Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • immi_seeker
    07-14 12:31 PM
    I called uscis and they have asked me to refile I-765. They said they will issue new EAD with extended dates. Not sure how long will it take. And i dont believe issuing 3 month EAD was intentional. They probbaly wont have any idea when the 485 would be adjudicated when they approve EAD.

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  • ChainReaction
    02-21 12:15 PM

    that is for last month updated jan 17,2007 not for feb?

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  • gcnyc
    06-20 11:29 PM
    Does any one know answer for this? I was curious to know.

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    10-09 06:35 PM
    Hello guys,
    I applied for I140 & I485 + EAD concurrently at the Texas service center on July 19th. I got the receipts dated Sept 11 on Sept 17 and a week later I got the EAD's. My priority date is Feb 04.

    I live in New Jersey and I would assume my FP appointment will be at the NewArk USCIS center. I still did not get any FP notification yet and I started to worry because on the tracker a lot of people with the same dates did get one already. Should I worry or is OK for now ? Is New Jersey more crowded than other states and that is the reason for delay ??? Anybody else in the same boat ??
    I know they consider the application abandoned if I have an appointment and don't go. If, god forbid, the letter is lost in the mail, is there any way I can find out if I have an appointment ?

    I have don't have a lawyer so they will not send a copy of the FP appointment letter to the lawyer.

    Please help !



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  • b2visahelp
    07-09 03:34 PM
    My parents went to request for visitor visa for a second time. They got rejected again. This time only my parents applied, without my brothers. They showed the VO a letter stating reasons why they won't immigrate to the US (have 3 sons in Indonesia, taking care of elderly parent and have business & properties in Indonesia). The letter also stated that parents only want a short duration visa just to attend my wedding. All questions VO asked was about me, that I got asylum and didn't come back. Now I really don't know what to do. Should I include a notarized letter from me stating that I will make sure my parents go back to Indonesia within the allowed time? My parents don't have the intention to immigrate but I don't know how they can convince the VO.

    I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much!

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  • NKR
    05-14 11:38 AM
    Morning is over. We all are in mourning since the bulletin went out...


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  • hopefulgc
    08-07 09:18 AM
    I have already filed on July 2nd.
    i am sending my spouse's in the next few days.
    I am doing:
    i-485 - $ 325 + $70
    i-131 - $170
    i-765 - $180

    using FEDEX delivery
    to the following address:

    Texas Service Center
    4141 North St. Augustine Road
    Dallas, TX 75227

    If anyone think that I am wrong, please correct me.

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  • simple1
    10-06 03:57 PM
    smuggymba, every one knows you are an anti immigrant. dont waste time here with fake posts.

    Why should I make the fact gaps public and train anti immigrants like you ?

    simple1 - whenever I see ur reply, it's regarding a toll alert. Same with ronhira guy. All you 2 two do is issue toll alert whenever someone asks a question.

    H1-B audits are a reality and he is asking about a visit that he got because clearly no one expects it. What's the problem? What fact gaps did ur james bond brain find?


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-14 02:42 PM
    to send separate checks so they can generate LIN/SRC numbers against each application.:(

    I sent in one cheque for all 6 applications (my wife and myself). I also just called a USCIS rep and he said one check should be fine.

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  • needhelp!
    02-18 02:44 PM
    Just a gentle reminder to post us an update if you've got some by now.

    Also he is against H1b Mis-use. Now does he understand PPL like us in Middle of Nowhere.


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  • Maverick1
    08-30 09:11 PM
    I believe there is only one processing center for PERM now. Only Atlanta is doing the PERM processing. All cases are trasfered to atlanta from chicago. Thats what I heared from Ron Gocher.


    All the ingredients of yet another back log center.

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  • jediknight
    01-20 11:12 AM
    Short pass plays

    Obama needs to stop Congress from doing the big comprehensive things and focus them on smaller and faster laws that help americans.

    The current healthcare, climate change, immigration reform should be broken up in dozens of smaller bills. They will either pass or he can paint the republicans as siding with the Insurance companies to block access to healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions for example.

    There are lots of parts in Healthcare, Energy, CIS, etc, that can pass right now and he should take a lead on that. Otherwise the base that voted for him in 2008 is not going to turn up in 2010.

    - JZ


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  • srikondoji
    07-17 02:21 PM
    Go little bit more SOUTH and you will end up in NORTH and this is called optimism and i love this optimism over pessimism.

    Everybody had different sources and those sources have their own sources.
    So, sometimes your sources are wrong and relying them we tend to go wrong. Thats all to it.

    However, iam of the view that we should believe all the sources both negative and positive and then make your educated guesees.

    This is my guess
    There will be relief but not to everyone.
    USCIS/DOS will announce the news without an apology, but it will not please everybody.
    They will accept few applications just to nake their case stronger and remove the teeth of AILF lawsuit.

    USCIS/DOS is ready to take head on with AILF but only after making their asses stiff.

    USCIS/DOS knows their bad deeds but is not passing all of it to its masters.
    Masters are saying why we need to bend over, lets take on these immigrants.

    At the end few will be fired and few will resign from USCIS and DOS with fewer I-485 applications accepted from July 2.

    Thats all.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-08 03:58 PM
    Again he wants his message to be clear. Here in US, Indians means Native Indians. Everyone till now whom I have come across refer to Indain while they speak and that is for Native Indians and not us. Also our motherland INDIA is in south east asia which is why he clearly said EAST INDIANS. So take a dip in cold water and move on.

    Can't you see the Gandhi link? Gandhi is East Indian and thats why he might have associated it with East Indian community. Dont harp too much on What Mr Oh wants/thinks.


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  • $eeGrEeN
    05-15 09:31 AM
    This is totally ludacris to me. Even though the bulletin expects movement going forward, there is no assurance that the dates will not go back. On the flip side, I am wondering if USCIS/DOS wanted to fully utilize the 140K visas this year and just moved the dates too much ahead. If thats the case, the dates might not move again or retrogress back further. DOS official Oppenheimer mentioned that atleast 10-11k were wasted last year. I still feel that the dates are going to go back some time sooner or later without congressional law changes.

    This means that we have to stay put and work towards our common goal of getting the system fixed.

    yup , rightly said....

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 02:53 PM
    This sound like a good idea...our first option is to attend the rally. But if for some reason we are not able to make it...we can identify a place in all the states on the same day to show support for the DC rally.. I tried to find someone in Buffalo...but noone responded..dont know whether I will be able to attend the rally in DC.

    I know some of you will be attending the Rally in DC on Sep 18th.

    But most wont be attending the rally in DC on the 18th. Wouldnt it be good if the people who are not able to attend the DC rally conduct a rally in Texas at the same day.

    This way, there will be a multi pronged effect. In fact, it would have an even greater effect if simultaneous rallies are held in other places too. Like

    West Coast (Bay area )
    Midwest (Chicago)
    Texas (one of the major cities - Dallas, Austin or Houston)

    Think of all the local media attention this gets & also the ripple effect into national media.

    Any thoughts ??


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  • aamchimumbai
    09-04 08:42 PM
    This is as per USCIC:

    06/05/08. Previous editions will be accepted only for medical exams conducted before August 1, 2008. Medical exams conducted on or after August 1, 2008, require use of the 06/05/08 edition (link at bottom of page).

    Goto and click on 'Immigration Forms' and scroll down for I-693.

    I guess that's the only hope I have. I'll keep you all posted.


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  • Sunx_2004
    09-08 06:32 PM
    Is he EB-3 India, His PD is not even current. He must have ported to EB2..I guess..

    Yes, A colleague case is similar to yours. Got his "Welcome" mail via USPS, Online status still show as pending, but only difference, his case is EB3, not EB2. I-485 filed during the July rush, both the primary applicant and the spouse got the welcome notice via USPS mail. LUD seems to be in August sometime. The online status is not really reliable. Still shows as case received and pending. PD is July '04. He is not sure, and his consulting his attorney, if any action required on his side. Not sure, this is a exception or more cases like this.

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  • nozerd
    02-26 09:46 AM
    Thanks Sanju,
    I already have testing experience since I am used to reviewing test plans from a functional perspective and am aware of testing methodology.
    Is there a market our there for testing ?

    02-01 09:19 AM

    05-07 10:12 PM
    I wish the USCIS took this out as a requirement for AC21. Then life would be sweet!

    from AC21 memo issued on December 27, 2005

    Question 14. Must the alien have a new offer of employment at the time the I-485 is being adjudicated under the I-140 portability provisions?
    Answer: Yes. The alien cannot still be looking for �same or similar� employment at the time the I-485 is being adjudicated under the adjustment portability provisions. The alien must be able to show there is a new valid offer of employment at the time the I-485 is adjudicated.

    So find a new job before I-485 is approved.

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