Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    07-12 04:34 PM
    I believe the only reason EB visa numbers have gone unused in recent years is due to the the inability of FBI in completing namecheck/background check in a timely FIFO fashion. As a result USCIS is unable to approve pending I485s even when the visa numbers are available. This also keeps the VISA BULLETIN doors closed for new I485s.

    This (besides labor backlog) spoils the FIFO for GCs.

    Fixing FBI security check process will end such visa bulletin fiasco. I believe in recent year or two USCIS has processed various applications (including I485) in a very timely fashion (ofcourse there are exceptions). But many I485s get stuck in the security check bottleneck. Since, visa number is assigned at the approval time the whole FIFO goes to hell.

    DOS should be issuing VISA BULLETIN based on pending approvable I485 (meaning security check complete) and fiscal year visa availability. If former is smaller than latter then bulletin dates should move forward based on approved I140s which have not applied for AOS. This is not rocket science but simple math which is lost on DOS, USCIS & FBI.

    However, fixing FBI security checks (timely completion) will restore FIFO once labor backlog is gone.

    FBI delays is the prime reason for this fiasco.

    BTW my AOS is pending due to indefinite background check delay.

    It is partly true. You get stuck in name check , somebody get stuck at I-140, All in all this whole system is purposefully created to keep doors locked "legallly". The first and foremost question should be how the hell government has decided 140000 visas not 40000 and not 240000 but only 140000 and why the hell discrimination against people from only 4 countries?

    Infact employment based immigration is for sufficing the need of the market then let market decides what immigration numbers should be set as ceiling... If US economy need 7 milion in year 2007, ceiling should be 7 million and next year US market may need only 7000 then for that year ceiling should be 7000. I believe if they may freshen up the whole EB GC mess with starting restructuring based on this concept then only in future we can expect flawless legal immigration...

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  • clear485
    06-08 01:53 PM
    I did think about doing it this way, but it didn't feel the "right thing to do"...

    I spoke to my lawyer on what to do , but I'm not getting a straight answer.

    Do you guys recommend a lawyer that would be able to help?

    I checked and she asks for $250/20min of consultation... Is she that good? Should I consider calling her?

    I did consult Murthy....she is good and will give you better solution....few of my friends used her law firm and resolved few complex queries....I have heard from my friend she is very good at document preparartion for real complex problems...

    My suggestion is, better go to her office if you are in tri-state area....if you use her service then she will waive $250 in legal fee....

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  • DDash
    04-04 11:49 PM
    I need some help with my situation. I am currently working for an employer A full time on H-1 B. I-140 Approved (> 180days) and 485 pending (July 2nd filer). I have my EAD. My H-1 is being extended and I have not received my approval notice yet.

    I got an offer from employer B for a consulting GIG. I would like to invoke AC-21.

    Can someone please answer my questions? :confused:

    1) I am planning on doing a H-1 transfer to employer B. Will it be possible to do H-1 transfer while employer A is extending my H-1?

    2) Should I let USCIS know that I am changing my employment?

    3) I have a job code that I used on LC. Should I maintain the same job code for H-1 transfer as well?

    4) I am not sure how big employer B is (not sure how many employees work for them)....does it matter? Should I be concerned if employer B is a small employer? :rolleyes:

    5) With employer A I make x dollars. LC reflects this pay. When I switch to employer B should I also make only x dollars or can I make more? :eek:

    Thanks in advance for you replies.

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  • inUSA2000
    01-31 02:11 PM
    Get your degree evaluated by WES or

    They will do a course by course evaluation and will let you know if your degree is equivalent to 4 year US degree. I am not sure if they will evaluate aptech one but try it out. Keep this copy with you and incase you get a RFE, answer it with this report. There is high chances that it will be approved.

    I am surprised how your attorney did not do this before submitting the application.

    GOOD luck


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  • makemygc
    07-18 02:16 PM
    Atlanta PERM Center belongs to DOL not USCIS

    My mistake. You don't need to bold it.

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  • ajay
    04-05 09:54 AM
    I found this in another website: D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    "Since the beginning of this fiscal year (October 2008), USCIS has adjudicated over 75,000 employer petitions, reducing the pending caseload of petitions to under 55,000.USCIS� goal is to have adjudicated all the older employer petitions, and to be processing newer petitions within 4 months, by the end of September 2009"
    The last updated date is 04/02/2009. Seems like they have updated something quite recently!!!


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  • tmskhan
    05-25 12:41 PM
    Be prepared to stay there one night. I went there last week. The whole process was very smooth for all of us who went there to renew their stamps but had to spend the night to get the passports back.

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  • santb1975
    02-15 04:35 PM


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  • larun
    02-04 08:57 AM

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  • suresh.emails
    01-12 01:55 PM
    It was clearly written in the last 2 pages of any Indian passport that, one should not handover passport to any one; unless other wise MOE (Ministry of External Affairs), Indian Court has ordered so.

    It is illegal to:
    1. Hand over passport to any one
    2. Send through courier across borders
    3. To Mortgage passport (a set of people will do in some cases; when they owe money)
    4. In Possesen of others passport.

    The imprisonment for doing so is 6 months to 3 years in jail or fine or may be both (to the best of my knowledge).

    So be careful in doing so.

    P.S-1: Handing over passport to Consulate/Embassies is a different case and person should be in the same country where the consulate is while applying for visa?.


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  • krishmunn
    03-27 09:06 PM
    this is not a game , this happened really to me .I am Indian .They did not gave my passport back . They took my passport and send me to Bangalore Airport back .I know they don't have any right to hold any one's property that too a country citizenship passport.I am looking for an answer and advice , not question for a question

    In the link which you provided , you are talking about Pakistan and now you say you are from India/Bangalore. That is the first thing whcih proves that you are fake.

    And most important, India does not allow someone to enter without Passport (or a travel document from consulate).

    Guys, ignore this. OP is either an anti or just trying to make fun

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  • BharatPremi
    10-19 01:40 PM
    LC Salary:- $85,000
    LC Location:- New York

    New Job Salary:- $74,000

    New job Title and Job duties are same.

    Is it advisable to invoke AC21 when new job salary is less than original LC salary but more than prevailing wage of new location.

    As per Aytes memo there should not be substantial salary difference. Has anyone invoked AC21 when new job salary is less than LC salary.

    I've consulted few immigration laywer and the opinion differs.

    Experts.... Please help

    My opinion not legal advise: One can join other employer after 180 days from the 485 Receipt date with same or high salary than prevailing wage,keeping job description and Job code similar to use AC21. If you feel you are following this then you will be fine otherwise doomed.

    Only confusion remains is this: When you filed LC with current employer at that time prevailing wage was 85K so
    your "LC Salary" is 85K. Now say after 5 years seeing the economic condition of the
    overall job market if DOL has made prevailing wage say for an example "$74K" for the
    same job code now then what? In this case should your AC21 be denied or accepted? If
    some expert can guide us, we would highly appreciate for this scenario.


    1) Remuneration, bonus etc do not fit the definition of "wage". So I would negotiate 20K higher job with wage equal
    to current wage and 20k bonus if I can.
    2) Geographic location should not matter while changing the employer.


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  • ebizash
    05-27 01:43 PM
    I eFiled 4/14, docs sent 4/18, last LUD 4/26..... no activity since then...

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  • mmrao2007
    07-30 03:14 PM
    I did not understand your answer.
    How come your 4 year old son apply in EB2 category and sponsor the parents. I know the application is for future employment. But this one is stretching too far? :)
    With the way things are going we never know :)


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  • WeldonSprings
    05-27 01:48 PM
    120 days, but 90 days atleast

    Does anyone know how many days prior to expiration of EAD, we can file for extension?

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  • PDDec05
    06-29 11:44 PM
    Thank you for your input, do you know where I should call, if there is a number and so on? There is absolutely no information on any place on fixing 485 form.

    I just called the 1-800 number on their website, but your lawyer may know someone in person at the USCIS.


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  • dpp
    07-27 03:02 PM
    I-485, 765 and 131 forms are for the applicant who wants to adjust status/ work/travel. So, applicant signature is required. Even though you fill G28, that is for authorizing the attorney in preparing and submitting the forms.

    I think no one otherthan the actual applicant can sign the forms. If attorney represent you, then he will sign in his part, thats it. But you need to sign your part anyway.

    Please ask your attorney why he did like that.

    Yeah, he did, but no form is signed by me. Moreover I have not given any authorization form.
    Is it OK.

    Please confirm.
    Thanks for the earlier reply.

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  • rb_248
    01-31 12:21 PM
    Who is United Nations? From your views, it seems like United Nations is a pretty strong asset. Please post more information.

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  • prashantkh
    08-23 02:30 PM
    in EB3, EB2 and EB1

    Not Enough :rolleyes:

    12-03 07:05 AM
    Kirupa Hero one is awsome. talents !

    08-06 11:19 AM
    IN CP the embassies request the visa number before it schedules the interview for the applicant.

    For example: If the applicant interview is scheduled in August 14th 2007 the interview letter will be sent 3- 4 weeks before(in July 2007). They request the visa number in July at the time they send interview letter.

    All the people who attended CP interviews in July got Visa Number and hence are approved till July 31st.

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