Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • gc_wannabe
    06-17 08:40 AM
    Years and years of waiting? no kidding. Look at my priority date. And there are people waiting before me. You used a pre-approved labor and have been waiting in the GC queue from what 2006? Dude, in today's world, a reasonable wait for eb3-is anywhere between 10-15 years and eb2 is atleast 5-6 years. I am not mad that you used a pre-approved labor, though in my personal opinion, its a taboo. I am just saying you are lucky enough that you may get your green card much quickly than people like us who have been waiting atleast 8-10 years and trust me, people like your case, usually should be happy.

    I can empathize. I might me more luckier than you, and there are people *luckier* than me. (You know what I mean..) But, if for some reason I don't get my GC, and you get your GC in a few years, me being lucky to start with is of no use. Nothing is sure till GC is on-hand for anyone.

    So, I would appreciate if someone could let me know if there are any disadvantages process-wise when it comes to I-485 adjudication on a pre-approved labor.


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  • dixie
    01-25 08:13 PM
    Bush made his statement in the context of H1-B visas, not in terms of giving GCs. So it is not as if he made a pitch for us - there are plenty of folks making a pitch for H1 visas.It does not necessarily help our cause - H1 visas may very well be addressed without fixing the EB system, as it is more convenient politically and for the corporates.
    When decision making people or people at the top talk, then i believe there is a sense of realization about us.
    Atleast this should provide an easy opening of our case with top leaders.

    I am not saying that is it, they are dispatching GCs through Fed-Ex?
    If they did, i would be really surprised.

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  • sieger007
    05-17 11:20 PM
    Thanks for responding to my question.Many thanks
    Here is the Sequence of events :
    Joined company 1
    <>Labor filed in Nov 2005 under EB2 and approved
    <>-I-140 Approved somewhere Aug 06
    <> I then left Company 1 and joined a multi national IT Giant in India - Infosy. Joined Info - Jan 07 in India . BUT I was in good terms with Company 1
    <>Came back to USA , as Infosys Employee around Sep 07 on B1 visa from India for 3 months . Went back to India.
    <>Rejoined Company 1 ( my Original Company ) in Jan 08 ( Petition approved) . Got visa stamp around June 08 and entered US. Got Project Aug 08 and since then on project till date.
    <> While on project Aug 08 I apply for I485 as my category EB2 became current. Got my FP done.
    Then Around Nov 08 I got EAD and AP papers. So I have an EAD and AP

    My Q's are
    <> I heard that EB2 is retrogressing to 2000 for India . Now does not apply to folks whose LC and I140 Is approved or only for those who are stuck up at I140 Stage.
    Please clarify on this. If I am in a stage where I am expecting my GC and already for EAD does it apply to me
    <> What is a VISA Number. There is an A# Number on MY EAD and that same number shows up on AP Document ( I512-L Authorization for parole ) . Is this the same as an Immigrant Visa # or that is something that issues when I am granted my GC.
    <> 6 months have passed since I got my EAD. If I join a new Employer and start using this EAD , can I renew it infinitely, till I get GC . What if My Visa is Not valid and I travel out of US to India solely on EAD? What happens then ? is there a chance that at port of entry my entry is denied based on my immigrant future intentions? I know on paper EAD gives you right to travel BUT is this a genuine risk of not being allowed at PO Entry
    <> On the other hand - lets say I KEEP my EAD and not use it at all till my H1 expires . Then ,CAN I STILL BY ON H1 AND KEEP RENEWING MY EAD OR SINCE I NEVER USED IT IN PAST , IT IS MIGHT REJECT FOR RENEWAL.

    I just dont know know with all this EB2 retrogression what is the best plan of action.
    MANY Thanks Again

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  • reachinus
    10-31 12:40 PM
    I am not sure what you want to say over here...
    I told you are wrong in saying that they may issue the I-94 till the expiry of the Visa Stamp.

    Well. In non-immigrant visa admissions at POE, ICE officers has their own "power" in determining the period of stay. Even if anyone has 10 year visa stamp, they can admit only for 10 days if they want; no one can argue/challange it at POE. Further truth is; even they can deny admission to GC holder if they want or if they found something fishy. Nothing is guarentee at POE as well as in consulate for getting non-immigrant visa. So, the departure date in latest I-94 is the important date to comply with (to leave US or extend on time).


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  • shana04
    07-21 11:37 PM .Please follow the instructions on the screen. Choose "You need information or other services " option.

    Wish you all the best.

    Thanks for the info

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  • Lasantha
    02-12 02:41 PM
    But I think the best approach would be to talk to a lawyer. Don't take any chances with this.

    yeah she is second generation Indo S.African (another 3rd world country). Will you please let how to change country of chargeability with out talking to any immigration attorney


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  • poorslumdog
    09-04 12:36 PM
    One redart is giving the comment 'Do you need to perpatuate the Ridiculousness'...Question to you. Tell me the difference between these poor souls and YSR's death. Dont you agree all life has same value. Come one man you can do better. Tomorrow I will post all the dead people names with state, city break up. Let us all pray for them.

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  • vnsriv
    08-14 04:17 PM
    Just now my lawyer called to tell that she got all my receipts , filed on july 2nd but my wifes application was rejected for "insufficient filing fees", I had put in a single check for $745 , how can this be, it was both in the same fedex packet, she says it is some "mailroom error", so she sent back the application with a letter and my receipt copy to accept. My app also had a $745 check and that was receipted,
    Has this happned to anyone, please respond , i am wondering if what my lawyer did was correct, pls share your experiences.

    I am assuming the check was given by you. Check the returned check if it has correct dates, amount and duly signed. Also, check if you had sufficient amount in your bank a/c at that time. There's no need to give separate checks for each. The total is correct. Your lawyer did correct step. Did you get any update from USCIS on the new package(call them). All the best. Your wife's case will be 100% accepted.


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  • seahawks
    09-07 01:40 PM
    emailed my details for lobby day.

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  • reachinus
    10-31 10:20 AM
    They usually issue the I-94 till the validity of the Petition or expiry of the Passport in some cases. In my case i had a valid stamp from May 2004 till Jan 2006, but I had a new H1 from a new employer in Oct 2004 which was approved till Jan 2007 and when I entered US in may 2005 I was issed a new I-94 till Jan 2007 even though the stamp will expire in Jan 2006.

    Hope this helps.

    your I-94 mess up will not affect your travel on AP. If you have a valid visa stamp (or intend to get one), you can still come back in H1B too. It may be advisable you maintain H1b by returing in H1B visa.

    They issue I-94 based based only on the expiry of the visa stamp.


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  • talash
    04-25 03:15 PM
    I 140 denaie d.please help to start new thread

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  • number30
    03-28 04:14 PM
    Where did you send it? Tax returns with ITIN Requests will go to different address.


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  • pappu
    03-01 08:02 PM
    Its been a long time since a conf call is organized. Could you all pls. organize the call and start action items. Thanks

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  • permfiling
    01-18 01:35 PM
    Thanks for the correction to 4k. As the terms says "applicable under law". I think the agreement is in place to scare the person from leaving early. As she is in CA, i don't think CA laws honor these agreements


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  • fromnaija
    07-20 05:32 PM
    Thank you!

    not an authoritative source but if both of you are in USA right now then you need to bring the kid now before GC approval on dependent visa

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  • c9411010
    08-08 08:51 AM
    if therez anything anyone else can add pls do so ..


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  • ganguteli
    06-12 11:50 AM
    I was born in Oct too :) :)

    2 October 1869 ?

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  • purgan
    10-13 07:23 PM
    The US is still the most competitive but the lead is shrinking...its clear that China, India and the emerging Asian economies have the size, the resources and the talent to catch up and probably surpass the US

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  • panky72
    07-21 10:38 PM
    Also with regards to BCG vaccine , the skin test comes positive only within 10 years after BCG is given. If you still have a reaction after 10 years then that means that you have a passive TB and it is recommended that you get it treated. I had a long conversation with an Infectious Disease specialist and he mentioned that there is no urgency to start the treatment because of age factor. So if there is a doctor you know who says that you do not need to be treated even after 10 years of taking the BCG , then probably you should change your doctor for the sake of your own health.

    I second that. For more info on the subject please see this link which details the link between BCG and positive skin test in layman language.

    08-18 12:46 PM
    The RFE as per my employer is about Vendor/Client Details and a latest paystub from the current job. Since I started working already and was getting paid, my employer generated a paystub and supplied the same.

    I would be surprised if CIS wanted a paystub from the current employer. They are more likely to have asked for one from the previous employer to prove that you were maintaining status.

    I would normally not advise someone who was already out of work to use H-1B portability to start working for a new employer. I always recommend waiting until the new H-1B is approved. Given the gap between ending the old job and filing this H-1B, there is a strong chance that CIS will not approve the change of employer petition. This means that you have been working without authorization.

    See this blog posting for more details: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: Consequences of layoffs on H-1B workers - Part 1 (

    09-04 10:40 AM
    I think the Medical's are valid for 18 Months and not one year.I checked this out when i took infopass.Correct me if i am wrong .

    As I remember, the validity is one year.

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