Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • Leo07
    02-01 03:03 PM
    Good luck!

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  • qwert_47
    09-27 12:41 PM
    ^^^^^^^ bump

    Appreciate any advice...thanks

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  • lapisguy
    07-25 05:42 PM

    I was going thru the chain of I-140 issues, my case is a bit similar but wanted some expert advice...
    My employer filed I-140 in June but I did not get any approval yet so my employer ask me to wait until it approved then file for I-485?

    Are there chances that if I file I-485 it would get rejected?

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  • dixie
    01-25 04:52 PM
    First of all, everyone on this forum knows that Bush was never the obstacle for skilled immigrants - his restrictionist partymen in congress are the problem. So what purpose does this story serve and how in the wide world is this "promising"? We have been hearing such "promising news" for the last year now with nothing actually happening.

    TOI makes it sound as if Bush is dispatching Air Force 1 to India for a planeload of skilled desis and will issue them US passports at the port of entry. s/articleshow/1461553.cms

    This is very promising and can help our IV team to press on for relief provisions for Skilled workers already here.

    Good luck to us all.


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  • glen
    05-17 09:43 AM
    With approved I-140 H1-B extension can certainly be done .

    For 365-day period one can take out the days he/she has been away from US for work, vacation,etc. Check for this.

    My question to my valuable friends is that if I've filed PERM well before 365 days (i.e. the last year) but it was denied and then i refiled another PERM after the 365-day period was started, then would I still be able to renew my H1 based upon filed PERM or approved I-140 or what? :confused:

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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 06:25 PM
    Wrong! Yes, you will be the new fee but then you will pay the same fee each year you renew your EAD. No fee payment only applies if you file your I-485 with the new fee structure.

    If you are not planning on using EAD and she won't either then she needs to change status to H4.

    Can someone else confirm this too? For Q2, I think you are wrong. Take this case....
    Primary is on H1, derivative on H4, both apply for AOS, primary goes on EAD (thus invalidating H1, and in turn spouse's H4). So, the spouse just has AOS receipt number, and no H4. Is she out of status? Of course not. This is a very common scenario.

    Also, for Q1, I765 is a completely different entity in the pay schedule

    So, why wouldn't I get the benefit of the higher fee if I pay that? Any source of information for you to say I will have to pay each year?


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  • fall2004us
    03-22 02:43 PM
    samswas - sorry for hijacking your thread a little bit.
    here is my question:
    Can I travel while EAD is still pending, though EAD is not being used, and mode of entry will be still H-1 and AP papers as backup.(no employment change)

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  • gc_wow
    09-16 10:54 PM
    Get the cnn chief and make this lou dog on our side, that would be he will never talk about H1b and will praise IV for their efforts in improving USCIS and public policy. This is the time to do this. If dog wont budge then pull sponsers and chase him to the end of earth and may be hell.I have never seen such a bigot in my life.


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  • rb_248
    09-08 02:45 PM
    Got the cards in the mail. My online case status says the application is still pending.

    Folks (those whose PDs are current this month),

    Check with your attorney, in your mail boxes along with the online USCIS case status. You may get the good news in your mail box or from your attorney's office before your status is updated online.

    This is what my attorney had to say:

    The USCIS online status system is maintained by contract workers and is often inaccurate.

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  • pani_6
    12-07 10:50 PM
    Please post the name,PH#,state of the senator..for making it easy for others to call please.....

    Row the boat we are almost there


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  • morpheus
    04-06 11:06 AM
    Does anyone know if the latest Frist amendment to the bill would still allow H1's etc to file for 218 as outlined above? I did some more reading and I am still confident the analysis above is an option for many H1's like myself.

    Frankly I'd be happy to wait six years for a GC if it meant I could be out of this continual H1/LC/140/485 rat-race. Being able to be self employed would be a huge positive for me. I'm already on my second LC and I am involved in founding my second new company. For executives the H1/GC process is useless because you frequently get promoted or change titles, and by the time your LC is near processing it's likely that the original application is no longer supportable. Plus, if you own equity in the company that opens a whole can of worms that the USCIS will object to.

    I don't care if 218D is supposed to be for 'illegal' immigrants. Hell, I'll learn Spanish! Via con dios! Obras son amores y no buenas razones!

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  • kumarc123
    02-11 10:52 AM
    Looks like the news is out on this in media.
    Immigration Voice has been aware of this and actively working on it for last 3 weeks. This had been also posted on the donor forums. Core members and several key IV volunteers/ donors already have been working on it and analyzing it. We also had been asked for our recommendations and had send our recommendations. We should see this bill introduced soon in a few days.

    Thank you for your input Pappu and we appreciate your diligence in the efforts to IV. However the question is: will this bill have the potential to move forward?

    As I last recall, Zoe Lofgreen had tried a similar bill 3 years ago (2008) that would have eliminated visa backlog, but we all know that bill went no where.

    At this point in time, does this bill have the potential to bring aboard the change we all are seeking for so long? I hope it does. As this journey has been quiet long and tedious.

    Thank you


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  • mariusp
    02-22 09:28 PM

    485: went from May 24 to April 10, 2007 :(
    140: June 23, 2007
    485: July 30, 3007
    140: Jan 22, 2007

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  • roseball
    02-20 04:14 PM
    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the time.
    When I look back at the timelines, when we applied for the 485s, we thought he was in status but afterwards, we realized he might not have been. Since then, we have renewed the H4 twice, and each time there was an I94 attached and the last one is still valid, so he is in status now.

    My concern is (1) that when the time comes to adjudicate his 485, someone might look back and say err, ten years ago there was a problem... I hope it won't happen, but I just want to be safe and my understanding is that returning with a stamped H4 would cure this and (2) that if we decide to go for the stamping, whether someone in the embassy would dig up the records and cause us problems.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Since you already got H4 extensions with attached I-94s, current status is not an issue. The issue will be with his I-485 application as he was out-of-status when it was applied. You should try and go to the US consulate outside US and get a H4 stamped. In my opinion, getting new VISAs will not be an issue since it was an honest mistake on your part and as soon as you realized it you applied for extensions and you should acknowledge it in your visa application. You have to get this done before USCIS issues an RFE asking for your son's status information. For how long was your son out of status. The duration of invalid status has different implications. In any case, before leaving US, you should take advise from a good attorney. Once your son gets H4 visa stamped and re-enters US on a valid H4 status, his previous out-of-status issue will be void. Please note that re-entering on AP does not void earlier out-of-status.


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  • kittu1991
    02-27 02:05 PM
    In fiscal year 2006, there were 5 Indian firms in the top 10 users of H1B visa.

    However, when it comes to PERM filing there is only 1 Indian company in the top 10 list of PERM filers. That is very interesting. Does it mean that Indian companies do not encourage or support GC process as much as the American companies do? I sure hope that's not the case and employees of those Indian companies are getting a fare shot at the Greencard.

    The Inidian firms use H1B for short term assingments of 2 to 3 yrs. And now a days Greencard is not an attractive carrot for Indian SW engineers.

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  • rayen
    02-05 03:47 PM

    Thanks a lot I will try to reach them now.

    Thanks, again.


    I just called teh number and was able to talk to the officer.. he said the case under review.. means.. Any idea.

    Thanks again.


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  • dingudi
    06-08 11:16 PM
    Hi Dingudi,

    The problem is not the hours I worked as I've always worked legally and within the laws of the University and visa status.

    The problem is proving that I filed my taxes, which I did but I can't produce evidence and neither can the IRS.

    I understand your problem. All I was saying is to make sure any response you provide includes that your work during 1999-2000 was legal as per F1 on-campus regulations. And I hope the attorney you hire should be able to do that. If you do not have Tax returns , then you don't. Like someone said earlier , your W2 along with IRS letter that they do not keep records older than 7 years maybe enough but again your attorney should make this decision wisely.

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  • senthil1
    05-18 01:14 PM
    This is an excellent provision. I support giving exemption for PHds from H1b also. It is not that much easy to get Phd and very less people opt for phd. This should not get any opposition even from anti immigrants.

    and also for non-PhD folks like me. As they exempt these superstars from the queue, it also has the effect of making the queue smaller (slightly atleast) for everyone else. i personalyl know of two PhDs who are waiting in EB2 queue for the last 3 years...

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  • India_USA
    06-25 09:52 AM
    Colbert, Immigrant Farm Workers Challenge Pundits And Unemployed To 'Take Our Jobs' (

    In a tongue-in-cheek call for immigration reform, farm workers are teaming up with comedian Stephen Colbert to challenge unemployed Americans: Come on, take our jobs.

    Farm workers are tired of being blamed by politicians and anti-immigrant activists for taking work that should go to Americans and dragging down the economy......

    So the group is encouraging the unemployed � and any Washington pundits or anti-immigrant activists who want to join them � to apply for the some of thousands of agricultural jobs being posted with state agencies as harvest season begins.

    All applicants need to do is fill out an online form under the banner "I want to be a farm worker" at , and experienced field hands will train them and connect them to farms.

    06-28 03:37 PM
    O MY GOD !! You are so right............guys.. check out Rajiv Khanna's web site, Check out Sheela Murthy's web site, USCIS.....everyone is saying the same.........we are royally screwed. God Helppppppppppp

    04-19 10:52 AM
    Thanks for the wonderful pointers that can enlighten people.

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