Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • kaizersoze
    03-21 12:30 PM
    I just posted this on another thread. I'lls et up a conf call, hopefully this weekend. We need to build some momentum and meet as many lawmakers as possible.

    PS: This post pertains to seattle area congressmen. I'll post a contact list of lawmakers in the northwest region. I noticed that someone from portland als posted here.


    As part of the WA state chapter, we have started meeting lawmakers. We met one congressman last week, are meeting one this friday and another next week and more as appointments get scheduled. I just want to share at this point that the initial reaction was very positive. They are very approachable, and very willing to listen. They understood the pain we are going through and noted the suggestions we made and the provisions that we want them to support.

    I want to point out that although they were aware of the ongoing debate on immigration and the difference between H1B issues and GC issues, they dont fully understand the GC process and how long and how much we suffer in the process. Once they realize this, they look at it differently. The only way they will know is if we go and talk to them !!

    I request and urge everyone to take 2 mins out of their busy schedules and just call their congressmen/senators. Help the core team out. They cannot do everything themselves. IV has all the material ready on the website. All you have to do is spend 30 mins talking to the representatives about it. I am speaking from personal experience. IT GOES A LONG WAY !!

    Once we have met a couple more lawmakers, I'll put a detailed post about the takeaways.

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  • abhaykul
    05-04 02:05 PM

    1) For 7 th yr extension your LC and I 140 have to be approved if your LC
    is less than 365 days old at the end of 6 th year.
    2) If your LC is more than 365 days at the end of 6 yrs it does not matter if it is approved or not you are still eligible for 7 th year extension.


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  • snram4
    01-19 09:42 PM
    People voted Obama just for economy and jobs. I remember when Paulin was announced GOP was leading for 2 weeks. When Stock market started tanking with demise of Lehmen GOP started losing. Imstead of not concentrating on economy he started working on healthcare. So democrats lost. In this situation he will realise now and he will take economy as first priority and immigration will be last 10th priority. Immigration group may have defend many anti immigrant bills and memos in this year. But nothing will be passed either for or against immigrants. Status quo will continue for 2010. This nov Election results will decide CIR 20111

    Every other year, there is election and only this damn. election drives what is done and what is not done in congress year after year. The good old time, bills are passed that are important and good for the general people and this some times was not popular, but now only the issues popular are are being taken and rather than voting on what is good, the law makers tend to go with what people like, and people's likes and dislikes keep changing and the same change work against them sometimes. Also people on one area does not like what is liked in other area and when we have a product that contains both, well the same people now unite and start to not like the final product and this goes on ..... It is same CHANGE that President Obama mentions too often, but the same change is Now liked by Republicans, and Dems did not like the change this time around. Also with the communication revolutions, the election campaign seems to have become much much long.... And Oh !! Well... now our President apart from Health Care Reform, Immigration Reform and climate change issue, also need to work on his re-election from now on, if he doesn't want the change he loves some much, in White House in 2012 election... HOPE - at least people in this group, see CHANGE for better, CHANGE from AOS to LPR .... Now, let us see what will this loss of filibuster majority by Dems do in the interim.... Only time can tell. Change we can believe in !!!

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  • gg_ny
    09-14 08:52 AM
    The VFS website is good for FAQ. Also, their email reply service is appreciable as I had my doubts cleared in 24 hrs cycle. You can also call them, they DO answer. The dates keeps changing because, I think, of cancellations and other eventualities. Usually, people make appointments anticipating , and keep changing it as their schedules change. You can reuse your payment id for 1 year and hence one could make appointment for a date, KEEP LOOKING, and if you find another suitable, then cancel and reschedule right away. I believe the calendar is live or almost live. They do allow emergency appointments but I am not clear wehther you could do it from here or you need to be present there. Typically, if you have a good travel agent/company, they can handle it better in your favor.
    VFS email id that worked for me:

    Hope this helps.

    As per if you're working in the US and are returning back to work, you can qualify for emergency quota. Is this a viable option? My travel dates in Aug / Sep / Oct are not confirmed yet and so I am planning to take an emergency appointment only.


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  • chalamurariusa
    04-28 11:43 AM
    I have been trying to find out about this document mailed mystery.

    We applied for our GC in aug 2007. Recd a RFE for I 693 Skin test for TB on april 16th 2009. We still hv to reply to the RFE.My elder son is over 21 and is on AOS and today on the online status we saw a message.


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On April 22, 2009 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    He too had recd the RFE for TB skin test. We are really worried as to what cld this mean. Has anyone ever recd a message like this. Please someone advise as to what it cld be

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  • shsk
    07-16 11:40 PM
    thk u very much


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  • potatoeater
    05-10 10:43 PM
    Don't do it. Its a trick!!! You will be run over by really big airplanes!! I mean really big!

    there is a huge run way... Try to make use of it.

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  • GCwaitforever
    08-16 11:21 AM
    I am just quoting another way to move from EB-3 to EB-2 without having to file for PERM labor etc ... if you are in the same company. If the original labor petition is qualified for EB-2, but I-140 was applied in EB-3 category then that same approved EB-3 I-140 petition could be used as a supporting document in lieu of original labor certification to file another I-140 EB-2 petition. This is assuming that the attorney filed I-140 in the wrong category first time.

    Of course if the original labor petition does not qualify for EB-2, but the applicant qualifies for EB-2 now, the applicant has to go through PERM again and port priority date from approved EB-3 I-140 to new EB-2 I-140 petition.

    I hope this clarifies everything. I am not an attorney. Use the information at your own risk.


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  • swarnapuri
    12-23 01:32 PM
    Check the message by saturnring11 in this thread. He linked the USCIS document which states that PD is retained by the employee once the I-140 is approved unless I-140 is revoked for Fraud.

    Here is the link that he posted :

    Look on Page 27 of the USCIS Press Release

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  • petepatel
    08-21 09:49 AM


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    07-11 03:12 PM

    Here is my situation.

    Labor filed with company A in April 2006 and I-140 EB2 approved in May 2007. Could not file I-485 last year due to personal reasons.

    Changed the Job to company B in Sep 2007.Company B filed PERM EB2 in Feb 2008 and got approved in Aril 2008. I-140 filed in June 2008 with priority date recapture request and still pending.

    My 6th year of H1B is expiring in March 2009.

    My question is, can I file my I-485 based on my previously approved EB2 I140.

    What should be best approach for me? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • fester8542
    05-27 09:34 PM
    golgi Your ugly arse site was moooooooooooving...

    This has to be the strangest battle ever! Leave it to you to come up with an idea like that...


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  • seahawks
    06-29 08:59 PM
    nixstorI don't have any input on that, my attorney told me he is busy, he has other applications that flood his office, even if he writes a letter, the wont do anything in USCIS, go for FP and explain to them the situation. He also said I should have looked at it! bummer

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  • walking_dude
    01-30 12:24 PM
    Here's a template you can use to E-mail. Put your name and address as newspapers don't normally respond to E-mails sent anonymously. Also customize as required. Please kep the reference to IV Press Release as it's important to get coverage for our issue.

    Contact info for MI Newspapers -

    Dear Editor,

    I'm a regular reader of your newspaper, and would like you to cover the issues faced by legal highly-skilled immigrants due to decision by Michigan Secretary of State Ms. Terri Lynn Land to deny Driving Licences to residents on temporary visa status. This rule impacts thousands of legal immigrant workers in Michigan, like me, by impacting our ability to commute to work. It also affects a large number of International students studying in the state universities.

    As a regular reader , I feel disappointed by the lack of media coverage for an issue affecting thousands in the state, including yours. Immigration Voice ( , a non-profit grassroots organization working to fix the issues faced by legal employment-based immigrants has issued a press release on the issue.

    I urge you to cover this issue through a news story. Immigration Voice has been collecting stories from affected members of our community. If your newsreporters need any help in developing the story, Immigration Voice can certainly help you on this issue. Michigan chapter of Immigration Voice can be contacted by E-mailing - vivek AT ImmigrationVoice DOT org




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  • Macaca
    12-15 11:49 AM
    I have not seen the USCIS catalog for H1B rules. I assume it should be available online at the state deptt.

    My lawyer told me that you are in status as long as your application is being processed by USCIS. I don't know if you are in status if you apply for H1B and the quota is over for the year. I understand that USCIS may say that your application is not under consideration.

    You can not start working before the start date mentioned on your H1B.

    I understand that your OPT is expiring before the start of H1B. Is this correct? I was told by HR from Sun that you have to leave the country for the period.

    I remind you that I have not seen the USCIS catalog.

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  • brb2
    04-19 08:45 AM
    Politians will act when they think it is time to act. It is already known that the CIR is planned for second half of May in the senate. Why would they want to lay it out in detail and have those against conduct minute analysis and attack it. So they will only reveal the content closer to the debate.

    It is clear Nancy Pelosi has told Bush, if you want it, deliver me the Republican votes and then I will schedule it. She is not going to spend her political capital on CIR. She knows Democrats will vote for it, but republicans will play both sides and she does not want it to happen. The senator who are elected for 6 years (as opposed for 2 years in the house) are less affected by short term public opinion and do what is right for the country. Even there Presidential hopefuls change their tune, like McCain. He was too left of the republican party and now he is moving too much to the right and will please no one, just like Romney.


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  • Rockford
    07-17 02:47 PM
    I couldn't help post a reply. I was trying not to add to the buzy server traffic.

    Isn't it amazing, thousands of people are waiting with bated breath for the USCIS update news and some idiot opens a new threads to start a baseless rumor. And claims that news comes from Greg. This so called news as it turns out is a comment by some troll "south" on Greg's website.

    Our friend here who opened this thread fails to even see the connection between the id handle "south" and his post" going south." Honestly, things like this make you wonder, how can such people call themselves highly skilled.

    You are so blind with your belief that some thing positive will come out that you cant see what is happening. I have made it very clear that it was a comment in my post, and can't you see the link.

    How stupid are you ? Why can't you just let it go if you don't like it ?

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  • nayekal
    08-18 05:12 PM
    I faced this problem myself. My wife was on H1 earlier and she never worked for a period of 1 year. At the beginning of the H1 period, we are expecting a baby and we took easy about her doing any job (its my fault). Later, market turned worse, it became to hard for her and her employer look for projects for her.

    So, I contacted a lawyer (he is great). He told me that her status is H1 even though she is not working and she has to get back to H4. He assured me that they will for my documents more than her's and we filed as such and we don't even have her pay stubs or W2 forms.
    She got in 45 days period and last week she went for H4 stamping, showing my documents. Yesterday, she got her passport back with H4 stamp.

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  • mps
    04-26 11:02 PM
    Normally there should be a LUD on 485 after FP is done (same day/next)..


    I don't see any LUD after my FP in November. My RD for 485 is July 02 1007.

    However there was LUD on my approved I-40 in December 2007 (140 was approved in September 2006).

    What could it mean possibly?


    08-05 06:09 PM
    I am not sure this will count as an illegal behavior. Of course, I am not a lawyer. But companies typically ask for relocation reimburesement and lawyer expenses, etc. to be paid back pro-rated, in case the employee leaves within a year or so.

    Again, this is not really asking for money for labor, but just making sure that the company gets their expenses back in case employee leaves within an year.

    Btw, I do not have any such agreement with my company. But I think this is standard. Unfair, maybe. Illegal? I dont know....

    Good point!

    For one, my employer contract (which I haven't signed yet) says that I will need to reimburse for ALL GC related fee that they have incurred on my behalf if I leave ANYTIME during my GC application is pending. I know such contracts are common (or are they?) but I am not sure if they can ask me to reimburse them for labor cert fee (which as per DOL is employers responsibility) or even for that matter any other application fee (which I understand are employers responsibility as well?). So, basically they can contract me for all the legal fee (attorney fee) but not ALL fee.

    More thoughts?

    02-17 10:05 AM
    Putting dollar amount to the signature is something like hierarchy system. People contributed more are on higher rank than others. I am not saying you should not put how much you have donated. But good will be to invite people to join IV. People are our strength. The signature should read


    And this should be the standard signature on everyone post. This way it looks like everyone is in the game.

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