Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • rani77
    03-17 07:57 AM
    I saw your post completely. It looks like that is a no go but you can try two things open a MTR and file an 140 in EB3 .Also parallely start another new case from scratch . You PD is Aug 2006 which may not seem a big advantage now but in a couple of years of time it will be. This may also cost a bit more so apart from financial aspect it doesnt hurt more to do these do things parallely. You got to take the call. Also make sure that you hire a good /well know attroney , your case typically indicates that the attorney made the wrong decision in filing

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  • uma001
    04-15 02:08 PM

    Your post does look like anti immigrant who want to make fun of potential immigrants or undermining US citizenship by immigrants. I hope those observations are incorrect

    I second that Senthil

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  • manderson
    11-09 08:57 AM
    unless you are a European on EB3.

    My lawyer told me the backlog is 400K. As an European, I am expecting to wait between 2 to 3 years for my GC. Anything sooner would be a nice surprise!

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  • dreamworld
    01-25 04:43 PM
    I live and take bart from fremont. let us know time and day or days of this event. I will plan to stop by or stop for hours to help IV friends.


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  • it is ok
    05-18 05:27 PM
    Unfortunately lot of fresh PhDs who apply as EB-1 even after getting a faculty position are usually denied on grounds of lacking enough professional experience. It is not easy to be qualified as a n EB-1 even if you have a PhD. So, most of the PhD's I know are in the EB-2 queue.

    But with this provision, those PHDs will get their own quota, they would not have to contend with EB2 or EB1, right?

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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 09:50 AM
    I think, it makes more sense for us to strive for 'I-485 filing without PD being current' and 'removal of hard country quota' issues rather than striving for the 'self GC application'..

    Let us focus on issues which is an extension of the current framework for legal immigration. I do not think it will be in our interest to compare our provisions with the ones of undocumented workers.

    Just my opinion!!!; IV core team can best decide on the approach. Is there any updates on our attempts to ammend for the 'I-485 filing clause' and the 'removal of hard country quota' clause?

    Yes if you are able to prove your illegal stay here and willing to wait for 6 years before applying for your GC, then you can do go this route. Also remember, it is possible that as of now there is no specific category under which these undocumented people can file their GCs. It is possible that you might have to wait another god know how many years before you actually get it.


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  • AgentM
    01-25 10:15 PM
    If anybody has used a lawyer for AC21, please post the lawyer details and their cost.

    Thank you.

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  • chalamurariusa
    04-28 12:39 PM
    Thanks. Our finger printing was done in jan 2008 and this notice is only for my elder son. I hope there is no issue.


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  • snathan
    03-28 04:22 PM
    As per my tax preparer's advice, I sent both the tax return and W-7 form to IRS ITIN Operation office in Austin, Texas. Is this the correct address?


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  • natrajs
    09-03 10:06 PM
    MS + 0 yrs Exp is fine as long as the Job requirments clearly define that they need MS + 0 Yrs Exp


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  • immi_seeker
    07-13 08:19 PM
    I agree with Eb2India, It appears to be a mistake or typo on the part of USCIS.
    You should approcah them. Hopefully they will react the same way as his case and you will get extended EAD. Goodluck


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  • nabs501
    07-27 08:04 PM
    I am curious to know this as I quit company A and moved to company B after I got my I140 approved from Company A
    And the HR from Company A specifically told me that they would revoke my I140.
    But my case status online says that the application has been sent to DoS for visa processing.
    It's been more than 3 months I quit Company A.
    Probably, it would show up under the case status that I140 has been revoked or something like that.

    Anyone has any exp. regarding this?


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-20 02:11 PM
    My H1 is expiring in Oct 2008 and my employer did not allow me to apply for EAD.
    As for your questions, If you don't have a valid H1 and no EAD, you are out of status. That can have an adverse effect on your I-485 if such period exceeds 180 days.

    about the 90-day thing, USCIS used to allow you to walk into a local office and get an interim EAD if your EAD application is pending for 90 days or more, but they seem to have discontinued that practice. Moreover, it will take much longer than 90 days now to get an EAD.

    You can apply EAD yourself but you need the I-485 receipt notice for that and I'm sure such employer won't give that to you either.

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  • srisra
    02-01 09:19 AM


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  • texanguy
    06-10 12:40 PM
    i think you are missing the point. this will put things in perspective, that current stupid and archaic practice of giving 1 year AP to India and China EB folks is outdated and that current delays are more to the tune of 10 + years. This will create awareness!!!

    I support this !

    I do not support this.

    one, We simply do not want a temporary fix to our big genuine bureaucratic issue. and two, we are not alone, there are others who are filing/have filed labor/i140s and are waiting to file 485s.

    also, it will mellow down our resolve to overcome this injustice.
    money is really not the issue, as if they issue a 10 year EAD, they are definitely gonna make it that much more expensive, and USCIS cannot delay EAD APs, as that would make our case even stronger.

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  • basav
    08-03 03:20 PM
    I came to US in March 2007 on L1B, mean time applied for H1b during April 2008 which got approved with COS effective from Oct 1 2008,
    I could not work on H1b for some reasons, continued work on L1 until end of may 09 , went back to india during last week of May 2009 and returned in a month time (last week of June 09) with same L1 visa,

    Now I have a valid I94 fo L1 until Feb 2010, also H1B I94 says valid until 2011 which I assume is no more valid due to re-entry on L1 n offcourse never having worked on H1b till date.

    Now I would like to take up H1B in a month time, following are my questions

    1. I assume that my employer need to apply for COS from L1-H1 now (form I-539) correct me if iam wrong,also is it legal to work while COS approval is in progress?
    2. Is there a premium processing for COS? to make sure I get approval first and then start working,how long does it take to process premium and what is the typical time frame for normal one?
    3. My family is back in India, are they legal to travel during my COS being in progress with necessary stamping ? This is in case iam legal to work while COS is in progress, or
    you recommend me getting them before COS is initiated with there L2 visa n then apply COS for them too ? Risk here is if COS is not approved for some reasons everyone have to leave !


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  • psczd4
    09-27 06:21 PM
    --u can find a one year program in your school and apply soon..they do have a certain time frame to accept your application for Spring semester, say mid of October(depends upon Univ.)...Financial assistant could be a factor but if you can somehow get an I-20 for that should be safe
    --Most important,get in touch with your advisor
    --At last, apply for a toursit visa

    Good Luck.

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  • neverbefore
    06-30 02:05 AM
    I have used AC21 replied to all the RFEs about it. Laast year my attorney delayed renewal of my EAD and immediately 485 petition started moving and landed in National benefits Center for scheduling an interview.
    In 60 days after receiving the case the NBC has scheduled this initial interview, only for me.
    Additionally what is worrying me is that they are vague on what documents they want.
    They say if this is marriage based GC your spouse should attend. Or of parent-child based GC the petitioning parents or child should attend.
    They have specifially mentioned medicals if not already submitted, birth certificate, returns, employers letter, EADs, travel documents, I-94 and then they say all supporting documents submitted with the application. What do they mean? Is this because they don't know what they are looking for? on top of this the words "initial interview" have confused me.

    Buddy, it does seem you are being pre-adjudicated, as the other guys are saying. We had an interview last December for exactly this purpose and the reason was two consecutive failures of clear biometrics on our part. It was for the better though because now our case is just waiting for a visa number unless something changes rather drastically. However, we did not encounter the term "initial interview".

    Do indeed take all your documents. I am pasting here the list of docs our attorney asked us to take. These are rough notes I took over the phone so you might find some incoherence. Some of these docs were significant to our case and may not be applicable for you. I would always prefer to go for an overkill in immigration matters, so if anything seems remotely significant, take it along. If you like, you may want to read the account ( I posted here at IV immediately after our interview. I remember a lot of people advising me to take my attorney along. I didn't because they were asking for a lot of money. You might want to take a call on that.

    And just chillax! You have done everything right, so why should anything adverse happen.

    What will happen: Oath->Demand for driver's license->Demand for passport
    Medical does not expire once filed
    Officer will review the file along with us
    We need to post a sticky note on file saying we are a family of 3 so we are seen together

    Appointment notice demands
    Employment verification letter from employers
    Mortgage papers
    Education transcripts and degree
    Tax returns
    Marriage certificate
    Birth certificates

    Will be asked to get a police clearance certificate after the interview, so take it beforehand from the cities you have lived in previously

    They might give us an I-792, send a copy to attorney. Always get the officer's name!
    A copy of July 2007 visa bulletin
    Arrival/departure record to/from US
    Pictures (passport) and marriage and family
    Driver's licenses
    H4 and H1B Notices of Action

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  • phillyag
    07-20 02:15 PM
    If I have applied for 485 can I still do that ?

    09-23 11:18 AM
    Anybody having experience with USCIS Ombudsman office. How urgent the cases are taken and how soon they are resolved? Does assistance help?

    01-06 07:36 AM
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