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  • ravik
    08-03 01:51 PM
    Yes it is

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  • Eternal_Hope
    02-27 02:49 PM
    About 25,000 PERM labors were approved in 2007 for Indian nationals. Assuming a 2.5:1 ratio of 'GC filed:Labor approved', implies that each year 62,500 GC are demanded by Indians under EB. Since only 10,000 are available (across all EB classes), this implies each year a backlog of 50,000 cases is created for Indians.

    Since PD are essentially retrogressed from Nov. 2005, we can assume that since then another 100,000 Indians have joined the GC backlog. It can also be assumed that between 2001 and Nov. 2005 there must be another (atleast) 50,000 waiting for GC.

    Assuming these numbers are correct, a person filing for labor today is looking to wait for atleast 15 years before getting a GC (150,000/10,000).

    As for those wth PD prior to Nov. 2005 - well..... probably anywhere between 1 to 5 years .....

    Comments on the analysis.........?

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  • pmb76
    07-22 03:54 PM
    Trance - Indeed a tough call. I've been in the US 12 years now. I chose my career over the GC and have learnt a lot, have a great job but no GC yet.
    Looking back I would choose GC. I have a lot of wounds on my back over the past decade. In my opinion go for the GC.

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  • abhisam
    01-08 12:24 PM
    I recently renewed our passports. I removed the I-94 (Which were stapled) to the passports and kept those with me, just to make sure it doesn't get lost. There was no question asked from Indian embassy regarding I-94, which is not the requirement, on the website.

    i did not remove the i-94's and have already sent the passport for renewal. i do have a scanned copy of the i-94's. is there anything i can do at this point to get back the i-94's? i hope this does not pose a problem when i plan to travel outside the US. any advice is much appreciated.


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  • mmaxima
    07-23 09:43 AM
    I got a RFE for employment letter not matching closely to the PERM job ads. My 140 is under premium process. The new emplyment letter has been resubmitted. How long does it take for USCIS to make dicision on my case? Will it be process in priority because it's a premium process? Or there is no premium process after RFE? Thanks.

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  • lskreddy
    07-14 08:38 PM
    My wife and I are from Austin. I have a few friends that are in Dallas that will be more than willing to participate in any organized activity...


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  • inspectorfox
    07-22 09:01 PM
    Can a senior member kindly address these questions posted for the last couple days. A quick response will be highly appreciated.

    My case is very similar to yours. I had applied my I-140 in Oct 2006. Got an RFE for Ability to Pay which was responded to in Feb 2006. LUD changed twice in Feb and there was no progress. I upgraded to premium processing in June but there was no progress in my case even after 15 days past. Recently I got to know thru my lawyer that my case has been moved to the TSC Review Department for a background check and a decision is pending. I have taken an INFOPASS appointment to meet with an immigration officer to follow up about my case on Friday.

    There are lot of people who are now stuck in background checks at I-140 stage which was very uncommon before.

    I would advise you to follow up with you lawyer to get more details on your case. My lawyer actually spoke with the Immigration Officer at TSC.


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  • arsh007
    01-31 08:52 AM
    I agree. UnitedNations has been tirelessly providing inputs to a lot of GC cases especially the 3 year degree issues on His vast knowledge in these areas can surely serve as a valuable knowledge base for potential and current GC applicants. I have been following his posts on for around 2 years now and his inputs has benefited me in take proactive measures for my employment based GC appliction. Hope we can continue giving his valuable advice on this forum too.


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    01-31 02:24 PM

    My friend got into this situation.

    He had EB2 Labor approved with PD 08/2005 and I140 approved.. He is in final six months of his H1.

    Now, interestingly his EB3 labor from Previous employer was just approved. However, he is no more working with them. But could convince them to file I140 for the apprvoed EB3 (which is PD 09/2003). and would like to Port the PD to his current EB2 with his present employer.

    Did any oone of you experienced this and if so, can you please share your experience..

    What are the Dos and Donts for this case.. Appreciate your replies.


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  • masti_Gai
    10-26 10:22 AM
    last year i applied for H1 transfer in the midweek of Oct-05 and got the approval on mid week of Feb-06. :cool:


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  • jfredr
    06-12 10:24 AM
    CIR has got nothing to do with ur visa at this point. this is my idea. better take our seniors advice here at IV

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  • satyasaich
    08-28 08:36 AM
    to tell you the truth, DO NOT make silly statements at all. like someone said in this forum, we ARE professionals and dignified individuals with a wide array of qualifications by virtue of which WE are doing jobs in this country. some of us are here working for more than 8 years, some others may be 3 years, some others may have just begun.
    Don't waste your time.if this country wants to loose wizards like who created hotmail or google, please let your lawmakers know that. and let me know the response you get.

    I hope you all boycot the work and do a rally. That will help those Americans replaced by you, to finally get their job back. Or even better that will help the millions of tech workers in India, who wants to get your job, a chance. So go for it.


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  • ajcates
    11-24 11:28 AM
    I want the kawoosh one to win mainly because of the cool name.

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  • Karthikthiru
    04-09 03:00 PM
    I think you are in good shape to use AC21. Just make sure that you have the paystubs for the first 180 days after filing the I485 application in your present company if in case you get a RFE. That is one of the easy proof that you worked in company A for 180 days after fileing I-485.


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  • immi_seeker
    10-02 10:02 AM
    just spoke with someone yesterday whose PD was april 2005. he files 485 in september 2005 before eb2 retrogressed.
    he got his GC in august 2007. now how is that possible when i still see people wth PD of 2004, whose GC is pending. also btw, in august 2007 and in july 2007 the eb2 was U.
    anyone can explain that please?

    PD is important in asllocating visa numbers. An immigrant visa will be allocated only if pd is current. other background process like namecheck, fp etc shud happen irrespective of pd

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  • snathan
    04-29 10:05 PM
    Not fair, Mr. GC Vivek. Debunking based on personal outlook. Do you watch out for Indian start-ups for a living? I doubt. Start-ups are just start-ups. None will be famous, until years later, when some of them slowly start getting some success. Do you expect every 10 person company to get mention in HA! What you say above, is what is nonsense.

    May be 10% might have become entrepreneurs...? Definitely not everyone has started a 10person or even 1 person company....People are doing good but they just work as programmers or so called project know its not a big deal to become a Project manager in India..

    But 150K entrepreneurs...:p


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  • jasmin45
    02-26 01:20 PM
    If you go out of US and while you are out, if your GC is approved, then you can reenter US with that GC only if you have an AP. If you re-enter US with your H4, then USCIS assumes that you are abandoning your GC...This is what my attorney told me. So, it's better to talk to your attorney before going out of US.

    This is correct as per my understanding. As soon as your GC is approved you will need AP to re-enter US. IO at POE will have the information about your approved GC. I do not think he will allow you to enter on H4 after the GC Approval.

    This is just my understanding. Check with a attorney to get precise information.

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  • iad2ead
    02-10 05:56 PM
    Weigh in with % raise and take decision. If its around 15%-20% raise with
    good benefits etc then move..


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  • psk79
    10-15 01:33 PM
    Now my last option is to apply for AP for my wife while she is in India.
    Can I apply for AP when she is in India?

    I don't think so. While the form allows for someone to apply for anyone outside US, but I think that's only for emergency/temporary travel due to their inability to attend a visa interview.

    07-24 08:48 AM
    firstly, thanks for replying.

    I just wanted to be clear about this. So if I maintain my F1 status somehow by enrolling at kaplan/community college and then find a research job which is willing to sponsor for H1B, I can apply any time of the year for this class through non-profit organization/institute of higher education?

    do you have any govt. links where I could find more info on this? Any input of yours will be greatly appreciated!!!!

    A non-profit organization, such as a University, can hire you any time on H1-B. The job does not have to be a research job.

    07-19 05:09 PM
    Can someone give me answer for the second question:
    2. My spouse's AOS was filed with mine as dependent. She has a H1 of her own and is working. Now, after the I485 receipt comes back, if she leaves her job, will she be in status (or does she need to move to H4? I'll stay on H1 and won't invoke EAD unless necessary). My understanding is, with the receipt, she is in status no matter what (unless the I485 gets denied).

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