Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • tinoue
    09-27 09:10 AM
    Hi LRIndy,
    Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    Now I feel better. After waiting for GC so long (I started the application process in 2003), any small things make me worry...


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  • shirish
    03-26 11:32 AM
    According to my knowledge it has to be after the college. You cannot be fulltime employed and full time student at the same time.

    So in nutshell. B.S + 5 years exp (After completing BS) and also the job must demand for BS + 5 years exp.Else you cannot file under EB2.

    Thanks guys... I believe my experiences are "progressive" (whatever that means) in a sense that during 5 years of work I progressed accordignly and to the level that the job description / ad for my position would require BS plus 5 years of experience.

    What I don't get and was not quite sure about was the fact that 2 of those 5 years were during college. 5 years of experience is 5 years - I don't get why they would not like it. It is normal for people to work full time and go to college full time. When you get hired, if you have 5 years of full time experience, the prospective employer could not care less that 2 years of that were gained during last 2 years of college.

    Dunno ... with USCIS and their rules ...

    I asked my lawyer (duahhaaaa) and he said it's ok ... but I don't trust him.


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  • gova123
    08-27 12:38 PM
    Go in person that would be best. Houston will not respond to mail or phone calls, Their whole switch board is messed up. I had tough time when I sent it to Houston.

    Can we go in person, I thought they would encourage only in case of emergency. Any one know that if we can go to the consulate and get the passport renewed quickly for sure.


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  • immigrant-in-law
    04-20 10:04 AM
    Also, can you please tell me for what period has your H1 been extended. Is it for 3 years or for the duration of your current assignment?

    Hi Guys,

    I got the good news to share every one. got the approval . its wonderful


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  • posmd
    06-08 07:45 PM
    I have approved EB3 LC and approved I 140 with PD JAN 2002. My wife has approved EB2 LC (Perm) and Approved I 140 with PD JAN 2006
    As we represent one family can't my wife use my PD and apply I 485 under EB2.
    for example If husband is born in a retrogressed country and wife in a non retrogressed country in that case, husband gets a free ride !
    Why not in this case ? Just curious !

    Faced with this same predicament. The truth is the US immigration rules were not made to cater for this era of fast paced change and lifestyles.

    When the current EB rules were fashioned, mostly in the early 1960s most families had one working household and were generally migrating in the very highest skills level. Opportunities in the high skilled fields were also not as prevalent as they are today. US was not the knowledge economy it is today.

    In the same sense people if they would migrate did so just once in their lifetime, nowadays people often shift 3 places sometimes even more. Hence your citizenship does not count, only your birth place. Imagine the insanity in a scenario that you are from antigua and you are born in India while your father was serving as the consul general there. If fate and destiny have you wishing to immigrate to the US now in the EB2 category then you would have to have a PD of Jan 2003 as opposed to current.
    Many such combinations are possible, but in my humble view all this country quota stuff for EB based immigration is ridiculous and worse yet when it takes no acccount of population size. Clearly they ought to be more discerning in who they allow in via EB immigration by tightening the regulations as they stand currently, but this insane quota is off base in todays world.
    A quota system for family or any other type of immigration is more reasonable, but once it is deemed you are immigrating based on your skills why should something else matter in this land of opportunity where every man is considered equal and is said to rise or fall on his ability and nothing else. Perhaps others know the answer to this but it befuddles me and makes me realise how antequated the rules really are.

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  • Norristown
    04-13 02:12 PM
    I was in this situation few years back. I was on bench for 8 months (not paid). I chose not to reply to the DOL letter. I feared that accepting that I was on bench for 8 months will make you out of status.
    Every time you go for H1 revalidation, you will be asked were you out of status any time.
    Later I have done 3 H1 revalidations (Canada), no problems. If sending reply is not mandatory then keep quiet. Six months later my employer filed for bankruptcy.


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  • bsbawa10
    08-21 10:23 AM
    You must ask the badge number and note down the time of each call. Then file a complaint if you are not satisfied with the customer service experience.

    Once we have a proof of hundreds of such written complaints, IV can also follow up. We need people to file 'written' complaints in order to help improve the service.

    I do not have any ID (She spoke that too quickly) but I know the time (8 am cst) and I am prepared to give the written complaint.

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  • GCwaitforever
    07-14 06:37 AM
    This is great news. :) This increases the chances of letting the bill fly through all the obstacles the House.


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  • dealsnet
    02-20 08:21 AM
    If you filed I-485 for your son, no need to file H-4. HE can use AP to go abroad. He is in AOS status. Not out of status. You can keep H1, if you want. Not the case for dependants.

    Once file I-485, you are fine.

    I am starting my 10th year on H1 Visa, and thus my company has renewed a few times already. On one of those instances, through ignorance I suppose, my H1 was renewed but my dependents were not. There was an assumption, which I now understand to be wrong, that my renewal would cover my dependents as well. Since after that we have renewed for all of us successfully.

    One of the dependents, the wife, traveled out of the country and re entered with a H4 Stamp, which I understand cures her status. My son, however has never done this. We all have I-485's pending and I am worried about what that means for him. I am thinking of travelling out of the country, like Canada, to get our visas stamped and re - enter on the H status.

    Question is: Is there any risk in that? If we go to, say Toronto to get the visa renewal, is there any chance that they would deny him? We have the 797 approvals for all of us. The last thing I want is to get stuck outside the country. I have reason to believe we have been pre adjudicated, if this means anything, and it is possible that if I do nothing it would all work out. However, I do not want to take chances with my kid's future.

    Any one have any insight? Would going to Canada and returning on H4 cure his status? And are there any risks to this strategy? Thanks for the insight.

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-12 02:41 PM
    I would think Cross-Charegeability is automatic. I mean if one spouse is birth country India/China and one is ROW, I would think cross charegeability is automatic but then again not a 100% sure.


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  • kshitijnt
    07-11 10:37 PM
    As long as your old I140 is not withdrawn, you can file 485. I think even if it is withdrawn, there still might be a chance, check with your NEW lawyer.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-27 03:49 PM
    Sorry to have to say this but they will probably reject your application. Signature is the most important thing they look for in any application.

    Not entirely true..

    Some employees of my client company who filed their AOS in june did so without signing a single piece of paper and already got their RNs and FP's done as well.

    There are a few things to see if what your lawyer did was correct:

    1) Did he ask you to write him/her an email/letter authorizing them to sign on your behalf

    2) Your company has your facsimile signatures or signature stamps.


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  • vinzak
    01-07 12:10 PM
    waitingwaiting, may you could change the subject of this thread to something like "Bill to move DV numbers to EB!!!". It'll probably get more attention.

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  • chanduv23
    03-03 12:12 PM
    Thanks for your quick response. I might as well ask one more question that's in my mind. Did you go thru the company's attorney or you hired yourself? I really don't trust my company's attorney as they work for the best interest of the company rather then the employees...may not be the norm but mostly its that way.
    Could you PM me if you know good attorney's other then Ms Murthy (cause they are expensive)

    I used my personal Attorney from time of filing 485 - she worked with me through the AC21 process and till date represents me now also. It is very much advisable to have personal Attorney who represents you.


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  • ivvm
    03-24 04:20 PM
    Mark, This was indeed excellent!

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  • arjun007
    02-01 04:39 PM
    I got a Multiple Entry Stamp.. ( last week of jan 2008)

    The consulate officer who interviewed me did mention that they will try to get the passport back to me next day by 3 pm but there are chances that it might take a few days...

    The next day I went to pick up my passport at 3 and it was not ready..The security guy said -> "because of the new system, the stamping is taking a while. But most of the guys have got it the next day by 5 pm.. the worst case was an H1 candidate who had to comeback after 2 days for his passport...But that was the only blip ..."

    I would suggest booking ur tickets as if you were to get the passport the next day, but also buy the 52$ insurance (if you buy it on Orbitz) so that you can easily cancel and re-book it...

    Also I read in several posts about who could go to halifax for stamping. Its true that only revalidation candidates should schedule but
    It does not matter what employer name is printed on your existing expired VISA . You just need an existing H1 approval ( stamped) which is being extended. In my case I had only an expired stamp from my first company but I had transferred the H1 Visa to 2 employers since then without their stamp.
    So this stamping was for my 3rd employer.


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  • abe1
    12-27 12:07 AM
    Hope some of you might have seen the Wall Street Journal story this weekend on visas/Green Cards for owners of start-up businesses. (Foreign Entrepreneurs Eye StartUp Visa Act - ( )

    According to the story there is broad consensus for a program to offer green card to foreign nationals who can bring in as low as $100,000 to start a new business in U.S. While this may not be an option for most of the folks in this forum, the premise of the proposed law has something in common with all of us.

    The law is proposed by senators John Kerry (D) and Richard Lugar (R) on the principle that immigrants are more willing to be entrepreneurial and hence offering permanent residency to foreigners who will open a small business will increase the employment opportunities in U.S. Endorsing the entrepreneurial mind of new immigrants WSJ sights that; “Immigrants are nearly 30% more likely to start a business than non-immigrants ” and “about a third of Silicon Valley technology firms were started by Indian or Chinese entrepreneurs” . If the proposed bill is attempting to attract skilled and entrepreneurial minded immigrants into U.S. as a means to increase employment why not U.S. look into the pool of highly skilled and eager folks waiting for a green card for many years? Wouldn’t these folks be highly likely to open a new small business than someone from outside of the U.S. with no U.S. business background? If we are to take cues from the one third of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs wouldn’t a good number of these people waiting for green card open up the starts up businesses that senators Kerry and Lugar are hoping to .

    Would it be worth writing on behalf of Immigration Voice to senators Kerry and Lugar to consider the pool of potential entrepreneurs minded people already in U.S. and have been waiting for an opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams? I don’t have the actual numbers. Aren’t there about 30 or 40,000 people who have been in U.S. with an approved immigration petition but waiting for a green card for many years? Could IV put forward a win-win propositions for everyone?

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  • rsharma
    07-23 09:49 PM
    I am a july 2nd 2007 filer with notice date Aug 23rd 2007. In response to my SR, I received the following reply:

    "...... There is not currently a visa available to you based upon your country of birth, your employment-based category and your priority date. Your I-485 application cannot be adjudicated until there is a visa available to you. Your case is therefore awaiting visa availability for your category and further review by an Adjudications Officer. ......."

    Many people have said that the July 2nd filers cases have been pre-adjudicated.
    However the SR response clearly says that my case will not be adjudicated untill visa # will be avalable.

    Does anybody know what is meant by pre-adjudication ?
    What is difference between adjudication and pre-adjudication?

    Thanks in advance for your replies. Any reply will be appreciated specially from the attorneys.

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  • snathan
    02-09 02:42 PM
    Thanks ssdtm! You gave useful information

    If its useful...please consider contribution or just be another free rider. The choice is yours.

    10-19 11:06 AM
    EB-2, NSC, PD 10/30/07. Only LUD on 11/22/06, since then nothing

    04-08 12:44 AM
    Sensenbrenner is not going to be convinced by anyone. He is going to be as tough to crack as Tancredo.

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