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  • mrdelhiite
    08-07 10:57 AM
    Though its not mentioned it is good file I-134. You are not eligible for I-864.

    Yes u are right about I-864. Any employement based green card like ours ( EB2/EB3) should not file it. Here is the text from the I864 form -->

    Employment-based preference immigrants in cases onlywhen a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident relativefiled the immigrant visa petition or such relative has asignificant ownership interest (five percent or more) in theentity that filed the petition.

    Thanks a ton for your help guys. :-)

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  • raysaikat
    01-29 12:22 PM
    My sister got her H-1B in 2008 but didn't work for her employer due to health problems. After about 3 to 4 months she left for India and recovered. Over there she joined a multi-national who sent her on B1 this year. (She already had traveled on B1 from a very old employer and used that).

    Now after coming here on B1, she has a job offer from an Indian MNC. My understanding is that the MNC will have to file two petitions:

    1. A Change of Status from B1 to H1B
    2. A I-129 requesting H-1B (or H-1B transfer)

    Question -
    a) Can she start working for the Indian MNC after filing both of these two, or will we have to wait for both approvals?

    She must wait for H1-B approval (I-797) form. In addition, if the I-797 does not have an attached I-94, then she must go out of the country, get H1-B stamped (if she does not have one) and reenter on H1-B VISA before she can start working.

    b) Do we require paystubs from the original H-1B employer from 2008 for H-1B transfer? My understanding is that paystubs are usually required to establish one is currently in status, but she is on B1 right now and not H1B.

    Attorneys, please advise.

    Much thanks in advance,

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  • permfiling
    01-19 09:59 AM
    All the written agreements are valid in most of the states. but you can argue on the terms of agreement. He cannot ask her to stay in the company for 4 years. If she works in that company for 1 year, her employer should recover all the money he spent on her.
    The best way is to work there for 1 or 2 years and walk out without paying anything. Or just pay the filing fee and get out right away.

    You are right Chris, last year few folks left the company and the company downsized as well. The only way to retain ppl and make them sweat is to hire H1's with the promise of GC who will be obliged to work.

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  • snram4
    06-25 04:49 PM
    what you mean by qualified people? Are you expecting a dynamic person with master degree or above with more than 5 years
    but less than 10 years and those willing to work 16 hours a day and ready to relocate any time and for the QA analyst
    position with the pay range of 30 to 40K? Then you will never get except some unemployed H1bs. I am seeing so
    many unemployed Citizens/GCs/EAD and existing H1bs are available in USA. The slow movement of H1b cap shows that

    That's correct.
    There are many unemployed, but there are not many qualified willing people available.
    Trying hard to recruit IT people for a month. Hardly finding any.


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  • Ramg
    04-09 09:54 PM
    Dear All,

    We have applied for our 485 in August 07 with myself as Primary applicant and my wife as dependent. My wife later got her H1B in october but we haven't updated her status as H1b to USCIS in the 485 processing. Recently we moved to a new place and wanted to change the address online. I suppose I and my wife have to fill the Ar-11 form individually. When trying to fill for my wife, I got some questions.

    Please clarify:

    1. I am in the United States as a ___ (Should this blank be filled with H4 or H1B for my wife? If I say H1b will there be any problem as I added her to my GC process as a H4. Also, should her employer details be given in the form?
    2. Copy number from Alien card? Is this the I-94 number or passport number or alien number on the finger printing sheet?
    3. If not a permanent resident, my stay in US expires on ____ (Should this be the same date as her H1B end date?)

    I really appreciate any help on these questions at the earliest. It will be 10th day tomm. after moving into new place and I just noticed that the form ar-11 says that USCIS must be notified of address change within 10 days of moving.

    Please help me clarify these questions.

    Thank you,

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  • priderock
    06-25 02:42 PM
    That's correct.
    There are many unemployed, but there are not many qualified willing people available.
    Trying hard to recruit IT people for a month. Hardly finding any.


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  • rp0lol
    08-26 01:30 PM
    Also, keep in mind that sometimes you don't get your passport back in time for H1 stamping. So, if you are stuck without passport then .....(you know the rest)

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  • nirdlalegcade
    02-26 11:52 AM
    First of all you have an "If" in your question. So I belive this is for future plan.
    Now, when you say "suddenly GC was sent to your sister here in US" I am comfused as to whether your sister has already got the GC in mail and you are outside US?

    I would request you to provide some more information on your status and info such as Whether you have had/will have approved "AP" etc before you left/plan to leave this country for studies.

    yes that's right, what if my sister recieved my GC by mail here in the US while I'm outside the country.. I am planning to use my h4 visa to go out of US..


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  • chi_shark
    03-30 09:34 AM

    Ok sorry if I post this in the wrong place. So I married my wife in 2004 and we began the immigration fillings right away. so you know I was turned away at the border in 2000 because I was going to stay with my wife and her family for 3 months.
    When they asked why they would put me up for that long, I told them they were like my adopted family. they still turned me away saying that the money I had at the time $300 was not enough to support my self for that time. this was summer break from school. So that is from my record and the officer who interviewed me wrote in his report that I intended to be adopted for immigration purposes. I think he just mis understood me. ok so that is in the noid. when we went to the first interview the woman was hostile towards my wife and I asking about our age and how we met we are 22 years apart in age. we provided her with documents some bills, photos and joint bank account statement. this is all we had in the first 4 months of out marriage. she asked repeatedly why we had not made any major joint purchases Why we didn't have joint health care. both because I had just started working and had not saved money yet.
    We had a second interview to which we took the same documents and more. This interview was short. The interviewer was professional and asked alot of yes and yes questions and would stop us from going on more then that. he said that he had to talk with his supervisor and we would hear from him with in six months. So nothing from them from them for 4 years I called the help line once a year and kept up my EAD and worked full time. Then 2 guys showed up and asked to be showed around the house. we let them in and they interviewed us they took some photos and said have a good day.
    Then 6 months later we received our first NOID. Stating that I had been turned away the one time and that I had said I was to be adopted. That I was in a relationship with a person that does not exists. They pointed out that there were photos of my wife with her ex-husband on the walls.
    So we go see some lawyers talk to like 6 of them and picked the one who seemed best. talked to people in out community friends who had immigrated. ects. so his plan was to withdraw and file anew to get a fresh first interview. So we refiled with a stack of documents 4 inches thick. insurance, all of our bill, tax returns, car payments. anything we could think of.
    So we get anther interview dude takes us back to his office. asked me the basic security questions. and sent me away. Then told my wife and lawyer that the first filing was denied and letters sent. and that they never received our letter withdrawing the first filing. we never received their denial letter. He said he would review out case and the new documents. he sent a NOID for the second filing like 4 months later. So we responded to the noid with a letter from my wife and I refuting the noid line by line. And with letters from friends PHD professors at the local collages. about 10 - 15 all in all and we have not had a reply from them. So the layer said that we had to wait on the USCIS to make the next move. is this so is there anything we can do to move this along? should we switch lawyers? we really like the man we have but I dont know its been over a year now.

    sorry for the poor grammar its really late here. thanks for your health.

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  • eb3_nepa
    04-27 06:13 PM
    Apologise for 2 threads on the same thing. Tried going back and modifying the text a little bit, only to create a new thread.


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  • map_boiler
    07-05 04:52 PM
    If your labor cert contains language such as "...may work at one or more unanticipated locations", you should be fine with no need to re-start the GC process.

    However, I would check with an attorney to be on the safe side.

    Gurus, need a lil help clarifying issue in GC process.

    I've a question regarding location of work place for a H1B employee filing GC process.

    I've learnt that either after filing I-140 or I-485 stage, one should maintain as an employee at the same job position(job description as mentioned in LC) and also the geographical location. I've learnt instances where if an employee is half way through (lets say approved labor or I-140) his GC process has to start all over if he had to move to another branch of the same company in another city/state.

    Is this true? I might be wrong about the infomation above but I'm concerned as being consultant, I might have to move to a different city or state if I find a better project and am contemplating whether this would be an issue in future for my green card.

    If I'm right, employer has to file LCA for prevailing wage for current city I'm residing now. What will be the process incase I've to move to another city/state.

    I'd really appreciate if someone who has better official info or gone through this can clarify my queries so ppl like me can be better informed.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Sakthisagar
    10-14 10:32 AM
    Source The OH law firm

    The Oh Law Firm (

    10/14/2010: USCIS Pre-Registration Requirement Rule-Making Agenda in Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Proceedings - How Soon?

    The USCIS has been pushing proposals to change procedures of filing of nonimmigrant petitions as well as I-485 applications for sometime. The agency placed these proposals on its agenda this year and surely enough, it has initiated the first part of its agenda in its rule-making vault. The agency drafted and has been seeking the OMB approval for proposed regulation to require pre-registration of the H-1B petitions, apparently as part of its business transformation transition program. It appears that the proposed pre-registration requirement in the H-1B petition process may not bring a drastic impact on the H-1B petitioning employers and the alien beneficiaries. However, its agenda for requiring I-485 applicants to pre-register their intents to file I-485 applications regardless of the visa number availability in the Visa Bulletin will have a significant impact on the immigrants because the proposed rule would discontinue the concurrent filing process for employment-based adjustment of status applicants and would require that an alien seeking to immigrate based upon a classification that is subject to numerical limitations must be the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition prior to proceeding through a revised adjustment of status process. In plain language, it means that it would terminate the current I-140 and I-485 concurrent filing procedure. The agency justification was to streamline the overall I-485 process and to mitigate visa retrogression through improved estimation of immigrant visa availability. This proposal is still in the vault of the USCIS rule-making agenda with the initial estimation of the proposed rule initiation action in October 2010. We have no information as to whether or not the agency will keep this schedule or will rather turn it over to FY 2011. Whether it initiates sooner or later, it will not have an immediate impact on the foreign workers seeking a green card as the rule-making process will drag into months to come in year 2011. But this is something one has to keep an eye on the development of the USCIS schedules of changes in application procedures. For the reasons, this site will closely monitor the agency's movement from here on. Please stay tuned to this web site for the development of this news.


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  • hydboy77
    10-07 06:19 PM
    Yes things are really bad. You are lucky that your company is even willing to consider filing eb2 other companies are not even filling willing to file eb3 perm. They dont want to apply any perm at all. On an average DOL is taking 9 months to approve perm, if it eb2 there is a good chace of getting audited and that will takes a couple of years.

    As far as I know the business necessity statement is required whenever you apply for a Eb2 requirement (MS or bachelors+5) when according to DOL the job does not require a EB2 (basically the position you are applying for perm does not require EB2 but requires eb3 according to DOL but you are saying this position requires eb2 and not eb3). almost all jobs in IT according to DOL do not fall under EB2 they fall under Eb3, so every eb2 perm has a very good chance of getting audited. This situation has been further worsened by the economy and also the line cutters who try to jump from eb3 to eb2 by reapplying. DOL has caught on to this abuse just like they caught up with the labor sale(labor substitution) and abolished labor substitution. Similarly DOL is cracking down on any eb2 perm especially those who are reapplying. Before someone asks how does dol know you are trying to jump line by reapplying in Eb2, DOL knows because of the following information they ask in ETA form
    "1. Are you seeking to utilize the filing date for a previously submitted application for Alien Employemnt Certification (ETA 750)?"
    "1-A. If Yes, enter the previous filing date"
    "2-A. "Indicate the previous SWA or local offiice case number OR, if not available, specify the state where case was originally filed:"

    I would really love to hear comments from ppl who can relate to this possibly with some first-hand experience in going through this stage!
    My labor cert was filed just this February (been about 8 months now). The application was put in as EB2 with the minimum requirements being - Masters + 3 yrs, or alternatively, a Bachelors + 5 yrs.
    Now the law firm has contacted my manager asking her to prepare a "Business Necessity Statement" for a "POSSIBLE" audit! (note the word "possible", its not really an audit yet). They want my manager to explain why a Masters and 3 years is better than a Bachelors + 5 yrs for this job, and stuff like that.
    Preparing a business necessity statement if there was really an audit is understandable, but this request from the law firm makes it look like they're more than certain that there will be an audit on my application. Have things gotten that bad really? Or is our law firm just pre-emptively preparing for the worst? Just to let you know, there are other ppl at my office with my similar job profile, whose labor cert has also been applied for as an EB3 (requiring only a Bachelors and work experience).
    How scared should I be realistically about the possibility of an audit? And how realistic is it in this day and age to actually get an approved labor cert after responding to a business necessity audit.

    Also, here's an excerpt from the email that the law firm sent to my manager. Can anyone of you suggest what kind of "additional documentation" they are talking about including with all the explanation for business necessity?
    "All business necessity arguments must be evidenced via supporting documentation. Please note that the DOL prefers �independent� forms of documentation to statements from or information created by <companyname>. Make sure to be reasonably specific and identify the sources and bases for your assertions in the context of <companyname>'s business. Independent documentation that contains financial justification(s) to substantiate the business necessity argument will be particularly helpful."

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  • matreen
    01-22 03:00 AM
    I am also in similar boat....please advice guys....

    what happend once you invoke your AC21 and travell on AP ......

    What would be the best answers at POE if they ask I am working for the GC sponsered Employer?



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  • Pineapple
    10-10 08:54 AM
    My wife finally got her EAD card.. Hooray!

    But: It has MY photo on it instead of hers!! All other information on the card is correct.

    I called USCIS and the received wisdom is that I need to send in another I-765 (with no fees as it is obviously their mistake) and include the current EAD card.

    Is this the only option? We cannot wait for another 3-6 months while the application is lost in the pile (again).. I asked the USCIS representative if the local office can help, but she wasn't sure either way..

    I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if taking an Info Pass appointment helped in getting a corrected card faster.

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  • lifestrikes
    02-15 03:44 PM
    I have set Google Alert for instant Email notification for news from Zoe Lofgren. No updates yet.


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  • rsdang
    10-30 04:05 PM
    Dude you have the AP use it... I have travelled on AP multiple time no issues. I have an approved H1 which I dont use any more...

    All the best

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  • ilikekilo
    05-05 11:42 AM
    Wasnt there a recent settled law suit that could evnetually force USCIS to consider and work on a petition if its pending for more than 180 days?

    Then I suppose this non concurrent priocessing may be a good thing...isnt it?

    I still cant fathom what would be the real consequences of this non concurrent processing..anyone?

    going to the comments section, I believe its just a "process" to go thru...

    I did submit comments when they proposed fee hike for many gc applications like 485, 140 etc.. they receveid lot of comments BUT they went ahead and increased the fee anwyays...:)

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  • cdeneo
    04-02 10:41 PM
    I have a somewhat tangent but related question that I could not find a definite answer to while searching thru the various threads here -

    What is the best way to change representation of one's case from the company lawyer to Self when you are changing jobs? Someone mentioned on one of the threads that one needs to file another G-28 form but I believe that is the case only if you are changing to a different attorney - please advise.

    Also, does anyone have any experience with how long it takes for this change to take effect once communicated to USCIS?

    Any insight into how to tackle this would be very helpful. Thanks!

    07-20 01:37 PM
    This may be a serious issue. Consult a lawyer. Receipting may take a while.
    I sent in form G-325 for both me and my wife along with my I-485 instead of the G-325A as required on I-485 instructions by oversight. What do you guys recommend I do? Should I send in a new application or just send in the G-325A form with a letter stating the issue? Please help.

    02-15 11:29 AM
    The best way to generate Revenue is to attract Advertisements on IV website. There is lot of traffic in IV from Indians and Chinese and some people from ROW.

    IV can create a job board which where employers who are willing to Hire H1B can post the jobs and pay a fraction of Fee compared to other job boards. That will increase the membership also. Also we can charge a fee from people who want to search and find Jobs.

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