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  • gc_on_demand
    05-22 10:18 AM
    Hello -

    if they are to terminate concurrent filing. How long would it take for
    the rule to take place. This includes 2 months comment period and all


    P :)

    I think after comment period with in week they publish rule in federal register.

    So at max by aug 15th they will make this rule.

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  • mbartosik
    11-19 12:14 PM
    For Nebraska:

    For Texas:

    Summary for I485:
    Nebraska has processed most applications that it has had for 7 months (filed on or before April 14 2007).
    Texas has processed most applications that it has had for 6 months.

    Since 6 months is the target, Texas can be considered to be caught up, and Nebraska will likely have caught up next month.

    For I485 that makes the visa bulletin the main issue.

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  • India76
    07-17 06:18 PM

    I am going to India on 19th July as my mothe ris very sick... what should i need to do? i am coming back on 4th august

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  • pappu
    03-17 03:55 PM
    Upcoming Teleconference
    Export Controls Requirements on Form I-129: A Conversation with the Commerce Department

    March 24, 2011, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EDT

    The Ombudsman’s Office invites you to participate in a public teleconference on the new USCIS requirement on Form I-129 that asks certain petitioners to certify whether an export controls license is required for the release of controlled technology or technical data to a beneficiary. The Ombudsman’s Office will interview Commerce Department officials on when an export controls license is required and will moderate a question and answer session between teleconference participants and the Commerce Department officials.
    How to Participate

    To participate in these calls, please RSVP to specifying which call you would like to join. Participants will receive a return e-mail with the call-in information.

    Teleconference procedures

    To ensure your participation, we encourage you to RSVP 48 hours before the call.
    Please send us your questions and issues related to the teleconference topics ahead of the call.

    If you are unable to participate in these calls, please visit our Web page at DHS | Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman ( for upcoming teleconference dates. Also, if you have a topic of interest for a future call, please send it to


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  • sc3
    01-09 12:43 PM
    No the current one!

    No, you are supposed to return all I-94s!!.

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  • Administrator2
    08-05 12:04 PM
    I am sorry for posting in here, but I was wondering if someone actually went in person to the Houston Consulate to get their passport renewed. Also, do we need to have any reason to attend in person at the Consulate such as emergency, etc.

    I am from India and my passport is expiring on Aug 17. I read before in the forum that it is better to go in person to renew the passport. Any experiences please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch

    If you are in an emergency situation and need to renew your ppt on urgent basis, please send me a PM.


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  • pappu
    03-05 10:56 AM
    I am an IT consultant

    What is the probable Approval date for this application?

    My details:
    EB2-labor 09/2006.
    I-140 SRC078XXXXXXX(Texas)
    Reciept: 02/27/2007
    Notice: 07/31/2007
    section: Member of professional w/adv degree or of exceptional ability . Sec203(b)(2)

    I-485:# SRC08-008-53-XXX(Texas:2008:eight day from 09/01/2008)
    Notice :09/11/2007
    Section: Adjustment as direct beneficiary of imigrant petition.

    Finger Printing:12/20/2007

    Could you please add that in your profile as well

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  • desiin_va
    06-13 09:35 AM
    Check with a good attorney but as far i know, if you get paid by the for-profit consulting company (even if they place you at non-profit org), you will be subjected to H1B cap.

    If your H1B paperwork (i-765) is directly from a non-profit org (like Univ, Govt, etc), then only are you cap exempt.

    Also remember, if you ever want to txfr from non-profit to for-profit, you will be again subjected to cap. This assumes you were never counted against the for-profit company cap in any fiscal year quota.

    I concur, though your physical presence is at non-profit org you are being paid by the consulting company which is for-profit which means you come under H1B cap. I currently work for non-profit, used to work for a consulting comp. PM me if u need more info.


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  • pd_recapturing
    02-09 08:39 AM
    NCR Region

    Sr Developer / Lead Developer (7-15yrs exp) - 8 - 15 lakhs
    Project Manager (10-15yrs exp) - 10-20 lakhs

    Above this level, the jobs are far and few, but some are
    Principal Consultant / Program Manager (in cos like Wipro, Infy, HP) (12- 18 yrs exp) - 18-28 lakhs

    Also note, just because someone has worked in US for a few years does not get any advantage above Project Manager level.

    Information based on many well placed contacts at these levels.
    This is absolutely correct. I also was told the same from a few of my friends who are working in NCR.

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  • Lucky7
    12-04 09:22 PM
    [QUOTE=GCwaitforever]That is somewhat slavish mentality. For a different perspective ... In the words of Curt Flood, "A well-paid slave is nonetheless a slave".

    I think you hit the nail on the head GC,even though i get paid very nicely i honestly feel like a slave every single day for the past 6 yrs.
    The last job i had to turn down was with a fortune 100 company and would have got to work on retrofit work on the Petronas Towers,every Architects dream, but had to turn it down because i cant travel till i get my GC cleared.
    As far as a lawsuit i think if DOL does not clear all cases by end of 2007 all people affected should donate $300 towards a class action lawsuit,people who can afford more should donate more obviously,and even if it does not achieve much at least it would get pulblic attention.


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  • pns27
    06-28 04:34 PM
    Please don't create any new thred.. Please close it .. We already have 4 threds going with different rumers.. No need to put another one..

    My answer is - No body knows what will happen.. So just chill and enjoy..

    Hi ramus can you point to the others threads going on this subject?:o I did check other threads to put this info. In fact I don�t want create any new threads. After looking for one that is appropriate, which I did not find, I started this one. The closest one would be the �June 1st filers - receipt � which is a diffrent subject.

    This is not a rumor, this a fact and I thought I should share with all so that every one will chill, take it easy and will not stressout in anticipation of 485 approval.


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  • trs80
    03-10 03:46 PM
    Hola USIRIT,

    Thanks God! My perm was certified in 38 days.
    Now we concurrent filed the USCIS forms.

    Any update about your case?


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  • gcformeornot
    01-11 04:26 PM
    I was laid off this week. I have been trying to find job and i feel its not going to be easy to find a job. If thing wont work by April, I m thinking to move back India.

    PD : EB2 I - OCT 2004
    I140 approved, I 485 pending > 180 days. On EAD
    50 Dollars monthy contribution to IV.

    about your situation. I have a friend, his company has said if they don't find project in a week, they will have to move him back. And its not a small company. Its like no 3 Indian software comapny

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  • nareshg
    10-05 01:11 AM
    what is your online status after RFE. Does online status change to "RFE" from "Received and pending" once we get RFE. My employer dont tell me much about my I140 status or RFE but I have receipt number. I can check online


    When I spoke to my lawyer 2 weeks back or so they said that it at times takes 1 month to get the RFE by mail....sounds strange I got my EAD a week or so after the status changes approved..

    I have to ask them again as to what is happening, have not heard back from them....

    my current status as of 10/4/2007 says...

    Current Status: We mailed you a notice requesting additional evidence.

    On August 29, 2007, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence and/or information in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence and/or information requested. This case will be held in suspense until we either receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires. Once you submit the information and/or evidence requested, you will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something further from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service.

    Hoping that as it is 140 it is something to do with the company and the lawyers will take care of it, hopefully it is not to do something with my case individually....


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  • EB3June03
    06-16 06:17 PM
    Like the original poster, I too am in the US for more than 11 years (12th year about to complete)

    I too had my PPD test (skin test for TB) come out positive but i don't know exactly how big the size was.

    I just came from a civil surgeon who said that i might have to undergo the treatment for it if the size was above 10 mm. He also said that i will have to be retested for it if we don't find the reports of the size when this was done earlier. My PCP had mentioned that there is no point it getting the test done again.

    I had submitted my medical exam records with my 484 application in July 2007. I wonder if USCIS is trying to boost the economy by trying to get us go for the medical again? (my lawyer says to go to the doctor and get a medical exam done again would be the most practical and quickest way to respond to the RFE.

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  • pathiren
    07-20 05:23 PM
    May be we should gather momentum, and ask ImmigrationVoice to start working to address the issue of past backlogs as well as future backlogs too. Moderators, please make a note of this thread and direct us on path forward. May be another flower revolution; or may be we should send pens saying "Change the immigration law and make US a beacon of freedom". This will decide the fate of millions of people in US waiting for their GC approval.

    All directions from Immigrationvoice would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for your response and keep on sending more responses.


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  • leoindiano
    07-09 01:08 PM
    Lot of our friends are waiting from 1998... Please wait, your turn will come.:o

    This is about I-140 and Premium Processing. In 1998, there was no premium processing. Looks like you have no idea. Where do you come from? are you a stealth user? are you betsy ross?

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  • tonyHK12
    11-30 09:14 PM
    We need to get all these businesses to join together with Immigration voice and support us by lobbying and funding.
    No Great H-1b will come here if its going to take 10-20 years to get a Green card.
    I would suggest, lets have another action item to write to these companies about IV and ask for their help for Legal Immigrants that everyone needs.
    This is a big thing that is missing so far.
    See how the president of the Agricultural board, unions appear on TV asking for support for illegals and also get invited to Congress.

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  • rongha_2000
    10-02 01:17 PM
    Thank you.. THis is very helpful.

    You do not have to apply for new SSN but do the following taken from SSA website:

    If your work eligibility has changed or if have become a U.S. citizen, you must apply for a replacement card. Your replacement card will no longer read �Not Valid for Employment,� but you will retain the same Social Security number.

    To get a replacement card:

    Complete an Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5); and
    Show us documents proving your:
    Immigration status;
    Work eligibility; and
    Take (or mail) your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office.
    All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.

    We will mail your number and card as soon as we have all of your information and have verified your documents.
    For details about the type of evidence you must provide, see Social Security Numbers For Noncitizens (Publication No. 05-10096) or Documents You Need for a Social Security Card.

    11-21 03:37 PM
    My friend did the same thing. Not h1 extention but re-instatement of AP to H1.

    It's same as applying for H1 (form 129 etc) but the option you select
    is different.

    Part 2. Information about this petition. * (See instructions for fee information.)

    Basis for Classification (Check one):
    Check 2nd option:

    Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer.

    I do not think this statement is correct "Since you applied for H1 extension it means that you are out of parolee status and on H1 again."

    As long as H1B is the underlying petition for your GC application H1 extension does not negate your AP status. You have dual travel papers.

    Caution - Please talk to lawyer as there is some stuff around abandoning your petition is you go out of country before approval...

    I have had a valid H1 and AP for a while now and travelled on AP without issues.

    Hope it helped.

    09-05 05:53 PM
    Thanks, nice reply.

    Question: I am on EAD and inovked AC21 and working with new employer. I am planning to register a company confused which one to go with LLC or C Corp., by the way I live in California, San Jose. I heard that if you register a LLC in California every year you have to around $800 tax fee, weather you do a business or not, is it true?

    If I go with C-Corp, shall I liable to $800 as well, any ideas??

    What is the deference between LLC and C-Corp? I know every state has deferent laws but I would appreciate if someone can answer my questions from California state.

    Thanks in advance.

    The minimum California franchise tax is the amount a California corp must pay the first quarter of each tax year whether it is active, operates at a loss or does not do business. The current minimum tax is $800.

    The $800 tax payment is not due during the corporation's FIRST tax year. The first $800 minimum tax is due on the 15th day of the 4th month of the corporation's SECOND tax year.

    Please note that LLCs are liable for the minimum franchise tax in all years (no two year exemption for LLCs).

    Please check details with California Franchise Tax Board. The web site is

    *** Disclaimer - This is general info and use it at your own risk *****

    Proud Indian American and Legal Immigrant

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