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1991 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

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  • Juan28210
    11-03 04:11 PM
    The health benefit is actually indicated in my employment contract as part of my employment package. However, they later informed me that the health benefit is already part of my salary.

    I actually signed a non-compete contract with my current employer(which means I cannot work for my current client if I switch employer). Now, I'm planning to move to a different employer, but I would be assigned to the same client. Can I argue that since they did not give me the health benefit that they promised me, then it should be okay if I violate the non-compete contract? Do you guys think I have a point of defense?


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  • boreal
    08-24 06:38 PM
    Quick point:

    I would request members to please post their threads under the proper forum header. The issue raised by this thread has nothing to do with IV Agenda or Legislative issues.

    wow .. 483 posts! Way to go!

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  • NKR
    05-01 11:54 AM
    Consult an attorney and see if you can re-open your old case or port that date onto a new case. You don�t want to start your GC process all over again. It is a pain for someone from retrogressed country.

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  • clif
    06-12 07:56 AM
    If an employer fires an employee and continues to give severance pay for a couple of months, do they usually cancel H1B immediately or wait for the period of severance pay before cancelling H1B?


    One of my friends got fired from a company and the company made him to sign a document that he was resigning. This guy somehow signed it so that he could get his salary. The employer eventually paid him the salary after signing the resignation document.

    Few questions about his H1B visa.

    1. How many days can he legally stay in the US before he finds one more job gets new H1B.

    2. Can he transfer his H1B visa to a new company or does he need to apply for a new H1B visa (which is within the cap)?

    3. Incase if he doesn't find a job within the legally permitted time, what are his options apart from going back?

    4. Will he have any problem when he tries to transfer his H1B after the legally permitted time?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can please help me with this questions.

    Thank you very much!


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  • Maverick1
    11-13 05:08 PM
    I asked her if it is change of address they sent she is not sure but she said usually it is the card when Current Status: is "Document mailed to applicant."

    She put in a service request for me and she some one is going to contact me in 30 business days.

    Since you are EB3/2004/India it is probably not I485 approval unless you got EXTREMELY lucky and they processed your application out of turn.

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  • Appu
    04-02 10:31 PM
    So if (for example) an H1B worked in the US for a few weeks before their visa became available, are they technically eligible for this? Or perhaps they were out of status for a week or two between jobs? I'm sure many H1's might have been in this situation. It's unclear who this applies to.

    Yep, my thinking, exactly. Also, people going between F1 and H1 or between H1 and H4 could all claim a few weeks or months of "undocumented" status.

    I just read the Specter amendments to 2454 and I can't see where in 218D or 602 it says the alien must have been here illegally. Can someone quote that part? All I can see is this requirement in 601.

    `(1) PRESENCE; EMPLOYMENT.--The alien establishes that the alien--

    ``(A) was physically present in the United States before January 7, 2004; and

    ``(B) was employed in the United States before January 7, 2004, and has been employed in the United States since that date.

    That's right, it doesn't. I have enquired my lawyer about this. She'll get back to me on Tuesday. I will post more information then.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-16 04:36 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I am on H1B and my wife is working using her EAD. Like most people on here we applied in the July 2007 rush.

    Now her licence in PA was expiring and we went to renew it and provided ALL necessary documents such as Passport, I-94, current and future EADs. However at the very end after about half an hour of providing documents, the DMV guy said that the system needed "more info" and that he would have to fax everything to Harrisburg who would then contact the INS for the missing info and we would get some "letter" from the DMV.

    Has anyone faced a similar issue in PA before? If so how soon after did they receive this letter? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process such as contacting my local Sentator/Congressman's office? We have a small baby and my wife needs to drive to go to work.


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  • keerthi
    05-10 03:01 PM
    We asked the AAO for an update since the case status has not been changed for the past 3 months and this is what we got from them...

    "Appeals of an I-129 petition take about 6 to 8 months to process. It starts from the date your file was received into the Administrative Appeals Office. Please wait patiently for your case to be reviewed, thank you."

    My case was transferred to the AAO by February 9, 2009 (as per the USCIS website). So, should I wait until October 8, 2009 for a decision or should I withdraw the case and re-file again?

    What are my chances of getting it approved before October 2009?

    Also, I only hold a 3 years Bachelor's degree and possess 6 years of work experience of which 5 years goes to the petitioning company. Is there a chance that I would be rejected based on the grounds of my degree?


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  • jonty_11
    07-05 04:41 PM
    I have got my canadian PR approval for me and my wife and have sent the passports to the Canadian Consulate in NYC for immigrant visa stamping. To get my PR card I have to land in Canada before Dec 19, 2007 when the visa expires.

    I have not traveled outside the US after I got my H1B and am planning to go to Canada for stamping H1B for me H4 for my wife.

    Would there be any problem for me to land in Canada since I will not be landing there with the intention to settle but will return after getting my H1B stamped in a couple of days.

    Anyone gone through my kind of situation before. Please send me a PM.

    I am concerend about being denied entry in Canada and then I will be nowhere because I cannot return to US without a vaid H1B stamp.
    there is a Automatic VISA reavalidation Rule that allows u to visit Canada or Mexico and return within30 days only w/o valid US VISA...google it. or search on these forums...

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  • iviviv
    11-01 09:34 PM
    refile labor.


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  • Saralayar
    05-19 01:57 PM
    Bullcrap....EB3 will become "U" in next one.

    Too many Desis....too many competition for visa numbers....EAD is my GC for next 5 yrs.
    Including you I think....;)

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  • ChainReaction
    02-21 12:06 PM
    Did you see these updated today (2/21) ?

    Where did you see that ??


    I am also looking for the update, can someone post the url for the site.


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  • vinnysuru
    04-01 03:07 PM
    Hi Vinnysuru

    Case is approvable but my question is - will I have to wait till Visa bulletin has PD date showing NOV 2006 or beyond or Current or they can just get a visa number now (say April 08) and send it for card prodcution ?

    Yes, the current visa bulletin has to show PD your date or beyond or be current!

    Otherwise, they can't request visa numbers. DOS won't issue.

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  • webm
    03-19 03:57 PM
    "On a side note, do these Processing dates also retrogress?

    --Yes surprisingly it happened for TSC dates during March VB in Feb'08.retrogressed from May 24,2007 to April 10,2007

    Keep hope,you should expect to receive GC soon...your PD,RD both passed the criteria for NSC.



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  • sunny1000
    02-03 05:37 PM
    Hi EveryOne,

    I got my Green card in mail yesterday. I want to thank IV and everyone for all the support during this GC journey. I wish everyone all the best for their green card process. I wish everyone gets to file 485 irrespective of priority dates and ultimately get their green cards. This is a question to Admin, i have a recursive donation going on, I would like to make a one time donation and stop the recursive donation.


    Congrats ivar! Good luck and God bless.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    02-03 06:40 PM
    We can try to make a legitimate point that H1Bs contribution to the economy is huge. Guess what that is why the companies try to hire more H1Bs. But... who is listening?
    In the depression years - post 1929. Immigration to the US fell to 10% of what it was in 1929 and remained like that for 10 years. 400,000 Mexican immigrants were forced back to Mexico.
    Immigration officers proactively sending back H1Bs is not totally unexpected. I hope and pray that the economy and the job situation improves in the coming months. Otherwise I wonder if there is more to come?

    You should also quote medieval times examples here. So slashing H1b's heads could be justified.

    My friend, 1929 is not equal to 2010. With all globalization happenings and trade dependability between countries this is not a fair treatment. This is modern world where export and import are essential and no one can stop it. In case of H1, knowledge is being imported into this country for whatever reason. I am shocked at your comment "proactively sending back". What they are doing is NOT proactive. If they want to act proactively, then they should send a letter communication revoking the H1 petition stating economical reasons even before going for stamping.


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  • manish1905
    10-06 02:31 PM
    I was recently audited by Someone from Dept of Homeland Security regarding my H1-B visa status.He asked several questions regarding my position,job duties,pay,work hrs
    How long I was associated with my current company, What was my previous job and job duties,How long I am in US etc.
    I couldn't provide him the proof of the pay as I didn't had the pay stub to show him at that moment.

    I asked him is this just rutine procedure ?He said this is recently started process to check H1B fraud.

    Does any one else had same experience?

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  • njboy
    09-20 10:41 AM
    dont look a gift horse in the mouth

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  • sanju
    02-05 03:58 PM

    I just called teh number and was able to talk to the officer.. he said the case under review.. means.. Any idea.

    Thanks again.

    I guess, thats what Chris was asking :D

    09-16 05:52 PM
    done done done...

    01-08 07:36 PM
    He can send the I-94 to the nearest consulate by mail and a brief letter with all the details.

    My friend while leaving US he did not surrender the I-94 card. Actually he forgot it at home and the airlines allowed him to board plane without surrendering I-94. What should he do now? Guru's does any one have any experience with such situation? Please help

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