Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • nareshg
    10-12 01:59 AM
    they responded today to USCIS, nothing much here I guess...

    one of the forms had my birth date wrong, so USCIS was asking for the actual birth date. 140 was filed on Nov 2006....and then got a REF on August 29th 2007, my pawyer responsed last week...and I thought that as soon as USCIS gets the evidence they will hopefully approve my case....(the evidence was a minor (atleast I thought it was minor) issue about birth date...

    and now USCIS has revieved the evidence they asked for...guess what they say...

    On October 10, 2007, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    60 more days...come on....

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  • vin13
    09-30 10:34 AM
    I also have soft LUD on 09/26 and 09/29...But the online status still shows status pending and transferred to the office.

    Is ur case in NSC too.

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  • gaz
    08-13 07:41 AM
    his predictions were so accurate ... black 'copters landed and took him away... :p

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  • solaris27
    02-24 12:04 PM
    its depends ...

    my CPA deducted below expenses

    1) my and wife air ticket to india for visa stamping.
    2) All visa fees
    3) all hotel exp.
    4) All attorney and USCIS fees .

    but check with your CPA .


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  • sriramkalyan
    05-18 11:28 AM
    I am scared to death .. I have EAD ...hELP .. cAN I WORK FOR 2 COMPANIES.
    Can i move around the jobs ..Please i can't sleep ... all night i am just peeeeing.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-22 06:20 PM
    Rasmussen Reports indicates in their latest poll that only 5% of Americans list immigration reform as a top priority, a number that is consistent with historical numbers but is much reduced from the last few years when anti-immigration activists whipped up a wave of nativism not seen in many years in the US. One of the reasons immigration measures big and small have not succeeded in recent years is because the entire issue of immigration has been perceived as radioactive and no one wanted to take on the crazies. As it becomes clear that dealing with immigration issues isn't something...

    More... (


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  • pappu
    08-11 01:12 PM
    Immigration Voice would like to thank its members for their continued support and dedication. Your contributions and volunteer efforts will enable us to work towards solving the issues that we all face during our employment based green card process.

    The 2009 Ombudsman report released at the end of June 09, confirms the grim future that we conveyed to our members in the last newsletter. If no action is taken by the legislature, heavily retrogressed nationalities of India and China have an upwards of 10 to 20 years of wait ahead of them. The time to act is now. We cannot sit back and relax and hope for something good to happen. We have to act in order for favorable things to happen. To that end, we would like to impress upon our members the significance of our latest Advocacy Action Item
    ================================================== ====================================

    IV Advocacy Action Item August 2009

    The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours. The summer August recess is here and the lawmakers are back in their constituencies. This is an opportunity for us to meet with them and address our issues and present solutions in preparation for the upcoming CIR. We must push for our agenda to get our provisions in the base bill as CIR is being drafted currently. If we do not get our provisions in the base bill then it is much harder to get them attached to the bill in the form of amendments.

    IV therefore requests its members, to call up and start scheduling lawmaker meetings NOW. Please take appointments with your local lawmakers of both houses of Congress. You can find more information about how to reach your lawmaker in this guide
    We are organizing national and state level calls to coordinate this effort. You will be given detailed instructions on how to schedule meetings, what to carry, and most importantly present the IV community’s agenda and present solutions. We have scheduled two nationwide calls on August 11 and 12 to get everyone started on this action item. You can find the details of these calls including the dial in numbers from your state chapter or on IV’s Donor Forum.

    To that end, we have created multiple documents and support material that will go into your “Advocacy Packet” for you to carry for these lawmaker meetings. We have also created a Lawmaker Appointment Book d=36 where you will post the details of your lawmaker appointment and we will provide you with the advocacy packet. The idea is to at least have 2 or more people when going to any meeting with the lawmaker. More details of this action item can be found on this thread :

    In summary there are three parts to this action item

    1) Please start taking the appointments with your lawmakers now. . Once you take the appointment, update the details in the Lawmaker Appointment Book that is available on d=36 and you will receive the Advocacy Packet that you will need to take to the meetings.

    2) Please attend any one of the following calls to get more details on this action item. These calls will also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and get updates on CIR.
    Call 1:
    Tuesday August 11, 8 PM EST

    Call 2
    Wednesday August 12, 9 PM EST

    3) Once you have your meetings, please email the details and feedback to to help us follow up with their DC office with your feedback. Your detailed feedback will also help other members in their upcoming meetings with their representatives.

    We must push ourselves harder and stronger in this month if we have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Advocacy is an integral, essential and important part of democracy and we must exercise our first amendment right to demonstrate that we not only are highly skilled and are high income individuals but we are truly the best and the brightest Future Americans.
    ================================================== ========================================

    Democracy, Advocacy and You

    Each one of you can be an advocate for the change you seek. Advocacy is not just for lawyers and lobbyists. You do not need to be a member of a bar association or hold a JD (law degree). Advocacy is not something that can only be done by the wealthy and the powerful. The power of American democracy lies in the right to petition the government in a peaceful manner to redress grievances and advocate for change. It is a right given to every person on US soil by the first amendment in the constitution. Peaceful and legitimate advocacy is an essential part of a democratic society. There is nothing to be afraid of. Just because you call your local lawmaker’s office or send them an email or a fax or meet them to make your case, your pending green card is not going to be in jeopardy. We must understand that we cannot talk about frustrations and ideas on the message boards and forums without following through on those words by meeting our lawmakers. Words without action are futile.

    Without any legislative action from congress, we all have a decade plus wait lying ahead of us. The retrogression is a reality and the nationality doesn’t matter. The priority date of your EB category doesn’t matter. Time to act is now. As the summer recess approaches for the congress in the month of august, the lawmakers will be back in their constituencies. This gives us an opportunity to meet with them as their constituents and make our case for our provisions to be included in the upcoming Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We have prepared an advocacy packet for you. Detailed instructions on how to set up meetings with your members of congress are included in it along with the supporting documents to make our case for Employment Based Green Card reforms.

    Immigration Voice Advocacy is a grassroots effort. Each one of you must become an advocate for the change we seek. Together, we will bring America out of the current economic recession and strengthen the national security. As a highly educated and highly skilled future American living in this country legally, we must petition the lawmakers to address our issues and present the solutions. We hope that you put action behind your words and passion.

    Thank You
    Immigration Voice

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  • saileshdude
    07-21 09:44 PM
    You actually have active TB? Or you are saying your TB skin test came out positive as you had BCG?

    If you had given BCG and your skin test came positive, that's very normal. If your doctor here wants to treat you because your skin test came positive although your chest x-ray is clear, then you probably should change your doctor.


    My skin test was positive but chest x-ray was negative. As far as changing the doctor goes, this doctor is actually the USCIS doctor who I went to during last July 2007 fiasco. At that time of rush I did not bother on what he wrote on the medical forms. Even though I had negative x-ray , he wrote I need to follow up with my primary care for INH treatment.

    Also with regards to BCG vaccine , the skin test comes positive only within 10 years after BCG is given. If you still have a reaction after 10 years then that means that you have a passive TB and it is recommended that you get it treated. I had a long conversation with an Infectious Disease specialist and he mentioned that there is no urgency to start the treatment because of age factor. So if there is a doctor you know who says that you do not need to be treated even after 10 years of taking the BCG , then probably you should change your doctor for the sake of your own health.


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  • mdy_tvr
    02-04 06:34 PM
    yes, since she has a pending 485 she does not have to worry about status, that pending 485 keeps the status around. She can even file for an EAD.

    Thanks meridiani.planum for the response.

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  • DDash
    04-05 12:07 PM
    Someone pls respond if you think you can help answer my questions. Pretty please.


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  • vallabhu
    01-02 02:08 PM
    I have applied from Texas SC

    My attorney mentioned it might 2 to 3 years to process an appeal, is that correct do you guys know any one who got it faster than that, he mentioned that we have to appeal to district court along with documentation of new resolution which was passed last year stating that employer has final discretion is deciding edu qualification for job role

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  • greencardvow
    08-03 07:23 PM
    Please close this thread.


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  • Widget
    04-18 03:28 PM
    Yesterday, there was a problem with the uscis web site. I tried to use the web site several times. Did you try to use the web site yesterday? or before?

    I received a receipt confirmation for my I-140 petition. It shows that they received on March 24, 2006. I tried to check on the status on USCIS website in case status. I could not find my case so far. Does it take so long to be updated. I am worried if my petition is misplaced somewhere...
    Please give me your advice.

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  • ganguteli
    02-09 11:53 AM
    US experience won't count much unless you are from fortune 500 company. These days anyone even with Aptech certificate can get a chance to come and work in USA on L visa for short assignments. So if your experience is in a desi consulting firm, I do not think your resume will be attractive.

    The figures shown are all looking good for experienced people in good companies. But it is not easy to get jobs as senior people in top companies. Also remember you have to work much more than you work here. You also have to work on Saturdays in a lot of companies. If your clients are in USA you may also need work in the night too to interact with your people in USA. Also remember in small companies you rarely get to do cutting edge world class work or new idea or planning. You will hardly learn or get special trainings.

    Grass is always green on the other side


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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 04:04 PM
    DOS and USCIS are slow. But it would be really helpful if the IV code team can provide some update on our site. I believe over 2.5 hours have passed since the last update regarding some update in 1 hour. I guess we can't do anything if it takes more time but an update always helps! Thank you.


    UPDATE as of 3:18 PM EST 7/17/2007


    DHS will be rescinding its July 2 update and the initial July Visa Bulletin will take effect for 31 days � i.e., all employment-based green card categories (except for the �Other Workers� category) will be �current� and CIS will accept applications through August 17.

    DHS will issue a press release to this effect later today.

    Last edited by logiclife : Today at 03:02 PM.

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  • lazycis
    09-29 09:50 AM
    Hello Everyone,

    Thank for all your help..My case have been pending over a year now of the due date......So can I file the Mandamus????

    Yes, you can and you need to if you do not want to wait indefinitely. The federal courts routinely held that 2+ year delay in processing I-485 is unreasonable:


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-09 02:52 PM
    Just sent the details on email.

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  • srarao
    02-15 10:48 AM
    Best thing is call the customer service and explain step by step.
    also take an infopass appointment and explain.

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  • Pagal
    04-21 07:21 PM

    Welcome to Houston! There are many options for living ... though traditionally Indians have preferred Sugarland, other neighborhoods (e.g. Pearland, Katy) are nice as well ... my recommendation would be to rent an apartment in Riveroaks area first (very nice neighborhood) while you look around ...

    08-06 08:33 PM
    I came to US 5 years back in H4. My husband processed GC and 140 is cleared and 485 pending. I got my EAD and now working. My husband and I have problems and he is threatening to ruin my life.
    Can I know a few things
    1. Can he take me out of the GC ?
    2. Can he revoke my EAD ?
    3. Can my employee extend my EAD which is expiring in 2010 and continue my GC.
    please help...

    Your husband can remove from the GC process if he wants. And you will lose your EAD and you can not extend your EAD. One way is file for new H1B, get the job and start the GC process from PERM. There is no other way.

    07-15 04:57 PM
    Since you have an approved I-140 through your previous employer, the PD is yours to keep.

    Has the attorney requested USCIS to port to the older PD when they filed your pending I140 application? Also, since you're in 6th year of H1B, it might be better to request premium processing on the pending I-140, get it approved...confirm that PD has been ported, and then apply for I-485 before end of August. Move quickly, and good luck!

    I was searching on internet and this is what i found on

    Recently, the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) provided instructions on how to notify them regarding an earlier priority date (PD) when filing the I-140 and I-485 for an individual. It is possible to transfer a PD from one employment-based green card case to another, filed for the same individual, if the first case has reached the point where the 1-140 petition has been approved. Similarly, it is possible, in certain limited situations, to transfer a priority date from an approved I-130 petition to a later family-based filing. On occasion, however, it is difficult to make the service centers aware that the beneficiary has an earlier priority date.

    The NSC, on June 14, 2005, provided instructions for a person filing a petition and requesting an earlier priority date based upon a previous case. A brightly-colored, flagged sheet of paper should be included to indicate that there is an earlier priority date. A copy of the prior I-797 Approval Notice of the I-140 petition should be inserted directly behind the brightly-colored sheet of paper. Though the NSC did not indicate where this should go in the filing, it is generally best to put such requests on the top of the filing or directly behind the cover sheet, to maximize the chance that it will be seen and acknowledged. This will avoid a rejection of the file, based on the priority date not being current, and a needless delay in processing the new filing.

    Is that mean i can file I-485 with my previously approved I-140? I have also drop an email to my HR regarding the same. We do not have direct access to Attorney as every thing has to be directed by HR.

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