Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Googler
    02-17 07:52 PM
    See more discussion here (

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  • kevnss
    03-26 02:33 PM
    Any one has any updates/suggestions on my issue posted above?

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  • eastwest
    12-05 12:11 AM
    Count me in for $100.00
    Go IV Team....


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  • tinoue
    09-27 04:15 PM
    Thank you all for sharing the response from your lawers.

    I haven't got any response from my lawyer yet, but in the mean time I called USCIS customer service. At first time, I was transferred to ae 2nd level operator, but while I was waiting, the phone was disconnected. So I called again and explained my situation again to a different operator (1st level). This time, she did some investigation and told me that I should have only one A# and opened a service request. She informed me that I should get a response by Oct. 25.
    But some of your lawyers said that they have seen the same situations and there has been no problem, I think it is ok to have two different A#s.



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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 03:05 PM
    Trying to reach you guys for a while now.

    1. How many active users are there as of today.
    2. What are the media we have connection with.


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  • camberiu
    06-13 12:51 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I am on the EB3 category and have a PD of March 19, 2002. Also, I am from a non-retrogressed country (Brazil). Would any of the wise members of this forum be willing to estimate how much longer I'd have to wait until I am concurrent? Thanks in advance.


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  • daishwarya
    07-23 03:05 PM
    Yes. I am from VSG too...I left VSG in 2008. I don't know anybody who got approval...

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  • voldemar
    03-20 01:08 PM
    I didnt understand your point: Is revoking an approved I140 is mandotary for the employer when an employee leaves?
    No, not mandatory.
    Per most lawyers it is not mandotory. Yes ofcourse employers "can" revoke but the question is it necessary for their interests and how? Employers will not be bound to employ you after you get green card. AC21 protects employee - not employer.

    Revocation of an approved I140 by USCIS is may be for other reasons like incorrect info when its applied or something like that.I'm not discussing any "other reasons". Only USCIS denial of already approved application because of Ability to Pay when they add up all pending I-485 cases with I-140 pending or approved within one company. In that case if employer withdraw I-140 it could not be added to a pile of pending or approved I-140 - employer is not obliged to pay this employee.


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  • Munna Bhai
    08-05 01:56 PM
    Hi Friend,
    i have sheduled for interview in July,some how i couldn't make it that time.I have requested to postpond for 3 months.Are they assinged any visa for me ? Are they going to call me for interview after 3 month.Can anyone tell me are they going to call me ? Please answer . Thanks

    please be more specific ,which interview??

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  • nogcyet
    07-17 12:05 AM
    my attorney did not ask for w2 or tax return, my company uses berry, appleman and leiden,

    wonder why different attorneys have different requirements

    Copy of W2 and recent two pay-stubs is sufficient to file AOS.:)


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  • iptel
    04-18 12:48 PM

    Before we get all excited and start signing petitions, please check to confirm whether you are legally safe by doing so. For more information please see this link from Murthy website

    I write this because the petition is sponsored by a campaign manager for Kennedy. Please be very careful in signing such petitions. I would recommend discussing any such petition on this forum and getting input from the IV folks or from your lawyers before signing any petition that supports an individual or any particular political party.
    Thanks bkarnik

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  • EndlessWait
    06-20 01:51 PM
    I would suggest to go with EAD and AP for spouse as its better then H1B.

    You don't have to stick one employee if spouse has EAD and she doesn't need to find job in perticular field if she has EAD...

    But for you, I would say just use H1B as long as you can.

    i concur. i'm applyin for ead and ap for her. When the time comes, she wont use ap to enter. but for now.. what the heck..thanks guys


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  • garybanz
    06-02 04:21 PM
    Thats a really bad idea!!

    Tell the new employer that you need H1 to work for them, if they don't want to do it then find another job or stick to your current job.

    It sucks but that's the law.


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  • franklin
    02-08 04:03 PM
    Love to take the poll, but it is excluding all but a section of members - you take it for granted that this is an Indian only forum and organization


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  • MahaBharatGC
    10-14 01:39 PM
    agree.. 90 days is too much.. esp when just dates need to be extended.. In the first place.. it should be non-expiring .. something like valid with I-485 Receipt... and then when accepting EAD employer can check the I-485 status that its still pending... and any change will send email to the employer about 485 current status...

    But then my dear.. where's the money...

    Gov: Show me the money?
    USCIS: let sdo 1 year EAD/AP renewal... and we can sit for 90 days on it for generating this much money... and find cheapest ways of printing the card and mailing... If errors happen we might get more money :-)
    Gov: why are you not moving dates and making more money?
    USCIS: Okay we'll issue 2year EAD and accept more new apps...
    and so on...

    Well said and may be we should add to Show me the money...
    USCIS: We should implement a application storage fee for each pending I-485 which should be paid every year to determine if the person is still in work?
    Very very ridiculous!!!

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  • ultimo
    10-02 12:06 PM
    PD is important . inorder to use the visa numbers the applicant whose FP & name check is cleared but Pd is not current but other applicant whose Pd is current but name check is not cleared The person who cleared will get the priority instead of PD . one of my friend got like this . so its cat & mouse game anyone can get it


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  • ragz4u
    04-13 10:52 AM
    Will IV be trying to campaign/lobby against the 180 day delay?

    90 days is a US law for every bill. Again, I don't see what IV has to do with that!

    The other 90 days is because of amendment. Unfortunately this amendment was unanimously approved by the SJC. Can't see how IV can campaign against something like this too! And I think its prudent to wait 3 more months than rankle some lawmaker about this. We need publicity, but not negative publicity!

    In any case, we will stick ONLY to our agenda.

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  • sbabunle
    08-23 06:24 PM
    I think in 2000 some of the unused visa's are recaptured and allocated.
    That would be the reason the numbers are not looking exact in each year

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  • mbartosik
    08-20 06:35 PM
    I'm a UK citizen (waiting for GC), and one obversation that I have is:

    If you are very good in your profession odds are that you'll suceed in either country. But if you are average (and by definition most are) then you'll be at a disadvantage with respect to the locals when you go somewhere new, especially if you don't have good contacts.

    So I'd recommend thinking dispassionately about how good you are at your profession, and just as importantly how well that comes across in resume or interview. Do you have good contacts in UK?

    I'm not sure if "indefinite leave to stay" gives you access to the whole EU, but it's a path to UK citizenship which does give you access to the whole EU job market (language barriers permitting). It does suck that UK gov effectively retrospectively changed the rules for "indefinite leave to stay", but at least in UK there is an end date (unless they push it out each year). Here for some there is no obvious end date for the waiting.

    I also think that "indefinite leave to stay" may have a few strings (like GC six month in country requirement).

    adobe howm
    09-23 11:50 AM
    09/22/2008: USCIS Ombudsman Assistance Available for EAD Delay Cases

    If your EAD applications are pending more than 90 days and you need ombudsman's assistance, the following steps should be take:
    Step 1: Call USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-(800) 375-5283 and record the time/date of the call and the name/number of the customer service representative: Explain to the customer service representative that your EAD has been pending more than 90 days and ask for a �service request.� You should receive a response to your service request within a week.
    OR Ask the customer service representative to request an interim card for you. You should receive an EAD or response within a week.
    Step 2: If you choose to visit a local USCIS office, schedule an INFOPASS appointment to visit that office on At the appointment, ask to apply for an interim EAD. Note that USCIS local offices no longer issue interim EADs. The local office can review your case and determine eligibility. The local office will forward your request to the USCIS service centers. You should receive an EAD or response within a week.
    Step 3: If you have tried both Step 1 and Step 2 and have still not received your EAD or an interim card, please email the ombudsman's office at with the details of your efforts. Please include the date and time of your call to the NCSC and the name of the customer service representative. If you visited a USCIS office, please provide that information. The office will look into your case and review how we may be of assistance.

    Thanks for the effort. this indeed reaches where it suppose to be - helping someone with similar need. appreciated. not sure how to give you my green though.

    12-03 08:32 AM
    I had very very bad experience in Mumbai. I had lost my all documents except passport .Keep ur Documents all the time with you no matter what situation would be. Look for good safe hotel don’t go after chip hotel. One more thing keep all your valuables in secured place.

    At consulate experience was pleasant.

    This case u described is common and applicable to any city in world/India so please dont single out Mumbai. It is a fine city.

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