Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • Jaime
    08-17 01:01 AM
    The HSMP looks very attractive if you don't know the details. Yes, you get a visa even without a job offer but they give you only one year to find a job. After 1 year in the UK you'd better have a job or you will most likely send you back to your home country (you go through a government review after 1 year). Of course, if you find a good job during that first year you should be OK.

    The pro I see in this is that if you are patient and work for 5 years in the UK you will get your EU passport and yo now have mobility to other parts of Europe where the IT and other industries might be better (like Ireland)

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  • ruchigup
    08-22 03:54 PM
    Ruchigup, Are you sending AC21 document? I am also leaving my current employer and taking AC21 route. I am retaining my lawyer. He is supportive and hopefully, will not ask retainer fee as he knows that i paid all my gc cost.
    Can you please share your AC21 experience so far ? Is your new job exactly similar ?
    I have not done AC21 yet. My join date is September 2nd. I am kind of planning to not file AC21.

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  • tabletpc
    09-27 09:27 AM
    yesterday in Lou Dobbs i heard that an illigal immigrant who was arrested at the border of mexico stole the border patrol vehicle and drove back to mexico in that vehicle. Later helicofters were sued to recover the vehicle. LOL...!!!!

    I watch his program every day as i reach home at the start of this program. I watch anxiously hoping they might mention somewhere for atleast for 10 sec about legal immigrant...but they never...!!!Jsu tjsut keep mentioning about illigal immigrants whole hour of the show.

    Sometimes i feel its high time to reconisder the US dream...!!!!

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  • franklin
    07-13 04:23 PM
    BEst of luck to you all for the rally. Take lots of photos. Who is arranging video cameras,digital cameras from IV.

    NJ member
    There are multiple people bringing cameras and camcorders :)


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  • gcwanter
    07-09 01:35 PM
    I submitted for PP on June 19th, status never got updated ; lawyer received approval copy on july 5th

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 08:28 PM
    Thats the spirit

    I will support IV even i have Gc .GO IV.


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  • arunkotte
    09-07 12:45 PM
    I am in great need of some suggestions. I hold a MS degree in computer science and graduate in 2004 dec. Since then I have been with the same employer.

    Now that he is filing for my LC. Is it difficult to get through with MS+0yrs of expereince ?

    Also, at this point of time i have found other employers who is willing to do my GC in which case I will have MS+2 yrs of expereince.

    Is it worth changing employer for gaining 2 yrs of expereince for my LC.

    Does this really make my case more stronger ? or I am just OVER REACTING ? and doing unneccessary thing

    DOES THE EXPEREINCE with MS makes it better for EB2 ?

    Please let me know if there are some experts out there

    It doesn't matter. I had my EB2 approved with MS+0. Just make sure the job description explicitly mentions MS with no further experience.

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  • dealsnet
    02-20 08:21 AM
    If you filed I-485 for your son, no need to file H-4. HE can use AP to go abroad. He is in AOS status. Not out of status. You can keep H1, if you want. Not the case for dependants.

    Once file I-485, you are fine.

    I am starting my 10th year on H1 Visa, and thus my company has renewed a few times already. On one of those instances, through ignorance I suppose, my H1 was renewed but my dependents were not. There was an assumption, which I now understand to be wrong, that my renewal would cover my dependents as well. Since after that we have renewed for all of us successfully.

    One of the dependents, the wife, traveled out of the country and re entered with a H4 Stamp, which I understand cures her status. My son, however has never done this. We all have I-485's pending and I am worried about what that means for him. I am thinking of travelling out of the country, like Canada, to get our visas stamped and re - enter on the H status.

    Question is: Is there any risk in that? If we go to, say Toronto to get the visa renewal, is there any chance that they would deny him? We have the 797 approvals for all of us. The last thing I want is to get stuck outside the country. I have reason to believe we have been pre adjudicated, if this means anything, and it is possible that if I do nothing it would all work out. However, I do not want to take chances with my kid's future.

    Any one have any insight? Would going to Canada and returning on H4 cure his status? And are there any risks to this strategy? Thanks for the insight.


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  • alterego
    05-09 07:54 PM
    The Employer won`t be touching the I-140 or any other related GC apps.About the time frame for getting same or similar job...I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
    Thanks for all the detailed inputs alterego !!!

    Best advise. Try your best to have an AC21 compatible job offer by Aug/Sept time frame. I doubt you'll see any issues emerging before then.
    Your status is legal as long as your 485 is pending. A job will secure your status. Work hard finding a same or similar one.

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-07 04:07 PM
    Take the poll people ...



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  • seahawks
    01-31 11:48 PM
    Stay focussed, support IV goals, help raise funds, volunteer, spread the word on retrogression and believe in you and for the same cause! Remember, immigration law is complicated, no matter who provides information or posts reply, always consult a qualified attorney for your own case.

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  • pawnrule
    01-15 01:00 PM

    I am in a similair situation where I have a US masters degress and 6+ years experience here. It seems like a complete waste of time to take the IELTS, after going through TOEFL and GRE to get admitted to a US university.

    In any case, I plan on taking the test. I have a couple of questions regarding the test.
    1. Which module should we take. Academic or General Training. It appears General Training is appropriate for immigration.

    2. The scores have to be sent to a person and institution. Is this just the Buffalo office with the case number? Do we have to address it to a specific officer?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.


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  • suresh_la
    12-01 05:16 PM

    If any one can answer my question above , please

    I am in dilema

    Thanks in advance

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  • ameryki
    02-29 01:50 PM
    Receipts usually sends to Attorney, who represent your case, if you signed G-28 form. You only get Notice for FP, Original EAD, AP. So don't worry abt the receipt. It should be with your attroney.

    What if the lawyer does not have the receipt notice either? Will I need a copy of the receipt notice or original when applying for EAD/ AP renewal? or can I use any other supporting documents?


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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    06-01 01:28 PM
    New Immigration Bill Amendment Could Help Keep Foreign Tech Workers In U.S.
    A proposal to create a dual green-card system that favors high tech talent has bi-partisan support in the Senate.

    By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee
    May 31, 2007 04:50 PM

    A bi-partisan group of U.S. senators next week is expected to introduce to the immigration reform bill an amendment that proposes to retain a pool of 140,000 employer-sponsored green cards for foreign workers seeking permanent residence in the United States.
    Amendment S.1249, being co-sponsored by senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash), John Cornyn (R-Tex.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Orrin Hatch (R-Pa.), and Robert Bennett (R-Utah) proposes that the U.S. create a dual green-card system that, in addition to a new merit-point green card system that's proposed in the main bill, would also keep an annual pool of 140,000 employer-sponsored based green cards for foreign workers.

    The revised legislation also proposes the United States establish no limit on H-1B visas for foreign professionals with masters or doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM fields.

    "This would set up a complementary and parallel employer-sponsored system to the merit system" said Robert Hoffman, Oracle VP of government affairs and co-chair of Compete America, a coalition of technology companies. "This system would be more like Australia's" where immigration is granted in dual programs that includes employer-based sponsorship and merit points.

    By the U.S. retaining a system allowing employer-based green cards to be issued each year, businesses would have better control over the talent they'd like to keep in the U.S., say tech employers.

    One of the biggest criticisms that tech employers have about the current immigration reform bill being hammered out in the Senate is the proposed merit-based green card system. The process awards individuals with points based on the person's education, skills, and other factors.

    Tech companies complain that a point-based system would shift to government bureaucrats too much control about the kind of talent pool that's available to employers in U.S. Amendment S.1249 proposes retaining employer-based immigration and expanding permanent residency to those foreigners with advanced STEM degrees, said Hoffman.

    The amendment also proposes eliminating caps on H-1B visas issued to foreign students who have advanced degrees from U.S. universities. Right now, in addition to the 65,000 H-1B visas issued each year by the United States, an additional 20,000 H-1B visas are available to foreign students with advanced degrees from U.S. universities. The new amendment would eliminate that annual ceiling for advanced U.S. degrees.

    In addition, the amendment also proposes providing 20,000 H-1B visas annually to foreigners with advanced degrees in STEM fields from foreign schools.

    "Masters and PhDs would be exempt from the cap on H-1Bs and green cards," said Hoffman.

    The amendment also proposes retracting a provision in the immigration reform bill that H-1B visa holders must have degrees that match their jobs. However, under the amendment, an H-1B visa holder with a degree in mathematics could continue to apply for work in a software engineering job, even without the software engineering degree.

    "We're strongly in favor of this amendment," said Hoffman. "It's the single most important amendment in this [immigration] bill," he said.

    Not everyone feels the same way. In a statement, U.S tech-professional advocacy group the Programmers Guild, called the amendment "a declaration of war on American tech workers."

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  • perm2gc
    06-11 12:18 PM
    Mr. Sanju,

    We are all aware of what going on at the Senate floor and also about the ammendments that put forth on the floor. So my question is clear anc simple what ammendment is supported by CORE IV and what are we looking for.
    Because the passing of the current version of the bill will effect all the old cases which many people are in and I wont allow that to happen. I will try my best to avoid this situation to happen. Even though i have a MAster in engineering I will not support SKIL progran that will void the previously pending cases. Good try core IV yto make member to work towards the betterment of few people You know what such people are called" SELFFISH". Guys beware on whaT ACTIONS YOU ARE DOING SO THAT YOU WONT REPENT.
    Cannot you read english and don't you understand.Read about the bill and IV's position on the bill in forum or search the forum.

    We will not repent what ever happens.Atleast we are not giving up without fighting like you..Don't warn us about IV..if you don't trust IV..don't login here..


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  • ramus
    06-28 03:34 PM
    Please don't create any new thred.. Please close it .. We already have 4 threds going with different rumers.. No need to put another one..

    My answer is - No body knows what will happen.. So just chill and enjoy..

    Did any one heard of EB3 India 485 Approved after June 26? Looks like EB3 visa numbers for this quarter for India is exhausted! If so then who many will be available in next quarter?

    When will the 40K unused EB quota of visa numbers will be available /open? In mid September? Can any of the Gurus explain this?

    My friend took info-pass and he was told that the EB3 India visa numbers are over for now and his case may be approved in next quota.

    Looks like the first 40K in the 485 queue whose processing is done will get there 485�s approved in late September.

    For some one like me who files 485 in June chances of approval in this year is less.:confused:

    I just want to set the expectations real so that we will not be subjected to perpetual checking of online LUD/Status, forums and also avoid huge disappointment.

    Concurrent I-140/I-485: No
    PD June 2002-non-RIR
    I-140 approved from NSC
    Mailed to (state NSC/TSC): NSC
    Received at (state NSC/TSC): NSC
    Receipt Date: 06/07/07
    Notice Date: 06/22/07
    FP Noticed Received on:?

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  • letstalklc
    10-02 01:10 PM
    I could see couple of July PD audited cases has been approved...hopefully you might get some result.

    By the way did your case has been filed by Fragomen Law Firm?

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  • LostInGCProcess
    08-30 02:11 PM
    Isnt recording conversations without the consent illegal? :confused:

    Found on the net:

    The U.S. federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call. A majority of the states and territories have adopted wiretapping statutes based on the federal law, although most have also extended the law to cover in-person conversations. 38 states and the D.C. permit recording telephone conversations to which they are a party without informing the other parties that they are doing so.

    12 states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.

    It is illegal under all jurisdictions to record calls in which one is not a party.

    A complete state-by-state set of regulations regarding telephone call recording may be obtained in the following report published by The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press:

    11-23 04:26 AM
    seems like flower by flocke button is lacking symmetry, or is it a design in its own sense.. But its beautiful.
    Its hard to vote for just one!

    02-14 07:42 PM
    It is almost 3-4 months for me tracking the progress of S-1932 and the comprehensive immigration reform process. I know some of u here have been lobbying for this even longer.
    To begin with a few of the immigration bills were to be taken up last september, then Bill Frist said "he will schedule immigration bills in 2006 only". Well i thought we have to wait till jan '06. Then from the blue came the S-1932, it had everything in it that i was waiting for. It was definitely an overkill, No wonder it did not go thru. If it had just the recapture of the unused numbers it would have probably gone thru.
    Now the comprehensive immigration bill is not likely to be taken up until end march. If something else more important comes in, then it might be postponed to the next year.

    We r caught in the politics of one-upmanship. The administration wants immigration reform. May be it wants to take credit for it. Some dont want it. The Senate majority leader is not interested in it. May be it is him we should lobby.

    May be we should change of tactic now. PACE has a good chance of going thru this year. May be we should lobby to tag the unused numbers into the PACE. That will atleast keep the PD current for a couple of years, before which the CIR can be taken up.
    Just a thought.

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