Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • indianabacklog
    11-10 04:04 PM
    You can volunteer in a role that is always undertaken by individuals who are volunteers, such as in a hospital setting. In reality if you are volunteering for a for profit they are really getting unpaid assistance which technically should be done by an employee.

    If you go serve dinners at a homeless mission or work as a hospital volunteer for example then you are just fine.

    I do have this information from a lawyer incidentally as this question arose in our family.

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  • immi_2006
    08-07 10:32 AM
    You need to realize that 485 is a separate application when you file for yourself or your wife. So all the documents mentioned in 485 imply to your wife application too. Few changes need to be taken care
    1.If 140 is pending or approved in texas your wife application should go to texas
    2. If 140 pending attached the labor approved copy.
    3. Employment copy instead of original.

    Hope this helps

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  • b2visahelp
    07-09 04:41 PM
    1. My parents included their Indonesian bank statement in rupiah. And they went to US embassy in Jakarta, their hometown. Does it make a difference to go to other city after they got rejected twice? If so, which one?
    2. I had never gone back to Indonesia since I got the asylum. I'm not supposed to although I have already got my greencard. In fact, VO asked them if I ever went back to Indonesia. And my parents said no.
    3. I didn't include my US bank statement because my parents self-sponsor themselves. I don't have much anyway to sponsor them.

    Please let me know your advice. Thank you so much.

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  • cox
    November 2nd, 2005, 12:31 AM
    Hey, if you have a paying customer that is happy and a freeloading web-browsing "advisor" that isn't...

    Yeah, but I respect the opinions of the web-browsing advisor more... :)

    Need some urgent help [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Need some urgent help


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  • TomTancredo
    03-16 04:33 PM
    I was in a similar frame of mind like you a few days ago...thinking whether to switch to EAD with different company or not.

    On technical side, job title and description does not need to be word-to-word same. Just use common-sense (if a programmer is going to be working as an Electrician or Systems Administrator, that might cause a problem. Otherwise you should be able to prove the similarity.)

    On the other side, EAD is a gift USCIS has given while your 485 is pending. Even being on H1B, there is nothing much you can do if you run out of luck. So, why not enjoy the freedom? Come out in the sky. You will "feel" it, especially if your current employer is "desi" or if you have to call them 10 times in a month to get your paycheck.

    I am myself invoking AC21 in April. Whatever happens, I know I will survive. Wherever I live later (India or US), I know I will be with my family and I will still have tens of reasons to thank God for.

    If you want to be a little more conservative, spend few dollars and get a back-up of an attorney.

    Let go of the negativity. Do it.

    Good luck.

    There is no point in worrying about a future RFE ... My lawyer told me not to file AC21..

    I dont think its worth it to fight the rejection of 485 and start all over again.. If they reject my 485 I will go home and be happy ... Most of the people on this forum are blessed compared to so many other Indians ..

    This is my view with 2004 PD :)

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    08-16 03:26 PM
    There is not direct signed contract with the client and old employer. There are like 3 layers inbetween client and the old employer. old employer have contract with the middle vendor not the client.

    But, one problem is this old employer made me sign the Employee Agreement document when i was going for my visa stamping. He is using that Agreement and using it against me. And also in the offer letter which he gave me he said he will revise or increase my pay every 6 months but never did that and he didn't gave any medical benifits also.



    It all depends on the language in the Agreement that you signed. More over in some state doesn't consider these kind of agreements.

    Tell him that you are going to complain to DOL if he threatens you. Even though he sues you, as the reason behind your H1 transfer is not getting paid in time, there are very good chances getting final verdict in your favor.

    So don't worry.


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  • kumarc123
    11-06 03:46 PM

    Keep that GRIN for your later years, this web site is made to help people who are stuck in the immigration limbo.
    There are lot of us out there who have their personal decisions at stake.

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  • BMS1
    11-08 12:50 PM
    It appears that this 655K includes family based I485 cases too who are in a different queue.


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  • GCBy3000
    04-15 06:16 PM
    EIther this guy is ALIPAC or he is from ALIPAC. THose guys tried to supress us in a straight forward way, but it did not work. Then they sent some infiltrants to our site to coy us to beleive they work for immigrants. That also did not work. Now they are trying to backstab us with our own hands. They will do whatever it takes to drive us out, but we should be smart as we were and may be much more. Good luck ALIPAC.

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  • ruchigup
    08-22 03:11 PM
    Doesnt make sense to pay $2500 for retaining the lawyer, they are trying to squeeze maximum out of you. If you are changing employer ask if the new company has an immigration lawyer and you can have him for your services. If they dont have any one you can engage services of your own immigration lawyer and have the new lawyer sign the G-28 form. Also please post the name of law firm and your employer so that others can be cautious.

    I am changing my employer and wanted to retain the services of legal firm representing current employer. Upon asking that I want to retain their services after I leave current employer, I have been told to pay upfront retainer fee of $2500.

    - Is it normally the case? I have been told that this fee will be put in my account with the firm and used to pay the charges for the services I request.

    - If with God's grace my case is approved without requiring attorney's help, is this retainer refundable in full (I have asked attorney this question and waiting for thier reply). Anybody has a similar experience.
    New employer has Fragomen and I heard there is lot of negative air about their procedures on PERM. Current employer legal firm is Baker McKenzie.

    I am kind of reluctant to have Fragomen as my attorney representation


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  • we_can
    01-29 04:49 PM
    i just noticed your post. i am from portland, oregon. so count me in also. i had posted a message on the orgon state chapter a while ago and have not had a single response yet. Inspite of the large numbers of members in seattle and portland areas, i too am sad to this kind of inactivity and non-response.

    members from northwest (oregon, washington and idaho): This state chapter initiative is very important for our efforts. We are doing this for ourselves and I am pretty sure that these efforts will not harm your career or work in anyway. So, please do reply so that we could all get active and show that we in the Northwest can work for our situations and for iv's efforts in our own way.


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  • rsdang
    06-16 11:59 AM
    Just a quick update:

    All 3 Lofgren bills will be marked up next week in the subcommittee.

    IV is working with the committee members at this time and will give more updates as the bills move forward. Please continue to make calls.

    Folks please call � Lobbying/Calling people is the way things get done in US� Get over your shyness. Just Do it.

    I was shy at first and was uncomfortable calling � after the first 2-3 calls I was calling like a pro� its takes half an hour at most�

    Please Please Please pick up that phone and call�


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-13 08:41 PM
    The following doc, 'How the senate bill becomes a law' does not mention any waiting period after President's sign the bill to become a law


    My point exactly.

    So then maybe the wait is only the 3 months (90 days) that Sen Sessions wishes to impose, correct?

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  • mdforgc
    04-07 08:46 PM
    I think this is the time we have to work on the house conference committee members to the best. This is where we are gonna have probs. Core guys-- Can we step up some campaign for this- what is QGAs take on this? Dont mak eit public if it is sensitive.


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  • thepaew
    10-24 04:42 PM
    Took me six months. Applied in March .. Received in August
    Hi guys,

    My 8th year extension was filed on June 14th. I have not heard from them since. Lawyer says he has contacted USCIS on Oct 3rd and has not heard back yet either. He has asked me to wait for one month before initiating any further communication with them. Does anyone know how long h1 processing is taking these days? I live in Texas. Now, if I want to transfer this to Premium processing:
    a) is it possible to transfer now?
    b) how long will the transfer take?

    Thanks a lot for your advice/information :)

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  • bobzibub
    02-25 11:28 PM
    Oracle applications, Oracle financials, Siebel, SAP are good fields to enter. Data warehousing is hot and a lot of people get trained. Consulting companies have fulltime trainers and there are a lot of courses you can take.

    These are good end points. Start a little more basic to get good underpinnings.

    I think, also, that if you don't know what you want to do, go for a BSc. in computer sci. If you do, take specific courses.

    For system Admin, I'd recommend Redhat.com's courses. The world is going Linux. Play with it and mess it up. Re-install. All part of the fun. Hack some Bash/Perl scripts.

    For coding I'd learn C first. Get good with pointers etc. Then learn Object Orientated PHP or Java. C isn't the easiest of languages, true. If you have problems, fall back to BASIC.
    PHP and Java will get you started with web stuff and databases fairly quickly too. Start with Mysql. Then Postgresql. That'll get you ready for Oracle (the database) and you can then learn the applications that run on it.

    If you learn the high end apps w/o learning the low end, you're code may be beautifully written but horribly inefficient.

    They'll ask why an MBA/HR guy wants to be a grunt. Consider volunteering for an open source project for street cred. sourceforge.net has a bunch of projects.


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  • mpadapa
    10-10 06:40 AM
    H1 extensions are never subjected to cap. But if U start using EAD (by filing I-9) then U loose H1 status and hence U break the continuity of H1, so in future if U decide to go back to H1B (for reason like 485 rejected), then U have to apply a NEW H1 which is subjected to cap (not applicable for cap-exempt employment).

    H4 is not lost when U use EAD, it is just that U R in AOS status on H4. It is similar to F1, F1 status doesn't allow ppl to work outside campus, but after U graduate, U can work anywhere on EAD (for 1yr) and still be on F1 status and travel using F1. The same Q is answered by susan henner on the IV free conf on Sep 30, the recording of that can be found at http://immigrationvoice.blogspot.com/

    augustus U'r lawyer is absolutely correct. Come on folks don't scare people..

    Afaik, you can file for an H1 extension without being subject to caps as long as an AOS pending. For instance, you can take a break and go to school, and then file for another H1 extension - it won't be subject to the caps. Confirm it with your lawyer.


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  • needhelp!
    09-16 07:00 PM
    Focus. CALL.. .. Let IV speak through me. NOW!

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  • kumarc123
    11-06 03:44 PM
    Thanks for your comment,

    07-20 06:18 PM
    My PD is Nov 2004, I got 140 approved. Im not filing 485 now as im unmarried.
    Any ideas when can be the date current again(for my PD atleast)?

    EB2 or EB3? If EB2 then based on data someone posted here earlier, there is a good chance of you becoming current in the next 12-18 months.

    03-18 10:27 AM
    Plus, your 485 filing receipt, marriage certificate, filing fees check.
    No need to do through lawyer, just fill and print forms, attach documents and mail certified.

    Can someone who has added his/her spouse please provide with a list of documents required to file spouse i-485 after primary has been filed? Can we collect a list? There seem to be a lot of people in this situation.

    Here is what I think is required

    I-485 - Adjustment
    G-325A - Biographic Info
    I-134 - Affidavit of support
    I-765 - EAD
    I-131 - Advance Parole
    I-693 - Medical Exam

    What else is required? Please add to the list. Also, has anyone done this on their own?


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