month and then everyone will contribute.

    So pls tell us how we can survive with such amounts when others are spending hundreds or thousands and millions to prevent our bill?
    Lack of funds affect our ability to go all out and get the work done. Lobbying is no charity. So unless each and every member feels to contribute from his/her heart contributions will not happen.

    Previously people used to ask our achievements and say that they will contribute only after they see some results. We have given a few results till now and demonstrated commitment to the cause. If people are still not going to contribute, then such people will never contribute. We value everyone that has contributed and anyone who contributes in times of need.

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  • Juan28210
    11-03 04:11 PM
    The health benefit is actually indicated in my employment contract as part of my employment package. However, they later informed me that the health benefit is already part of my salary.

    I actually signed a non-compete contract with my current employer(which means I cannot work for my current client if I switch employer). Now, I'm planning to move to a different employer, but I would be assigned to the same client. Can I argue that since they did not give me the health benefit that they promised me, then it should be okay if I violate the non-compete contract? Do you guys think I have a point of defense?


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  • fuzzy logic
    06-30 09:51 PM

    I was hoping to get some help on my situation. I have I-140 approved, received EAD and AP. Also my H1B was also recently extended. I am expecting a promotion and also will have to change location to a different city with the same employer.

    Would this require filing for AC21? Also would this require amendment to H1B visa?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • a_yaja
    04-27 11:47 AM
    Get I-140 approved for EB3 case and then swtich to another company and start fresh GC and once you are ready to file I-140 at new company, take this approved I-140 for EB3 and port it.

    Hope this helps.
    Might be an issue as the EB2 I-140 is already approved. Talk to a good lawyer and see what is the best course of action.

    Although it is late now, you should have withdrawn the original LC and refiled in PERM with same PD. That way you would have maintained the original priority date for EB2. Your lawyer must have told you that when you refiled your LC.

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  • Scythe
    11-27 05:09 PM
    I guess my button was too simple after all.


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  • yanj
    12-14 11:58 AM
    I searched some ways to solve the GAP problem.

    Now I collect it and please correct it if I have some mistakes.

    GAP problem is a normal problem . So we can share our information about it

    to help each other.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-13 04:15 PM
    Please call..


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  • gc_wannabe
    06-17 03:30 AM
    that dates being current is not an indication of you getting your GC. The dates have to be current for a long time for you to see the approval.

    It is very unfortunate that your lives can be tied to this dates circus. :(

    Well, I understand that. But, when the stars line up finally, I don't want to see my application having problems because I used a pre-approved labor.

    it would be encouraging to hear from folks who got their GC and used pre-approved labor. Years and years of wait should yield something, and just not plain disappointment.

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  • rkrishna123
    10-17 03:11 PM
    Thanks guys for your advice and time.....


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  • petepatel
    08-21 09:49 AM

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  • sri1309
    12-08 07:05 AM
    Hi All,
    I have come to this forum to ask for some advise because this is one of the forums where lot of the visitors are engineers, and most of them work in computers related fields.
    I have a stable job( non-engineering) and I am making a decent salary(more than 200K/year) right now but I just hate my job.I desperatly want to change my field.
    I am hoping to get my green card next year( PD 06/2004 NSC EB 2 India).I need your advise on how to get into computer/software/IT field.
    I do not have an engineering background but am willing to go back to school. I would like to start working on this transition while I wait for my GC.

    My questions are -
    1- Is there a shortcut of getting into any computer/software or related field ?training,short courses, anything!
    Absolutely, just have some experience with a Komputer software, they call Microsoft Outlook. Its actually a suite of products, Office, word and excel. It can get little tough initially, but as you know fruits will be bitter, when you get trained in such a tough course. Set aside 1-2 months in a week, for this.
    2- If I have to go back to school what major will I need to take? Any specific requirements?
    I'd not waste time for school. See 1. A simple course is sufficient.
    3-I have a bachelors but not in engineering- can I go straight for a MS in computer science or will I have to do a bachelors in Computers first.

    See 1. Dont spend anytime in MS or PhDs.

    4-How's the current job market and and also if you have any idea/view about future job scenario?
    Current job market is booming. You may have seen job losses in other fields, but in IT, its not the case. I was making $125K 3 months back and now I am switching jobs as I have 5 offers, offering me more than 200K. My employer is begging me to stay.
    5-Have any of you made/seen such a transition at my stage?- I am 35, married with working spouse.
    Absolutely, 50% in this forum are same like you. Me too.
    6-Also if somebody can give an idea about salaries in computer related fields?
    Point 4 answers.

    Have a good day guys and thank you in advance for your views.

    Hope this helps too. I fully agree with Lord.
    So how long have you been in the US.


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  • Pagal
    07-19 09:37 AM

    Even as per Indian courts, the contract is valid only if mutually enforceable, which means that the company also needs to give you a two month's notice in case of termination.

    Though there is very little risk, why burn the bridges? Be nice and negotiate a mutually agreed exit ... put in some extra hours if needed to transfer the knowledge or to answer any questions to your current job later on. I doubt if your current manager will turn down such an arrangement whereby you help him/her out when needed over a course of next two months...

    For your career, the network is more important than the immediate monetary benefits, just my two cents... :)

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  • sobers
    04-07 08:33 PM
    Folks, I know you all are probably as deeply disappointed with the stalling of the Senate Immigration Bill as I am. But I guess i'm getting used to it now:mad: - had similar experience after S. 1932 relief was stripped out in December.

    But instead of despairing, i'm now thinking of alternative ways to broaden our message and reach out to key lawmakers.

    As you all may know, House Judiciary Committe Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner is going to be the Key House Negotiator on any Immigration Bill this year ....
    Whether we like it or not, this is the hard truth.

    The good news is that per se Sensenbrenner is not a restricionist. He is also not part of Tancredo Anti-Immigrant Caucus. However Sensenbrenner is against Illegal Immigration and Amnesty.

    The bad news is that because of recent events (including attacks against him by latino/church activists, etc) he has decidedly moved to the right. He has probably hardened against his views to immigration, not just the illegal kind.

    Since he is going to the point man on this issue, no doubts there, we ought to have a campaign to reveal the plight of legal immigrants to him. I'm convinced he's currently beseiged by restrictionist NumbersUSA, FAIR and and being fed all his facts on immigration by these folks. We pay taxes, we obey laws, we wait in line patiently, we serve our local community here (for instance I've done many years of community work in the U.S. here and have been recognized for it), we enhance the compeititveness of this country by bringing our much needed skills to work for US business, and we do all this without taking a dime of public benefit. When restrictionists talk of how amnesty will be unfair to people waiting in long lines (that is Us Folks!), have they ever considered what to do to shorten these lines? Illegal immigration is unfair, but the legal immigration system is also broken - and unfair! We folks have the longest waits in the histroy of the US immigration system. If the (legal) system is not working properly, and here it is not, then people will have less incentive to follow it. Why should people follow the rules when it is much easier to get in without following the rules? So to deter illegal immigration ,you also have to show them the LEGAL immigration system works, and give prospective immigrants a good example.

    Anyway, the point of all this rambling is this: I think we should have a campaign to bring some sense to sensenbrenner. I do not think he is a bad person per se. But he needs to be shown the light here- the genuine problems we are facing. We should have a webfax campaign now. Once the conference committee process starts, thousands of faxes start pouring in and staffers just count them and throw them in the bin. No one has time to read them.


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  • paskal
    06-11 11:59 AM
    what exactly is your question?
    there are no versions. the official text of the new proposal is on the main page and iv's official position is clearly posted too:

    there have been amendments since, most of which are nothing to do with us barring (dis)honorable exceptions like senator sanders' money grabbing scheme.

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  • senk1s
    11-09 01:28 AM
    We were not even included in this counting :)
    our ND is in Oct


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  • naveenarjun
    09-11 05:24 PM

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  • maristella61
    02-27 09:28 AM
    If you have filed for I-485 and you have your receipt # (starting with LIN) and you have a copy of the encashed check or the proof of the financial transaction (could be you, your employer or lawyer) and the online status says I-485 Adjustment of Status pending, then you have nothing to worry about. If you had moved or changed your address it may have been misplaced. But you have nothing to worry about if the checks are cashed and you have the Receipt #.

    You mention receipt number starting with LIN ,I have a receipt number starting with SRC . Anyone know the difference ,if there is one ?

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  • diptam
    02-10 10:25 PM
    Keeping H status for the Primary applicant (H1B) may sometime act as 'failover pair' ... But in these days of Highend Retrogression (specially if you are from India/China/Mexico) getting a GC would take 7-10 years - does it makes sense staying in H1 even for the Primary ??? .... I mean personally i've lived ( read 'did slavery') in US for sponsoring employees in H1 for 8 years and i wish to keep H1 as 'failover pair' but doing another 2nd term of slavery of 8 years till GC approval/denial comes - that makes no sense at all. Its a 'No-Brainer' ....

    Moreover the depends - peoples who are new in this country 2-3 years and got EAD due to July Fiasco they can still continue H1 game but folks who already lived 6-7 years on H1B they can easily go to market and play... Advantage :- One advantage of EAD is that if you lose your Job there is nothing called "revoke EAD" like "revoke H1B" so you can sit Jobless and sleep over for entire 8 years if you want and able to do :) :)

    I agree, you should stay on an H1b as much as you possibly can. The H1b is already approved and you can transfer an existing H1b to a new employer (don't have to get a new H1b). But if you invoke the EAD status, you will forever lose your H1b. If anything goes wrong with your pending I-485 and you are still on an H1b, you still have time to appeal and to work through the issues. But if you are on the EAD at this time, then thats it, you have no time left because your EAD is issued to you as conditional approval of your pending I-485. You need to weigh the risks and benefits in taking a job with an employer who will not sponsor you on an H1b.

    Best of Luck

    10-01 01:03 PM
    This is how PD and RD work.

    Mr. A PD JULY 2004 RD MARCH 2005(1)
    Mr B PD FEB 2004 RD DECEMBER 2005 (2)
    MR C PD JAN 2003 RD JANAURY 2006 (3)

    USCIS Processes applications based on RD. After they are processed they are in the "staging area" (pre-adjudicated)
    IF ALL visa bulletin DATES ARE "CURRENT" MR A would get GC first
    If visa bulletin date has a PD of "May 2003" Mr. C would get GC first
    If visa bulletin date has a PD of "MAY 2004 "MR B would get GC first
    If visa bulletin date is August 2004 "Mr A would get GC first"

    In a summary, when PD is current, people with the earliest RD would get GC first. Your PD HAS to be CURRENT to be eligible for a visa number.

    08-01 09:18 AM
    Anything you will take for your H1 stamping + documents to prove that she is your wife. Her H4 status depends on your H1 status, your relationship and your ability to support her.

    Thanks for your reply, but she will go alone for stamping and we have applied I-485, ap,ead on july 2nd. so is there any problem for visa stampling if our I-485 is pending.

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