Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • pou-pou
    06-11 08:44 PM
    wow :D I have done good here :D :lol:

    well, the guy with the green swan stamp should win though :love:

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  • pgc10
    02-03 07:18 PM
    The AC21 requires you to have the new employer sign the AC21. What if the employer refuses to sign..??

    Also does anyone have the exact wording they sent to USCIS with the AC21 letter

    There is no standard legal forms to file for AC21. So, I don't think employer needs to sign anything unless you were talking about the offer letter (which would obviously be signed by both employer and employee).

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  • Sai_07
    06-27 10:31 PM
    My I-140 was approved in Dec 2006 and still working with sponsoring company.

    Now my attorney got withdrawal decision on my I-140.My company or my attorney never send withdrawal letter for my I-140. However, my company sent withdrawal letters for some 12 other cases.

    Here are the exact words from letter:

    In accordance with the authority contained in Titl18,Code of federal Regulations, Section 205.1(a)(3)(iii)(C),the approval of the petition is automatically revoked as of the date of approval because of your written request of revocation(termination) field on XX/XX/XXXX,in this employment-based preference petition.

    Could you please suggest how to correct USCIS mistake? Do we have to file Motion to Re-Open on my I-140?

    Appreciate your help.

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  • krishnam70
    03-13 05:23 PM
    but i asked this question to find the legality of this issue before reporting someone to the USCIS that i know is doing this.I just used I instead of someone in my thread to start the discussion.

    Who do i complain to in this case?

    Vow quite a turnaround. First you say its you who want to do it and when you get the heat you claim otherwise.

    Either way this is pure 'FRAUD' . If you are the person who is doing it USCIS will have ways to track it and it will come back during your Naturalization or at any time when u enter the country. If you are just trying to report this to authorities you can do so at your state DOL or write a letter to USCIS with details if you have it.

    - cheers


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  • seeking_GC
    07-11 10:56 PM
    This is beginning to look more and more like a organized and deliberate attempt to block people from filing for AOS.If the mysterious "knowledgeable official" quoted on the website can be summoned in court- that would be game over for the USCIS right there......

    Copying the contents of the website below :

    Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
    We have confirmed with a knowledgeable official in the Department of State Visa Office that USCIS was requesting visa numbers on Sunday July 1st, and Monday morning July 2nd - and that visa numbers were still being issued as late as the morning of July 2nd!

    In fact, close to 30,000 visa numbers were requested and issued in July - through the morning of July 2nd. And we believe that many - if not most - of the requests made in the first two days of July were for applicants whose priority dates were not current in June!

    So how can USCIS refuse to accept I-485 filings received BEFORE the State Department issued its notice that all visa numbers had been used???? We have not yet confirmed the return of any I-485s filed in July. But we do know that applications were reaching the USCIS before the State Department announcement - and while the USCIS was frantically working to use up the entire year's allocation.

    USCIS did not use all visa numbers before July 2nd.

    Did USCIS actually use the visa numbers it requested????
    Historically, the USCIS doesn't request a visa number from the Department of State until it is ready to grant the adjustment of status application. US Consuls overseas request visa numbers the month before they intend to issue the immigrant visa. This is the reason why consuls return about ten percent of the visa numbers requested - and why USCIS does not generally return any numbers.

    In fact, in making allocations of visa numbers, the Department of State factors in an expected return rate for consuls - but not for the USCIS. And the USCIS - before this June - used about 85% of the total immigrant visa numbers available.

    However, already this month, the USCIS has been returning visa numbers. This confirms our earlier suspicion that the only way the USCIS could request 68,000 visa numbers in a matter of weeks was to request them in advance of adjudicating cases.

    We believe USCIS exhausted the visa numbers by simply requesting them - not by using them. If so, and for reasons we will post shortly, we believe that over 30,000 visa numbers requested by USCIS will go unused - and will be wasted this year!

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  • gcformeornot
    04-07 02:07 PM
    As far as I know, labor subs was banned in 2007...So if labor was substituted before 2007, we need to worry....Other cases who have 140 and labor intact now need not worry abt this rule for AC21..

    Correct me if this is wrong...

    but in many many cases people do not know about their Labor and 140 details. Many many chose not file AC21 documents... they just move to a new employer.... some of them might have their labor substituted without them know it.....

    Mind you if you look at 485 inventory.... there are thousands of them out there who have filed 485 before July 2007 and still are waiting....


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  • number30
    04-23 06:44 PM
    Do you have the kids who goes to School? If yes then Either Sugarland Or Katy area are usual choice. You have some apartments in Hwy 6 and 59 area. If you Work in downtown you can use park and ride from any of locations.

    If you do not have kids you can get am apartment near your office So that you do not have spend time in traffic.

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  • fromnaija
    03-24 04:03 PM
    Right off the bat I'd say you need five years of progressive experience after bachelor to qualify for EB2. Secondly, the job must require that level of qualification and experience. However, you may want to ask an immigration attorney.

    Hello fellows in pain!

    I have a question, I am currently stuck in EB3 retrogression with 140 approved. I am contemplating switching jobs and try out for EB2. Could anyone please share thoughts on my chances? Below are my education / experience details:

    - US Bachelors in Computer Science
    - More less 5-6 years of experience in my field plus a number of advanced certifications from Microsoft and Sun (I suppose these don't really matter).
    - However, the above mentioned years of experience have not been all gained right after college. Last 2 years of college I was working full time in my field and going to school full time.

    Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!



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  • gcseeker2002
    02-20 03:16 PM
    I was looking at the flcdatacenter website for Perm labors filed in 2006, and here are the numbers of total perm filed :

    Total : 105960
    India : 26636 = 25.2%
    China : 8222 = 7.75%

    No wonder china is moving faster in the EB categories

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  • glus
    08-21 09:32 AM
    I am happy for you. Good luck!!



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  • chintals
    09-03 01:33 PM
    How did you do that? can you please provide info?

    The phone number to call and would they need any information from me?

    1) Call 800 and convince the person to escalate to 2nd level and speak to IIO
    2) Call 800 and choose cases were seperated option which will go to respective service center and talk to IO.

    Some folks are helpful and some are not.. It all depends how you approach and how you can convince.. good luck. Other option is go to Infopass.

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  • fester8542
    05-27 09:34 PM
    golgi Your ugly arse site was moooooooooooving...

    This has to be the strangest battle ever! Leave it to you to come up with an idea like that...


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  • tushbush
    02-03 08:11 PM
    Congratualtions Ivar!
    Hi EveryOne,

    I got my Green card in mail yesterday. I want to thank IV and everyone for all the support during this GC journey. I wish everyone all the best for their green card process. I wish everyone gets to file 485 irrespective of priority dates and ultimately get their green cards. This is a question to Admin, i have a recursive donation going on, I would like to make a one time donation and stop the recursive donation.


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  • champu
    02-18 07:08 PM
    Kudos to desi3933!

    rajesh1972 - You should ask your wife to consider giving birth child in US land, who knows your baby may be a next president.

    Also, you may consider naming him/her Barack...;)


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  • gc_on_demand
    11-20 12:07 PM
    This is just believe and what I think is something will be good for EB community. Specially those who has MS or Higer degree from USA. It can be tough for employee of small consulting companies. But that is Reform.

    Ultimately they will hike H1b quota with some tight regulations so who ever is genuine can use it.

    I know some people are saying that CIS wont be able to process all app and we have to suffer from Illegal people's filling. but if they add , recapture some visa for us in their CIR bill then dates will be current for us for some 1-2 years for sure and we can go to CP route and get green card thing done. I am 100 % sure that illegal people will not go to CP route. and CP route is very quick when dates are current.

    only one thing I see if CIR passes.. Lawers.. they will be busy with illegal people and will not look at us because I am sure their fees will be higher than our straight cases and they want it desparetly than us. so lawer may not give attention to your case..

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  • hopefulgc
    08-30 07:36 AM
    Not illegal if you are also present in the recording.

    - son of a lawyer... not a lawyer myself.

    Isnt recording conversations without the consent illegal? :confused:


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    11-06 05:01 PM
    Thanks for sharing. This appears to be a good measure for us, if it happens.

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  • hsingh82
    05-07 12:02 AM
    Did the police officers say anything against the deities or your culture? From your post, I assume no..if that's the case then you should understand the police officers are trained not to take their shoes off and take protective measures for themselves first when they are in these situations. In fact , even an internet cable guy won't take his/her shoes off when at work. As long as their purpose was not to harass you and they came with good intensions to help your family (in case something was really going on) you should take positives out of it that they acted quickly but only you can tell how they behaved and if your race or culture affected their behavior.

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  • tabletpc
    11-29 02:48 PM

    Can anyone help me with these information..

    1. To whom should we write the check for the applciaiton fee..??

    2. The applicaiton forms give the amount in canadain dollars, should we convert that to US dollar and make payment or any other options.

    3. The aplication needs to be sent to buffalo right...?

    I did get some informaiton online..but kind of confusin. So thought of getting it clarified here...

    Thanks in advance...

    06-24 11:50 PM
    My priority date is Aug 2007. And I have to submit my RFE by 7/19.


    11-25 03:03 PM
    You are doing great...Please keep up the good work...

    also, add item 6 to our wish list..

    6. Remove "same or similar" clause in EAD which is causing lots of confusion. Just see that anyone who gets a EAD works in the Information technology field and not flipping burgers.

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