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  • leo2606
    08-03 05:26 PM
    about multiple A#s

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  • lapisguy
    07-25 05:42 PM

    I was going thru the chain of I-140 issues, my case is a bit similar but wanted some expert advice...
    My employer filed I-140 in June but I did not get any approval yet so my employer ask me to wait until it approved then file for I-485?

    Are there chances that if I file I-485 it would get rejected?

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  • Leo07
    09-16 05:52 PM
    done done done...

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  • mchundi
    02-16 06:02 PM
    Let us put it this way. Short term we can get some benefits of the 90 k visas that can be recaptured (140k according to the Ombudsman - 50k which went to Schedule A last year) But now 90k , regardless of whether it frees numbers for all countries, is going to be a short lived relief . With so many cases coming out of the backlog, there has to be some long term solution for this. All the comprehensive immigration bills had been talking of raising the per country quota by a couple of % but you have to also see that they are redistributing the allocations to EB1, 2 and 3. So I guess in the long run, there is no other option but to increase the overall quota
    In the long run yes, we need to think big. One reason i brought this up as several of the immigration bills were to be taken up last year, but the Senate is not allocating enough time to discuss this. The house for its part passed a partisan bill with very little benefits for the legal immigrants.
    If the discussion on some of the controversial issues in the "CIR" get ugly things may be postponed to the next year(Not much activity may be planned as we get closer to elections, most house members may go back to campaigning).
    90k is not much, but the way USCIS works is odd. Because they cannot process 90k +140K petetions in a short time, it will allow everybody to file I-485 and get portability.


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  • prakgc
    07-21 09:37 PM
    For all those who are having nightmares about G325A and sending GA325 or for completeness need not worry if visa was issued more than a year back based on this.... I found this from the link provided earlier in this thread(pdf) by ushkand

    Establishing completeness of records may entail preparation of a request for
    background check from an American consulate or embassy.
    The G-325A Biographic Information form must be completed by all
    applicants between the ages of 14 and 79. Clerically processing this form
    initiates a record check abroad for the applicant. This request, however, is not
    needed for all applicants. If the applicant entered the United States more than
    a year ago, the G-325A will not be processed. This limitation is imposed
    because the Department of State generally destroys the nonimmigrant visa
    application when the date of issuance is one year old.The G-325A is generally submitted with four copies--a white (original),
    green, pink, and blue copy. You will only need to use two legible copies,
    usually the white (file) and the blue (consul) copy. The only exception to this
    rule is when the I-485 is accompanied by an I-130. The applicant of the I-485
    is required to submit a G-325A for the underlying I-130 petition. In this
    instance, you would include the pink copy of the G-325A in the record of
    proceeding of the I-130.
    Further, be aware that if an I-130 petition is included in the A-file, the spouse
    of the applicant of the I-485 is required to submit a G-325A for that riding
    petition. The spouse’s G-325A should be included in the record of proceeding
    and not processed according to these instructions. It is considered a
    supporting document and will be reviewed at the time of adjudication.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 03:02 PM
    We can do it in New York city for new york residents....Any thoughts?


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  • Vitriol
    04-13 09:12 AM
    Gurus, your inputs please: Can I take up a position in India with an American Firm while on H1B?

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  • rheoretro
    11-09 11:39 AM
    Now that the restrictionists blew the election for the Republicans, they're desperately trying to rally their remaining troops and keep up their morale using immigration scare tactics....

    If the Dems could vote against HR 4437 and for S 2611 in an election year and still win the majority, whose going to care for this piece of S#*t?

    Another interesting observation: Its back to being called a Bush-McCain-Kennedy Amnesty....not the Reid-Kennedy Amnesty...

    �* Mark Krikorian is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and an NRO contributor.

    Nice work, purgan. Center for Immigration studies has long been opposed to legal immigration (in that it wants to decrease numbers). I personally can't stand Steve Camarota's sick/twisted views...

    Interestingly enough, this article appeared in NR, founded by none other than Bill Buckley, himself, the arch conservative. Somehow these guys don't get it...


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  • Chicago Desi
    10-18 11:45 AM
    sorry to hear this. There are several instances where employers have been callous or did not take adequate interest in filing the application. My experience with lawyers is also the same, especially if the lawyer is hired by the company. I would suggest members who are yet to hire an attorney to hire their own attorney instead of going with the company attorney. a company attorney will only work in the interest of the company. if you dont have a choice in this matter, then also hire your own attorney as a consultant and run each and every document by him before it is submitted to the authorities. It will keep you safe from such irregularities. Some extra money spent on having your own lawyer as a consultant is always helpful.

    In your case i recommended seeking advice from multiple lawyers. submit your question to our attorney- sonal verma for the confrence call. legal advice for IV members is free in these conference calls. In future try to be on top of things wth HR with your application and be aware of all documents and proccedures instead of depending on HR and lawyers. I am sure there must be a way your situation can be sorted out. good luck.

    --- Very good advice. I have burnt through 'company's lawyer', who is a very good one but since was hired by my employer, acted in their favor and screwed my gc. :mad:

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  • go_guy123
    04-21 02:04 PM
    Actually GC on L1 can be really much faster because GC processing on L1 comes under special EB1 category. So if you are willing to take risk of loosing job on L1. I will recommend to go for GC under L1.

    No not all L1 fall into EB1...only multinational executives fall into that


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  • Hello_Hello
    01-20 06:29 AM
    1. Ravi Venkatesh
    2. Rani Swami
    3. Hema Prabhu
    4. Dayal Sharma
    5. Chin Chu
    6. Dang Wang

    These are some of the people I am proud of who are EB-3. Are you proud of them too ?

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-20 12:39 PM
    Hmmmm - laws are generally framed with generic thumb rules. They cannot be addressed to specific stuff. Visass and restrictions are based on needs and demands and not moods and whims. If USA needs software engineers, then they frame laws to get software engineers - they do not target consulting companies - remember it is we who have issues with consulting companies and it is upto those having issues to deal with them

    But if they want CIR then we cannot be on anti immigant side. If we sit on anti side we loose what ever we will get in CIR. We can educate lawmakers to add more stuff for us in CIR. I dont think we can be priority when this CIR things will start.. we had only chance for last year that we lost. ( HR 5882 ). As CIR storm begins in next year it will be in our favor to go with it.. ( I dont tihnk so we even have choice ). we are in such minority against illegal people that hardly they will notice us but becasue of business ( Corporate ) only they will add some stuff for us. I heard recently on NPR ( and on CNN ) china is back on sending student again. US unis giving more visas to raise money from fees so NAFSA will also try to add some for US educated.


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  • chanduv23
    03-14 12:16 PM
    Thank you all for your responses. We just wanted to keep a plan B active. Both of us are on h1b and from India. After residency, she will have 3 more years on h1b, and I am entering 8th year on h1b, if we don't get GC after all this, we would like to try various options like India, Canada, Australia etc.. and that's why we started enquiring.

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  • kprgroup
    08-03 12:57 PM
    Yes forwarded the copy to the lawyer this morning.I have an appointment with lawyer Friday morning regarding this..So for lawyer office didn't received anything from uscis.

    Here is my backround
    1)Worked for Company A from 2003 to 2008.
    2)Company A applied I-140 and approved April 2006. AOS 485 filed on July 2007. Got EAD but never used it
    3)September 2008 I have Joined employer “B” by transferring H1B (Valid until Aug 21st 2010).
    4)Employer A revoked 140 which triggered 485 denials in October 2008.
    5)Applied MTR and it was approved in NOVEMBER 2008 and 485 re-opened.

    This is the only major concern I have.Though I have approved MTR and 485 re-opened, but my online status of 485 still showing denied.

    My AP approved last wife EAD,AP approved last month.I am the primary..strange

    I know I have moderate control over this situation.Just having good faith & hope.This whole thing H1-B,DL,GC,EAD,AP & visa stamping ..etc what a pain for some people.Very sad.For uscis error(485 denial wrongly) I am not only lost money( closee to 5k) also lost "n" no of days of sleep back in 2008 and now :mad:



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  • GC_1000Watt
    01-24 09:05 PM
    Thank you very much and I sincerely appreaciate advices from all of you. Can some one please claify some other question i have on this topic. Any inputs means a lot to me.

    USCIS gave RFE before denying the petition. in RFE they asked for Client letter and I submitted client letter. I don't have denial notice with me and don't know the reason of denial.

    1. If my employer is filing new H1 application why i should go with premium processing? why not regular.

    2. Am i out of status now?.

    3. Can i do H1 transfer now if someone offers fulltime. Should i tell them that my previous H1 application denied if they are willing to transfer.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your employer can file a new H1B extension petition with the documents covering the problems that caused the first denial. Now the lawyer should attach a letter notifying USCIS about the the first denial and than asking them for adjustment of status.
    There is no annual cap. (or may be 300,00) on H1b extension cases. Hence in your case irrespective of your denial, you can file fresh extension one more time & making sure that you are not missing anything and a letter to USCIS mentioning your previous denial case.

    I am telling you this on my own experience. And mind you this is not a time for you to be cheap. Please consult with a good lawyer.

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  • pappu
    10-01 12:21 PM
    I suggest reading the documents uploaded here.
    I will be uploading some more documents related to I485 processing later today


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  • newuser
    08-17 09:58 AM
    PA dmv sucks..dont worry ...try next day or evening in the same time form diffrent officer...they are some time stupid and they don't know what they are talking..

    Take all necessary documents try more times..some officers gives some dont..becuase some of my friend has same issue..they got it...from diffrent officers...dont worry

    I agree with what gcganapati said. Some of folks in these centre's have no idea about these docments. I had mine renewed twice before. First time, I did renew online and they sent a receipt that I took to the DMV center, no problem at all.

    Second time, as we want to change the address, they started asking all the documents like 485 receipt notice, EAD, proof of address. It took half hour for them to check in their system (God knows what they are checking) and issued the license.

    If its very urgent, try other DMV center's or pay the fee online and take the receipt and get the license renewed at the DMV center.

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  • imh1b
    04-28 01:12 PM
    If you count the taxes these 150K legal immigrants would have paid if they were in US for a year it is more than 2.5 billion dollars.

    There was a recent study claiming that 14 million illegal immigrants pay 1.5 billion dollars a year in taxes (read mostly sales taxes). And thus US should legalize these 14 million people to continue to get 1.5 billion dollars a year.

    Now you can compare 150K people vs 14 million people and who pays more.
    The study fails to tell that these illegals do not have insurance. So they use hospitals for free. They do not pay federal taxes because they do not have a valid documentation. Even if they are allowed to pay federal tax, many will be below poverty line.

    The study did not envision an economic scenario for America if 14 million illegals are legalized. How many will claim unemployment, social security, medicare etc. I can bet the cost to government will be in billions with many zeroes after that. Someone should call the reporter and the pro illegals who created that study to answer these questions.

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  • chanduv23
    09-10 02:23 PM

    I did create such a platform. Launched it two weeks back.

    There is one more started by an IV member called and another called

    07-30 03:07 PM
    how is the baby supposed to sponsor the parents ??

    One option: ( I believe Rajiv Khanna and Murthy have clarified on this matter too):

    Cancellation of Removal
    Persons in removal proceedings, also known as deportation hearings, may apply in court for a special pardon to receive a green card and stay in the United States. For individuals who have never had a green card, the critical element is proving that you have a spouse, parent, or child who is a US citizen or permanent resident who would suffer extreme hardship if you were not allowed to stay the United States. You must also prove that you have lived in the United States for 10 years and have otherwise obeyed the laws.

    I believe it would be extremely difficult to be able to do the above though. Proving extreme hardship ain't going to be easy in court.

    11-02 03:37 PM
    Thanks folks for all the replies. I got to know finally that the employer can setup the LC to provide for any relocation. It looks like my employer usually does that so that the employees does not loose out in a relocation scenario.

    Thanks for all the inputs

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